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Frank Lampard put Jiaotai new love Cheryl Lu Xiangjian charming drunken flush
Chelsea 0-2 defeat to Liverpool, Frank Lampard sidelined because of injury battle cards, but "Magic Lamp" shows in the other battleground side of slightly fewer than FireWire, who was the evening UK time on November 8 Honor Awards in the UK ceremony, of course, he is not a person in the "battle", has accompanied his girlfriend Kristen.
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Yan Fu Frank Lampard is not described as shallow, so beautiful Christian auspices of emotion field as their second spring, and the two British honor is at last year's Awards ceremony sparks, and now just spent the anniversary of the anniversary. Although just know, a dry wood, a fire, and soon Rujiaosiqi, but they do security work is in place, the couple initially denied their relationship.

One year has passed, and now the two meet in a place that they had high-profile appearance, dressed in a black dress can be described as Christian is brilliant, with the British singer Danielle - Milo in "X element" when the final dressed in costumes a style, a half Xiangjian are bare, but there is no doubt that body are convex rounded Christian full of the curve itself exposed. The problem is that there is such a beautiful woman every night to accompany their Shengge, apart from Chelsea midfielder happy to have a trace of worry?

Proved to worry about is not superfluous to leave the party, when Frank Lampard and Kristen did not sell big affectionate interlocking fingers, but keep a distance from one after the other out of the venue, the most worth pondering is, Chris Ting Yu-yi, almost without reservation, nestled in the bodyguard who will, and his bodyguard seems to be that light so not good enough to eat tofu, a large palm-leaf fan Kristen explore hands are moving to, when his unmarried girlfriend playing When ambiguous, blurred blue eyes peering midfield seems to tell you: He is only a spectator.
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Even if they sit down at the car show off their sexy Kristen thigh when Frank Lampard was at a loss, did not he, after thinking about how to rejoin his teammates Ashley - Cole report? Do not misunderstand, is also coming out Cheryl British Honorary Awards, to be sure that the "X element" the judges had a High, half-drunk half awake in the car, she did not know who in the phone call, Cheryl drunk only know his face after the flush, willowy figure of Painting in sending out a charming look. In this false picture of the night, the head of Lampard braved the "green", Cole's only linger in the memories of Cheryl's talent, blue undefended!




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