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Some advice for hair straightener users
Some advice for hair straightener users
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Tony Pearce is head of hair maintain clinic, he warned that many women wrong use hair products.

Recent medical research shows that because a perm causes severe burns and sent to the hospital emergency department, some women increase burns up to 200 degrees.

In recent years, ceramic straightening irons are becoming more and more popular, such as high-end brand price GHD is $100

Pearce is specializing in women's hair hair care specialists, he said without straightening irons and moderate use.

"The improper use of young women, they are always want to put the straight hair." He said. "The crowd body resistance coefficient was low in iron, their hair has been very fragile, so easily damaged."

Pearce said some people use when straightening irons too close to the scalp, cause burns. Additionally, some people put too straight hair, the hair follicle by pull out.

"So, if often be damaged hair, can no longer produce new hair follicles, because the hair becomes less damage causes."

British researchers presented first year of healthy hair damage caused, this study, published in the medical journal.


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