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Application for the World Winter Games is more important the decision was too hasty
Time FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland announced on December 2 2018 and 2022 World Cup host, as the 2002 World Cup, Airshoes one of the host country South Korea overwhelmed the 2022 World Cup suffered a single losing bid, but South Korea three one of the major daily newspaper, "Dong-A Ilbo," a senior sports reporter Han Yuxin connection in an Tencent, which did not accidents, "No one thought of Korea successfully!" 2022 World Cup competition is very intense, in addition to South Korea and Japan the two countries, there has never held the World Cup in Australia and Qatar,Nike Chaussures Femme and the financial strength and great potential market for the United States, but Japan and South Korea seem to have always been Peiqia, from beginning to end, not too much competition. Out in the first round against South Korea after the second ballot out, which, Han Yuxin said it all in the expected. acheter air jordan "The bid for the majority of Korean people lost no surprise, because our preparations have not done well, with South Korea for the World Cup before the kind of enthusiasm is not so high, after all, we have 8 years ago just held. "Hanyu Xin reckless even to bid for the team questioned the decision," Although there is great hope the World Cup in 2022 settled in Asia, but why go to bid to host the South Korea match? Most people are still immersed in the world 2002 Cup scene, we are not out of memory to immediately start a second World Cup bid, the decision was too hasty. Most Koreans do not understand. so no one expected us to obtain the right to host. "Hanyu Xin also said , South Korea is the most critical host the 2018 Winter Olympics, "Let's bid to host the World Cup bid to host the Winter Olympics of energy has been dispersed, Pyeongchang bid to host the Winter Olympics will be the third time, and this is our focus and expectations. South Korea hosted the Asian Games, Olympics and World Cup, but has not hosted the Olympic Winter Games, it will be a battle even more looking forward to. "




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