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Champions League Arsenal 2 balls into the worst team defense without mentioning the title papered
Princes reading standards? 6 6 lost war, lost 13 balls into 2 balls a good interpretation of the guerrillas that. But for this small business operators for the Bell Grade club, Arsenal scored 2 goals to have been little comfort. The other side of the coin is the face of such a standard belly forces, Arsenal labeled "papered line of defense" of the hat to its name. "People are concerned about our defensive problems, but do not forget the English Premier League Arsenal have the best away record, which means our defense pretty solid.women adidas At home we want to focus on defense, and any defensive This is the most important weaknesses compared. In these last few games, when teams make a mistake will be punished, but things are not always the case. " This is the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger's public statements before the game. In the eyes of France insists Arsenal so-called crisis seems to be much ado about defense, but this is not true. This is generally seen as the face of guerrilla Champions League attack the weakest team, the Arsenal clash in the two actually have a clean sheet and, for this contribution to the two southern giants are the same goals Personal - forward Cleo. Arsenal the greatest weakness of this defense where there is no doubt the position of defender. Maren central Virginia at the back under the premise of long-term absence, the French defender partner Squee Rudge Kos Czerny and the combination of relatively fixed. However, this is not the perfect defender of the combination is like a time bomb as two gunmen blew at any time make possible. To the game for 51 minutes,Chaussures Sports the "time bomb" of the outbreak of unexpected. Cleo was the guerrillas forward without any human interference easily be teammates in the restricted area before the ball came, and the first layer of defense is no barrier to block Kos Czerny to this pass, but rather to man defense Cleo's Squee Rudge has not stepped forward to seal the opponent's shooting angle, the French defender actually chose to retreat, in which case Cleo decisive kicker shot, the ball hit the bad Squealer odd feet variable line network, the score became 1:1! This grain is Arsenal conceded a true portrayal of the fragile line of defense in the last 6 games in the Premier League and Champions League matches, Arsenal have lost a total of 9 balls, and each had clean sheets. And so in the face of guerrilla fashion, so the gunmen appeared to the Panel if the second first round knockout suffered at the Barcelona or Real Madrid this super attack, I am afraid to slash the team. And compared to Wenger, Arsenal star Arshavin there for the team on defense is a fatal chronic illness, has a clear understanding. In an interview with The Sun before exclusive interview, the Russian popular players this way: "In the defense team is always difficult, so we have scored more goals Caixing. This is very frustrating, we want to improve , but not always. I do not want to blame our guard, which can not always blame them. As a team, we need to enhance the overall defensive capability. "Arshavin said, very reasonable, but the relative Zhongwei the fundamental problem is the limited level. Throughout the Arsenal defender current configuration, in Caracas to leave the club to join Tottenham Hotspur, the Coase Czerny, Squee Laci and reassuring Zhu Lu is very difficult, but the only worthy of a great responsibility of the Virgin Marleen also long-term absence through injury. Standings in the Premier League,acheter air jordan Arsenal played a game more lead over Manchester United ranked first in the Champions League final qualifying anyway. In this context, high aspirations, "coveted" Champion of the Arsenal number of fatal illnesses must address the defensive line, or in such a defensive and even the Champions League to win the Premiership title is simply nonsense




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