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European Golden Boot settled in Barcelona
Am Beijing time on October 1 (30 September local time the evening of Spain) ,2009-10 season and the European Golden Boot award ceremony will be held in Barcelona, Spain FABRIQUE Theatre. In the 2009-10 season has been in the past, Barcelona star Lionel Messi in the Primera Liga 35 bombers into the 34 goals to beat a score of 68, Didier Drogba, such as super-striker Higuain won the "European Golden Boot" award. By then, the former "European Footballer", "World Footballer of the" Messi will visit the site received the "Golden Boot" trophy, no doubt will again become the focus of attention in world football.Pink Air Rift
Founded in 1967, the European Golden Boot, first by the French "France Football" host, but there was controversy rating system suspended in 1991. Later, ESM European Union to resume sports magazine's selection of the European Golden Boot. This year's European Golden Boot award ceremony by the Spanish "Mr. Football" magazine contractors.
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It is reported that the European Golden Boot award ceremony this year, the venue has encountered controversy in Spain is blowing due to the current "strike wave", scheduled to be held at the coliseum teatro theater awards ceremony desperation had been temporarily changed to the FABRIQUE theater. Although the experience of this small changes, but remains intact in the Golden Boot Awards at the degree of concern, because this Golden Boot winner and former "Mr. Football in Europe", "World Footballer of the Year" award in person will be Lionel Messi the results of field hands Cup Golden Boot.

Messi is still sidelined with injuries in the period, taking into account the player's injury recovery Golden Boot Awards ceremony, the organizers deliberately reduced the length of time, the original plan of 60 minutes to 30 minutes. In addition to your visit Messi, the Barcelona city government officials, Barcelona football club executives and other VIPs will be the world witnessed the arrival of this moment of glory Macy cup.
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In the 2009-10 season has ended, representatives of Barcelona Messi played in the Primera Liga has scored 34 goals 35 times, due to the integral coefficient of La Liga 2, so Messi finally beat a score of 68, Didier Drogba, Iraq melon and other top shooters for the European Golden Boot as the new. It is worth mentioning that the Messi of Argentina won the award also created a new record player, Lionel Messi is the "European Golden Boot" award after the reform of the first Argentine player.

In addition, 30 awards ceremony on-site in addition awarded the "European Golden Boot", but also awarded the "Best Coach in Europe" award, according to media reports from Spain that "the best coach in Europe" Award winner will be Spain coach Del - Del Bosque.




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