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BIG4 Deal + close encounter cold Champions
Premier League Round 6, the cold front ahead of the arrival of the British Isles, Chelsea fell, fell Arsenal, Tottenham or down, even to participate in the European Cup, Liverpool did not win. This is very strange round of the Premier League, Manchester United can not avoid the difficult Qusan Fen's fate, though for a fight, and ultimately did not reverse the win, failed to reproduce the renowned on, "Ferguson moment."
Imminent war in Europe, especially to the Champions League team, but did have a headache intensive schedule, the major joined the team just weeks in the League Cup, they had the participation of non-stop weekend and prepare for next week's Champions League. In fact, the four major league teams like many, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Schalke are trapped in this intensive schedule, failed to win, only Barcelona, Bremen, Milan, there has never been before Roman victory to victory.

As the England team, to participate in the game more, plus this season "17 +8" New Deal, wealthy than the reserve team players ever "thin" some, resulting in reduced physical reserve, four league in England is only required to play two domestic Cup (FA Cup and League Cup), so the pressure on Premiership giants team is even greater.
Few seasons before, in addition to last season, the start of the season from 2005-06, Premier League Champions League semi-finals in a monopoly position for four consecutive seasons played "three British battle XX" of the play, the dedication for the Champions League, comparable to today's Premier League Primera Liga side the early 21st century, especially the four giants, so the current round of the league, although several have sent the wealthy can send the strongest team, but has a sense for the game to stay in power. The name of the game today thinking about tomorrow's game, certainly can not be fully present, it certainly can not play 100% of the energy.
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For example, Arsenal, West Bromwich Albion for the penetration of no way short pass, consecutive opponents staged a "very Arsenal," the attack and score, so that in the previous league game is almost unthinkable.

Ancelotti Champions League experience should be no less than Sir Alex Ferguson's coach, but the face of strong continuous confrontation, he even imagine how the peak in Milan when it was repeatedly Lianchuang devil race, Chelsea face a dual pressure is also not hold on, Carlos Tevez eventually lock on.

26, Manchester United is the most typical example, they will face Valencia in the week, be regarded as the most powerful group stage opponents, and in 25 Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and even after all did not win Manchester United against Bolton also have more room, Bolton is not a hard nut to hoe, Manchester United last season who suffered a double play, Ferguson took the opportunity to catch up in trouble just the top of the London double-strong, so Sir Alex Ferguson sent the strongest team, Nani, Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov swords together in their discharge of the double-old midfielder has Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

However, it is clear from the game can be seen, the team's win against Liverpool want to complete and can not be compared, not focus on the game itself in the past, only in the backward, the players guess reluctantly pull ourselves together, to work on changed back to tie the score. You're welcome to say that, in addition to 15 minutes after Michael Owen goal, Manchester United players have played almost no momentum to Nasan Fen. Therefore, "Ferguson moment" difficult to reproduce, not the capacity or the state, first of all is a problem with the mentality of the team.

Champions League is a double-edged sword, this is the old saying goes, play well, and the Champions League can bring great wealth; but the Champions League is a bottomless pit, the team he will consume more energy, so the team struggling to cope, when Leeds the Royal Society are trying to go further in the Champions League for a try, eventually more harm than good, did not groan too much advantage of the Champions League, the league has fallen into the abyss of relegation.

Not such an extreme example of Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea are well suited to such a wealthy family property rich, but enough as a wake-up call, the four Champions League round of collective victorious team, 3 losses and 1 level, is also a reminder, the Champions League and between the league, what should be distributed?




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