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Emperor to 24 points Martin made three of 15 shots Anthony 33 + 11 Denver wins the rockets
NBA regular season continued, the rockets road back-to-back games against the nuggets, though with the rockets, but eventually contend propetamphos positive for small fatigue and lost power and influence,Air Shoes
and finally the rockets 106-113 defeat, suffered from 2 defeats, Denver nuggets are secured four straight wins.

Scola dispose of 24 points, seven rebounds and four assists los rui 21 points, seven rebounds 4 assists 3 steals, Nike Shox
Kevin Martin 15 shots only 3 ,Chaussures Sports only had eight points. Bardeen lattice 13 points 3 rebounds, three assists and courteney lee 12 points, 10 points, 11 rebounds miller five assists. The nuggets, Anthony 25 shots 10 scoring 33 points and 11 rebounds five assists.

Los rui far-flung show state rockets are still lag behind

Chauncey billups opening namely jumper cut points, the rockets 3 hit scola also was nene block, battier steals layups for the rockets opened. Kenyon Martin 3 consecutive goals reflected the nuggets insider warfare, the Denver nuggets also 11-7 to build the advantage. Thereafter los Switzerland, Martin concatenation of perimeter jumpers help the rockets are exceeded.

The first festival DuanLuoRui again into of perimeter jumpers, and two help scola running attack the basket, the rockets 19-16 lead. But after the rocket four shots perish and even have made mistakes, nuggets opportunity return 9-0 in the first quarter the nuggets offensive, 25-21 lead.

Bardeen lattice single section 11 points boo malicious

Times section rocket substitute the strength, actively face "bird person" lee Anderson quickly took basket, scoring in open lattice bardeen personal fire, the rockets 3-pointer after 7-0 offensive 33-29 lead. The nuggets since then, though there are rises points, small cloth again into 3-pointers, and even help bardeen lattice far-flung score, the rockets 44-35 to build the advantage. Times section bardeen lattice shot 4 of 5 scored 11 points.

But with Chauncey billups long-range jumpers, free throws, Denver and reciprocated 9-0 offensive will lead flat. Small cloth helpless infringe Chauncey billups also receive malicious. Half-court both 52 flat.

Martin still have continued sleepwalking rockets long-range jumpers

Battier in the third quarter of perimeter jumpers, first hit los Switzerland, scola successively score 60-54 after the rockets lead. But the first-half shot only 2 of 10 Martin still no hand-feel, short time and four shots perish in throwing out air balls to referee Martin also after being fouled, result to defense technical foul. The nuggets took in a single day had 12 points of Anthony 73-67 driven by establishing advantage.

Miller timely concatenation of perimeter jumpers, li rui also successively with los scored 3-pointers, rockets continue to Denver stalemate, three ending the war 81 flat.

The rockets lose the nuggets. Eventually lost power and influence small

Into small bardeen lattice and miller successively rise points, with two goals scored the rockets patterson nuggets wars to 89-90. But in small cloth, Anderson block the nuggets efficient form 6-0 shocks put the game away. Scola though successively hit three goals, but the rockets still lack the overall appearance, be the nuggets continued repression.

Small 2 1/2 minutes after the nuggets in free throws 107-97 establish forward. Although hit los rui thereafter, but the nuggets keeping up perimeter jumpers, the rockets finally cannot afford portion comeback. Finally the rockets 106-113 defeat.




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