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Real Madrid last season and main than 32 wizened mourinho substitution sentenced the death penalty
Article 60 minutes, for there is little and udinese's goal, topped four minutes, the score backward substitution action, make a second real Madrid's not offensive line adjust, but in central position contrapuntal substitution, carvalho substituted AErWei Creole, starting on the latter's performance is visible mourinho how discontent, rather than sacrifice a substitution also to consolidate the backcourt.
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Last season in PeiLaiGeLiNi - and AErWei Creole is real Madrid or shine nailed down, but mourinho has not promising. Maniac of training attention at inter skin inside dina base has become a legend, and former valencia defender of fitness and state has been reach mourinho recognized standards, since this year constantly on the enormous influence on the injured, now again to make up a missed lesson is not half month 10 days can handle it.

Carvalho with 32 and half years old age 22 games this season, but its lien chan, physical condition had a downturn could not fall for let runner rest, jose mourinho chose to AErWei Creole starts, also think that opponent weaker, handle is self-evident. But there's the sharp, back fast, but a big real Madrid unexpected, skin and Wendy in Argentina leagues tome messi (micro bo blog) ii, which is its dribbling speed and flexibility are excellent, with him to fight AErWei Creole no less suffers.
Real Madrid have lost a ball, AErWei Creole is skin and Wendy mocked at the palm, Argentine from side to walking, he followed all the way behind, fundamental couldn't catch up. More let jose mourinho gripe is, the Spanish international also oneself get protection position leakage couldnt, uruk slightly and took no interference, like when shooting training like complete a fatal blow. Central defender is the most important code is not lost track of AErWei Creole, in WeiLuoYa o not assists forward under the premise of also rushed to supplement the wing, itself made big fear. To take on any details of notebook record jose mourinho is concerned, such sand eyes? How can stay

Hussle playes foot, is AErWei Creole last season to conquer the bernabeu essentials, but his injury is really too much. The 2004/05 season, once in a traffic accident recuperation long came close to its boots, last season, also has repeatedly with a knee injury, with zaragoza play more in world war I play on shoulder at Princeton, fierce feed closed horse meat enhanced weight though was preached for anecdotes, but long runner-up on the player and damage is obvious. Summer and no recovery time, have already crumbling, during the World Cup he almost right leg fibula fractures, out before the start of the season and sprained his right ankle, until late October to return, the state has not adjust in position.
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AErWei Creole is not short of ability, but the body eqation bullish, physical and health and it's influence centre-half state, if you connect with could not follow, stick also stick to not tight, how to prevent opponent arrow? Once accepted premiership first central defender John terry, nearly two seasons, and his flagging rapidly fought endlessly about long-term runner-up, with Chelsea ace blackmail words: "sometimes think he almost become another person". From the start, jose mourinho AErWei content of Creole, there being nothing affection, 8pm indifferent performances, more will to a minimum, reputation pressure pia wunderlich have the opportunity to take his place.

Books to hate less, real Madrid -though square of central location as well. Pepe personality unassailed field, often by hot heads, wage demands an opening is apt to level, but also stars move to Barcelona, real Madrid contract coerce once the Portuguese true get hurt, immediately be amplified defence loopholes. Nearly four games, real Madrid are advanced by the opponent goals in villarreal and atletico Madrid for levante reverse, loss, today again by a buoyant draws. Obviously, ramos and carvalho or AErWei Creole tie-in effect, not with pepe partner ricardo carvalho.

AErWei Creole physical condition will be better than carvalho is much better, but it lacks the latter experience and consciousness. Portugal defender not to grow perceptibly physical qualities, so age to his impact was relatively small, while the riches of his race experience to the team to help is very outstanding. Unfortunately, this is only one central defender real Madrid, and old.




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