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Morey actively lead superstar into Hugh city yao diamond Martin all is a chip
Beijing time December 30, ESPN expert Richard ford online exchange with the fans. In answer to fans of ford said, the rockets are in the trading market is very active, morey positive is in operation, hope for the rockets brought a big star level player, yao, scola, Martin and battier are morey hand chips.
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As is known to all, the rockets try to trade yao news fired uproar. But in fact, this isn't rocket plan of all. According to before ESPN experts butch revealed that the rockets have no not for sale, and today, ford confirmed the news, he says he has heard the rockets on yao Ming, Martin, scola and battier trading scheme.

A man named "John" fans in a chat room, ask a way: "the king will landry or durham potter traded to Houston the possibility of how?" Who ChengXiang, this simple question could open up a ford's reserve. "That possibility exists. But in fact, now the rockets in the trading market very pretty active, the team in each of his players were placed on the shelf, if an appropriate price, the rockets can send to walk any player." Ford said.

All the players were placed on the shelf? Before yao could be rocket trading has been demonstrated, then scola and Martin these this season as gradually become the backbone of team players, also can be traded? Ford certainly said: "in various trading scheme, I have heard the rockets will yao, Martin, scola and buddy system were involved trade talks. Now the rockets need a big star class players, in order to get such a player, the rockets players at packaged together off, reached the final purpose."
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But for the rockets trade foreground, ford is not valued, his hand admitted Martin and scola is a good player, but also think that their contract the amount is a bit excessive. "The rockets players level is quite good, have a certain talent, but the problem is they contracts are too big. Such as luis scola and Martin is good player, but few teams willing to accept their contract." Nike Chaussures Homme Ford continued, "yao's contract expires is very attractive, but also has many teams will hesitate exactly should win yao. If they believe yao can recovered from his injury, so yao and a little value. But the problem is to this summer, yao Ming will become completely free agent."




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