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Nike and adidas to depreciate counterattack
Through cost accounting, calculate Nike shoes of low price - 300 yuan/double, is currently price cut by 25%. How to make one part consumer can lower price get personality of ego pursue, Puma Cat  but maintain middle-class consumption demands, face of China's enterprise catching-up declaration, Nike and adidas counterattack has come.

"If spend 50 yuan, would you like to change his mind to buy a pair of Nike shoes?" Nike is coming out the news of a low-cost shoes, the capital market immediately responded: li ning, anta, special paces, horse grams, China trend of Chinese sports brand share prices fell echo.

In June this year, Childrens Shoes fiscal 2010 conference call, citigroup analysts have asked Nike shoes brand President Charles terengganu sen: whether to have entered China in most subordinate cities in the plan? Terengganu sen, responded that NIKE do have plans to enter the Chinese three-line even four lines of two cities, and will introduce different prices ZhongDiDuan NIKE series of products at the same time, considering acquisitions or introduce some other brands. Adidas group managing director in the greater China region DuBaiRui also said that they would recover from their distributors, let these city the9 adidas group personally controlled two three-wire urban markets, and also hope to give "by reducing prices competitors an irrecoverable blow".

LuoErFu is German foreign students, although he meticulously for his name Rolf selected a very Chinese translation, but it can not change the Germanic national thorough marrow of rigorous - on the campus of the basketball court, students at halftime 3V3 team dozen play basketball, LuoErFu still will strictly execute tactical discipline, don't play any flowers alive, seeking the most concise yibanyiyan score means.

However, this is not LuoErFu of attraction, the most let a person feel interesting is, in the Chinese students are pedal Nike Chaussures Femme and adidas recommendthis war boots, golden, LuoErFu but is wearing a pair of school canteen sold in old-fashioned cloth help basketball shoes. Everyone said that foreigners really cool, so personality, the germans incredibly don't wear LuoErFu adidas, but they do not think what cool, instead he felt his classmates some fuss. "In China I also wear adidas, this in local is easiest to buy shoes, the price is expensive" LuoErFu consider themselves to be in follow oneself always spending habits, chose one high performance to price ratio of sports equipment just.

LuoErFu don't understand his Chinese classmates to Nike and adidas of these brands praise highly. These brands in Europe is indeed good quality, novel design of famous brand, but also is only famous just -- "wear this these brand shoe, can really make you add a little bounce, but not so let your superior."

Foreign monk good chant, and it seems that all foreign brands in China will have a myth of the process. Coca-Cola first entered the Chinese market, once was as worth celebrating the New Year season complimentary expensive gifts, but friends now who will also feel drink Coca Cola is something worth showing off things? Maybe, in domestic brand under the impact of Nike and adidas and sooner or later will return to normal brand identity, but because there are the myth, have been bid up process, so when now, Nike and adidas decided to lower the price, into two three-wire city and homebred brand confrontation, conjured up a big strategic advantages.

"Supine and prone, than for the and." Brand of ascension requires undertakes management, and the price of a product ascension requires more market long digestion; But the reverse changes are much more simple, not consumers will oppose obtain inexpensive high-quality products - ubs an analysis report, from Nike, adidas brand and product quality appeal, can prompt consumers spending $50, namely "spend 50 yuan can be bought a pair of Nike shoes" idea, it is very likely that buying now li ning, driven shoes brand such as domestic antas consumers first predisposed toward.

Sports rainments consumption main roughly a 16 - about 35 of young people. In selected cities, this population is more rich and mature brand cognitive abilities. But in two three-wire city, young consumers to a particular brand recognition more was beside the person's influence on the pursuit of individual character, they will continue to exist traditional consumption ideas mark. Compared with 1-wire urban consumption ability, how to let them get low-cost value concept of identity, is to win this consumer group approved a direction.

Horse grams XuZhiHua once CEO angelic reminders of Nike, "if change brand positioning, more harm than good. But, for adidas and Nike, however, the brand positioning change what is a "sink", or a "return"

A slightly some ironic thing is, in China's domestic brand with Nike Chaussures Homme and adidas for example, continuously improve product positioning, Nike and adidas in euramerican market also are doing the same thing.

In early 2002, adidas began in sports products introduced in fashionable concept, to counter Prada, RalphLauren these fashionable luxury brands in sports products in the fields of invasion. At that time, adidas invited the world famous Japanese fashion designer shan benyao department as sport fashion high-end series (SportStyle) the creative director, creating a with "fashionable setters" as the goal of Y - 3 brand.

And Nike and adidas, like watching sports products with the combination of fashion. On the one hand Nike from fashion excavates talented person, on the one hand on such enterprise on m&a, senior recreational shoe brand COLEHAAN, hockey, famous brand such as BAUER successively joined Nike camp.

In Chinese sports brand because Nike, adidas toned down shrines, put down voluntarily brand effect with the great product premium and "worry", adidas its SLVR series products have entered sanlitun adidas global brand center. SLVR series product pricing is about ordinary adidas movement three times the price of a product, and front mention Y - 3 series price is adidas ordinary of sports products more than ten times.

Behind this is Chinese consuming capacity in unceasing enhancement, now,




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