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Russell blasted former chairman of Barcelona
Spain local time on October 14 evening, the former Barcelona president Joan Laporta held a press conference at the conference, Barcelona, Joan Laporta current management for the conduct of the attack is not naming names. He pointed out that Russell himself came to power immediately after the attack, the only reason is that their results too good, Russell can only use this means to reduce stress. As we all know, this year the President to achieve a general election in Barcelona, Joan Laporta replaced Russell took the Chair.Air Shoes Russell since he took office, to the authority's financial auditor hired to investigate the accounts left by Laporta, Joan Laporta will be followed by public and private control, bad debt situation of many available to the public through the media. Air Jordan Chaussures For a time, Laporta Barca fans suffered a collective challenge. In the voices of doubt, the Russell asked Laporta to explain all this bad debt. To this end, the former Barcelona president Joan Laporta held a press conference at the conference to defend himself, he was not criticized by name the despicable practice of Russell: "I would say is that now Barcelona chairman, does have the power to audit the accounts of my reign, but this does not mean they can be fabricated on trial. I think I have the right to clarify everything, and I established a history for their own most powerful Barcelona proud, I am proud of my achievements in all aspects, whether it is sports performance, or economic or social impact, or the team's infrastructure. "Laporta was in power, Barcelona won the European football history unique six-time winner to sports performance point of view, he really deserves, "the strongest in the history of Barcelona," the argument. But the problem is that after leaving Laporta, left a staggering deficit of Barcelona, so that red and blue army's new at the helm to give the players need to sell Chaussures Sports payroll. Appears in the Spanish media, Joan Laporta, "is longer than running the army to win, short on income and reduce expenditure." However, Laporta did not think so, he said: "I was in office of financial management, is where I mainly want to talk about. I think I do not have any flaws. I want to let everyone know that we pass on to the next management's financial accounts are profitable. I regret to our current management wants to use the power of the media to discredit our achievements, but I think it is probably because they can not stand the enormous pressure. "Laporta potential means that: Russell is a six-time winner to take over the team, even if he scores well again, he can not go beyond the former. So how to do it? To prove that much better than the former, only to discredit the former. In fact, in the West in the campaign-style political system, similar to the two parties attacked each other things that have occurred in the red and blue army over the years time, Nike Shox similar things happened more than once. Only this time, Russell's approach a bit too "hard", not only against Joan Laporta, but also before the whole world to discredit the image of Barcelona, Joan Laporta is why it is some anger. Barcelona former chairman of the sermon: "I have to leave the management positions for many days, and these days I have never come out pointing to new management. But today I want to say is: My desire and intention is to become Barcelona better, I will not cause trouble. But if a certain someone to cause trouble, I will exercise my right to have been held to have. "




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