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Cristiano ronaldo rare weakness: repressive Barcelona as ascend heaven real need 9
On January 19, from the Spanish media "marca" the latest report, the Portuguese cristiano ronaldo admits real Madrid certainly need "fire fighting striker", meanwhile, the table to overtake rivals Barcelona, really not easy.
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Real Madrid as a team of attitude, and in the last few games in performance in cristiano ronaldo seems perferct. The Portuguese first show attitude, real Madrid have never given up to la liga title race, although now league table, two teams of integral differential has lead to four points. "Each next premier league games, real Madrid will be desperate to win the league, until the final curtain." Facing journalists, this is Portuguese represent the team to fans commitment.
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As is known to all, higuain injury jehiel, almost the whole season after real Madrid at the moment of reimbursement is urgent introducing a striker "fire fighting". Last week, the manager, jorge valdano has the words are clear, "this man is center background, another team only in the next six months need him." Cristiano ronaldo has also said: "the team really need such a man, I am speaking bernabeu play six moon striker, I personally in this no objection, as long as intentional help the team, can come of the more the merrier."

Followed by issue is real Madrid rivals Barcelona. Obviously, this season Derby debut against real Madrid state 0:5 sacking camp nou still make C LuoXinCun disastrous, more outspoken Portuguese, josep guardiola under the advantage of this team is beyond doubt, cristiano ronaldo has even been worried about the's second-half bernabeu international Derby: "want to be restrained like Barcelona such opponent is not an easy thing, 0-5 score memorable, although I am not a pleasure from looking back. However, I have to admit, Barcelona really played very well. As for real Madrid, the only thing we can do, also must do, only to draw a lesson."
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Finally said this season goal, cristiano ronaldo sights is the champions league, want to know, with Manchester united lifted the this title is history. "The champions league trophy for me, can saying is the more the better," Mr Were 94 million told reporters: "of course the Primera Liga champions league trophy. Sheet is concerned, if have what team are favourites, my answer is Manchester united and Barcelona and real Madrid. Of course, bayern Munich, inter and milan's strength is also to be reckoned."




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