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Nike's second-quarter orders rose 11% the amount of
Air Shoes fiscal 2011 second quarter results, as of November 30 in the second quarter, Nike net profit of 457 million, compared with same period last year increased 22%. Second quarter revenue was 48.4 billion dollars, 4.41 billion U.S. dollars last year increased 10%. Also, scheduled for December 2010 to April 2011 for delivery between the Nike brand shoes and apparel orders for a total of 7.7 billion, up 11% over last year, the previous quarter, an increase of 10%. In response, Nike Shox CEO Parker said that the recent performance of the company has shown good momentum of development, its brand and product categories each have achieved growth in the near future. The market's growth will focus on emerging markets, Nike DTC mode, Converse and Umbro on the sub-brand. However, Parker warned, freight, labor and the rising cost of crude oil may be putting pressure on the growth performance of the company. Amount of orders with Nike rose 11% compared to the second quarter of 2011, Li Ning Company the amount of orders was down 6% year on year. Li Ning is the order quantity for the first time after 2008 the decline in the first quarter of 2011 after ordering the number of clothing and footwear, respectively, and 5% and 1% growth. This message resulted in two days of Li Ning's share price decline over the 20.28% total market capitalization of more than 45 billion Hong Kong dollars evaporating. In addition to the fall in orders, the major brokerage firms have also said they did not look good. Li Ning Company JP Morgan Chase will be next year and the year after lower earnings forecast by 14% and 20%, the investment rating for the neutral. Senior marketing planner, winning channel partner consultants Mu peaks of the "Daily Economic News", said Li Ning brand positioning and channel control of fuzzy weak, given the opportunity to Nike and Adidas. "This year in June, after Li Ning Company for standard, brand positioning also changed, positioning the brand for the global and local brands among the general public, to blur the brand value." "Li Ning is a multi-channel brand dealers are part of the , that is also the agent for an agent for several brands, the things someone is clearly better to sell, who to great efforts to sell, that no exclusive distributor loyal. "Mu Feng said," the beginning of time, Li Ning, the company began to reform this part of the dealers, their confidence is low, they order quantity will decline. "In this regard, Li Ning, the company said, to reform the distribution system is to address the challenges of the retail areas, improve the overall retail efficiency and improve same store sales growth . Although the next two orders will be under pressure, but the long-term reform measures will be conducive to the healthy development of the company's stable. In addition, Adidas's latest plan, as of 2015, plans to open more than 2,500 stores, and market segments, reasonably priced products to meet different consumption patterns in cities. At the same time, Chaussures Sports store the number of cities covered are from the current 550 to 1,400 more. Therefore, in the face of Nike and Adidas strong competition, SW Li Ning analysts expect will be more difficult competitive environment. "As the positioning in the end, the brand Li Ning company faced from international and domestic pressure on low-end brands. Meanwhile, the new low-end sporting goods listed on the financial strength of domestic power, channels and distributors for their support also makes it difficult to shake them Ning position in the low-tier cities. "




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