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Pique: I can see through all the fake C Lo return this summer, a small law
January 14, Air Shoes Peak told the Netherlands "International Soccer" magazine interview, Bao Liu C Lo look into the mirror of the little habits, also said he has seen through all the Portuguese striker in the field fake. In addition, Peak is confident Barcelona this summer to re-welcome back Cesc Fabregas. Rama 87 West as the most outstanding products of the class, Pique Ferguson in the summer of 2004 was brought to the Theatre of Dreams. There, the young Spanish defender did not get much chance to play in Manchester United after the sloshing of the four seasons,Running Shoes 08 pg in the summer to return to Camp Nou. Think of that experience, Pique accept the "international football" magazine interview, said that Manchester United made him one of the top of the defender: "at Old Trafford, I learned how to observe each other moves, how to win air supremacy How to choose the best station. With these, I returned to Barcelona after winning almost everything, I am now only a thin one European Cup champion. when used to the taste of victory, I had no one can stop us feeling. "comes to Manchester United, they naturally talked about Peak C Lo. Pique said before the League of C Roman of great help to him, and it is take care of him this "rookie locker room," so he vowed never said bad things about the last part of the Big Brother. But bad things can not be said, little secret, or can be exposed to. Pique said: "C Luo He loves the mirror, the mirror every time he went to withstand the temptation, but he is really a good man, although others think he is slightly arrogant." Peak is also confident said he can see through all the fake C Lo, but "everything is not absolute, he is a complete player." In addition, Chaussures Sports Peak also talked about training young friends during Fabregas: "It is regrettable Cesc Fabregas last summer, did not return to the Nou Camp, obviously, he can help us a lot. But I believe that small law Barca next season will be put on the combat report, and we fought side by side. "




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