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Real Madrid striker in the world of winter 20 million purchase of 53 football games 49 goals Wicked
Beijing Dec. 14, according to Western media, "Marca" Disclosure, Real Madrid interested in the acquisition of the Bundesliga leader in the winter transfer window headed Dortmund striker Lucas - Puerto Barrios, it is worth mentioning that this has had "world's first shooter," Nike Shox the reputation of the Paraguayan currently nine goals and tied for the team Shinji Kagawa striker championship. Is it necessary at Real Madrid in the winter transfer window tonic on the issue of a power forward, at present there are two voices: First, Mourinho insisted that the main striker Higuain long-term absence through injury will likely be the case, the Benzema can not be trusted, so it is imperative to introduce a Kaopu forward; the second is that the Argentine striker Real Madrid top in the most conservative treatment may take back the message in advance, claiming that the winter will not be bought forward Moreover Lafayette Benzema hope give some exercise opportunities. In the media, "Aspen Daily" is the Real Madrid president Florentino's "mouthpiece", but "Marca" has at this time the anti-tune singing and disclosed following the dominant factors, Almeida, Egypt Fernandez, who, after finding front of Real Madrid in turn targeted the main force in the Bundesliga Dortmund striker Barrios body. Barrios, 26-year-old debut in Argentina's youth team in 2003 when he won his first professional contract. However, because at first was small and his football career was not successful,Nike Chaussures Homme the encouragement of his father until 2008, Barrios's football talent was emerging. 08-09 season and played for the Chilean giants Colo Colo in one year, Barrios in 38 league games into his 37 balls, plus Cup, Barrios in 53 games into 49 balls, field rate of 0.925 goals are staggering statistics IFFHS at the time, the barrios to beat the undisputed advantages of C Ronaldo, Huntelaar, striker Fernando Torres, etc., became the world's top scorer in 2008, is truly a "world first striker", and excellent performance also made him the object of attention in Europe a number of clubs. 2009 summer, the Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund to the price of around 4.5 million euros will be incurred Barrios given them. A total of last season Paraguayan representatives attended the 36 games in Dortmund, into 23 balls, still maintained a high scoring rate. So far this season, Barrios into the CPC in the 19 games 9 goals, including 8 ball from the Bundesliga, 1 cup the ball is received in the European Union, Nike Chaussures Femme he and Shinji Kagawa under the leadership of Dortmund currently The great advantage of 11 points lead the standings. In fact, as early as this summer, Serie A giants AC Milan striker on the intention to introduce the efficient, according to "Bild" disclosure, when the Rossoneri have the Barrios center summer signings as the primary goal, but in the end has insisted the Dortmund that only the buyer before the club 30 million euros out client was incensed, Milan This cash-strapped to give up. Real Madrid interested in the winter break and now the introduction of Barrios, prices will not be cheap. It is reported that Real Madrid is willing to offer 15 million to 20 million euros to acquire the popular name of the Bundesliga striker. However, the acquisition of the difficulty is that Real Madrid, aiming at the impact of the Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund have no reason to let go in such a critical time star striker Moreover,Air Shoes this price could not fully impress the Germans, after all, asking for 40 million can be dominant factors. So since Barrios may buy only the Spanish media's wishful thinking.




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