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West media exposure golden globe scandal Harvey ticket? Why was real Madrid snatched
This incident to laugh and cry. According to local media reports, Guatemala, Guatemala captain gustavo los - cabrera golden globe poll after the release, the angry said FIFA made a big mistake. Why? Cabrera, he said his vote, was first gave diego - Fran, second place gave casillas, third vote to Barcelona star Harvey. But in FIFA eventually released in voting subsidiary, he found that his third is considered to real Madrid star xabi alonso's head! Cabrera angry of say: I but support Barcelona Harvey's, this result is really let him feel the poll.
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Guatemala central west bank of small, football level is not developed, the current world ranking only 118 bits. In recent years, Guatemala political situation was unstable, natural disasters and partial many, therefore the domestic economic situation is not good. More importantly, Guatemala, although once is Spanish colonies, so choose Spanish as the official language, but at home but was mayan culture effect has up to 23 kinds of all sorts of traditional language popular, so in the expression way there are certain inconvenience.

Harvey's Spanish name for Xavi, Alonso Xabi Alonso, the name is due, so not pronounced as senior fans is easy to confuse. The vote are FIFA rules and weird, in voting only need to specify the player's nationality, do not need to specify the player in the club. Two big star's nationality is same, therefore appear this kind of intended to vote for xabi alonso, was count to name things, still really occur. It has been done, Harvey was enough to cause. God knows how many similar ticket because of this reason wrong... "World dello sport therefore scorned: Harvey should be in golden ball award wins! As is known to all, the world dello sport is that both want Barcelona clinching the top three, and hope to Spain captured the representative figure of golden ball award, though the messi, they also is still not satisfied.
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Of course objective and said, need not go with Barcelona mouthpiece media obfuscate, analysis things or in line with the objective manner as well. Have a bit must to point out that: in the whole ball winners, real Madrid star xabi alonso actual votes also only 1.52% (including media vote is 0.22%, nations captain of the vote is 0.79%, nations coach of the vote is 0.52%), even on the most extreme ways to assume, assuming all vote for alonso, votes are ready to vote for the Harvey, then put all the votes are count to the Harvey head, Harvey can take ball? The answer is, Harvey comprehensive vote is 16.48%, plus alonso's 1.52%, total also only 18%. Compared with Lionel messi 22.65% votes or worse many or, at best, only transcend the 17.36% iniesta is ranked second just. So, need not follow was like Barcelona mouthpiece, exaggerated to choose biased way case.

But this scandal or thought-provoking. FIFA golden globe really is the most authoritative award? If some voters candidates who is whom even couldn't clear, if have the power to decide who is a football that bunch of Jericho judges would actually committed such a slippery supporting the laughingstock of the world wonders, then so-called FIFA golden ball exactly how much value, it should be painted on a huge doubt.
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Anyhow, the mainstream media of the same opinion: golden globe awards, Harvey, iniesta and sneijder even milito are wrong. But make it all wrong, not messi, but FIFA those fatuous rules makers. There are two original football awards, FIFA world values fame, golden globe relatively more professional, FIFA controls everything desire makes their shots, and tricky annexed golden globe awards in the rules so this first had established the world conservationists. In FIFA's "help", Harvey, sneijder and iniesta's grievance was created. Once encounter questioned messi, did not is also a victim?




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