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2010 is Spanish brilliant a year. On Wednesday, Spain and Portugal's friendly road is 2010 last game. This is the west Portuguese two countries for the 2018 World Cup before the final sprint.
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Last week, the symbolic meaning published vicente del bosque more friendly 23-man squad, world champion in addition to the natrium gas injury not be selected by card sola for outside, all the other players to gather. On Monday, the Spanish football association held a vocal activities, invited currently living all entered the Spain international happily gather, and took more than 400 people large scale family. Up to di stefano and Louis suarez, down to Po Yang, injured natrium gas on crutches specially attended the huge celebration. FIFA President sepp blatter present christmas-to for Spain issued the world champion certificate.

Blatter speech way: "the Spain World Cup in South Africa's best team, obviously this is a football team, they in every game ideas clearly to win, not thinking of trieste end but lost the game."
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In celebration, Spain also show the new uniform. Wade right chest on a star, still appeared in the left breast symbol of the world champion of the World Cup trophy logo, Spain will have the right to wear this sign until the 2014 World Cup.

New Jersey advertising from beriah, slightly brent and Harvey alonso as protagonist, advertising creative three people ripped skin revealed New Jersey, representing Spain shadowfax finally achievement world champion.

Distance the 2018 World Cup sponsor announced before the 15 days, Spain is thus ascribed do-do. But in two days before the vote golden globe ended, the Spaniard also won the golden ball hard for Harvey, although competitors and iniesta. Coach vicente del bosque said: "I'm more inclined to awarded Harvey, should have been given a golden globe from each aspect see more suitable players, this just fair." Spanish history only won the golden ball players luis suarez also think she should have been given Harvey: "golden globe should have been given the best, the most comprehensive, a season most worthy of affirmation. Undoubtedly, Harvey most match."

Ceremony ended, because of the knee injury return matabeleland, valencia, vicente del bosque no longer called newcomer instead. Monday before departure only once in training, juande ramos and torres injury stay in the gym recovery. Liverpool requirements torres came back, but after the diagnosis, torres or leave.

Spain is expected to 4231 squad () : casillas/o WeiLuoYa, pique, carles puyol, KaPuDeWeiLa/Harvey xabi alonso and booth g Bates/iniesta, Harvey, silva/villa




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