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Schalke 04 through the darkest days Hao Junmin opportunities from this never
Beijing time at 2:45 on September 30th (Germany local time at 20:45 on September 29), the European Champions League second round second match day, with Farfan Schalke 04 at home and two Huntelaar Despite wins over Benfica goal tablets. The campaign, Magath still using Schmitz as left back, but early in the season to be placed in this position with a large list of Chinese star Hao Junmin did not enter.
The campaign originally Hao Junmin in the left back position, Schmitz was quite satisfactory performance. Starting and playing on consecutive nights, he steals 1 2 successful, make 3 times the effective intercept all the extraordinary success of the 2nd, and assists in 73 minutes as Schalke Farfan opened the door to victory.
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Schalke back line the game have a major adjustment, and Papadopoulos Uchida Benedict replaced Moritz, Heweidesi appearance, the performance of continuous starter Metzelder is not reassuring. The only commendable defense line is left back Schmitz, I do not know now been nailed on the bench Hao Junmin see "the same change for the midfielder to play full-back," the excellent performance Schmitz idea for what would . Beginning of the season, Magath has a lot of opportunities to the Chinese wormwood, left him free to play in Schalke. Defensive ability can be persevering weak, thin body of the Hao Junmin on the left guard position in the performance of a mess, so people would not think he is more like a defense to the left of avant-garde.
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With the recent bottoming out Schalke 04, German media also Hao Junmin in Gelsenkirchen is not optimistic about the future, "Bild": "Schmitz and Rakitic in Funchal g left the run is getting more perfect, I'm afraid no chance to play the Chinese wormwood. "and Schalke Gelsenkirchen where the local media" Western line "is that Hao Junmin Magath can not integrate into the tactical system: "Artemisia in China is a winger, striker and even in the Schalke 04 he is a defender. whether 442 or 433, Magath to keep that light of a re-attack the players on the left back position, on the sand Park and Hao himself no good. "

Hao Junmin in addition to the German media is not optimistic about the future of Schalke, Schalke team-mates in a small Artemisia were also indirectly expressed their views on Hao Junmin, Hao Junmin, and now they think Schalke they can not blending. Schalke left-back now Schmitz said: "Although our results have been in decline, but was pleased to see the coach according to the needs of the team to make the necessary changes. Although I was born midfielder, but I am now in the left guard position and Rakitic, Huntelaar was very happy for their cooperation. "and then let Hao Junmin Magath completely give up hope:" The team is still running, especially the defense. I used all the available with the team, so that they can play in all their positions. I think I will be gradually selected as the most suitable of the four satellite lines Schalke play a full season. "
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The comments for Magath, Schalke defense personnel from the current deployment, it is clear and defender Christoph Metzelder has been left back Schmitz is the main iron heart Magath, defender Heweidesi's performance is considered superior. The only uncertainty is Magath right back candidates who tried Benedict Uchida, Saer Pei, Heweidesi, Moritz today after a temporary guest Papadopoulos has been right back into the maga special field of vision. But no matter how you change, I am afraid this position will not allow overcrowding Hao Junmin "guest" of the.

And Hao Junmin debut winger has been playing the position, Schalke squad is talent: Rakitic, Farfan, Jones, Madi Pu can be competent, but their common feature is both offensive and defensive. China stressed that the unilateral development of expertise in the environment to grow up big Hao Junmin, obviously do not have such characteristics. Having said that, he was the first team from the Schalke further away; Or that he left the end of Liuyang, the day is getting closer to return to the motherland.




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