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Adelman suggested Bush return to starting position do not want to give way dissatisfied Lowry
Beijing December 14, "City of toughness" message, even though Kyle - Lowry recent state of extraordinary, but he still no match for an NBA unwritten rule, "you will not lose the starting location of injury." Airshoes Today Aaron - Brooks took part in the rocket 75% of the content of the training, Rick - Rick Adelman coach hinted that Bush will return to play after starting, which caused dissatisfaction Lori. Over the past 12 games, Kyle Lowry scored 13 points average, shooting 45.2%. The most surprising is that 12 games, Kyle Lowry's third hit rate as high as 46.2%! Previously,Nike Air Shoes the Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry position as the defensive stopper, but now that Lori rocket attack ability, subdued the last 12 games, averaging Lori sent 8 assists, and only averaged 2.3 turnovers and he still maintained his defensive intensity, averaging 2.3 steals. Both offensive and defensive point guard in this league any team have dreamed of. A handsome tribute to Lori today's defensive tenacity, saying the league in point guard Kyle Lowry is the location of one of the best rebounder. Adelman said, "Lori has changed our whole team!" However, when asked Brooks whether to continue as the starter after the reunification,Nike Chaussures Femme when the first Arab-Israeli commander said he has not considered this issue, and then implying that he would Lowry back into the lineup. Adelman said, "You must remember that the bench last season lineup Lori played very well, he and Chase - Budinger perfect partner in particular, he has been very used to do with the players and the bench. I know , Nike Chaussures Homme Lori and who with no problem, but the most important thing is that Brooks and Lori both have good cooperation. "Lowry hear the meaning of the coach, but he would not easily give up their starting . Lowry showed his attitude, "Of course, I always want to play starting, it has always been our goal. However, this is the final say by the coach, my job is to debut and a good play. Again, I is looking forward to be a starter, but if I have to come off the bench coach, that's no problem, provided that we can continue to win. "(




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