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Guardiola said nothing about the madman provocation
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In an interview, "Marca" interview, Mourinho can win most of Barcelona ridiculed by weak teams take the initiative to abandon the race, because these teams that did not face Barcelona odds, simply send second-tier teams play, the natural so that they can easy victory. Faced with this problem, Guardiola no positive response, he made it clear, nothing to say for the Real Madrid coach.
Spanish media will be the first time Mourinho defiant words to convey to Guardiola, Barcelona coach the answer is: every team deserves respect. Although some may sound official, but in fact, Guardiola does not want to call this ground war of words with Jose Mourinho.

Guardiola admitted recently to speak need to be careful, especially on the topic of Real Madrid and the Madman. Repeatedly asked the media not help, but unfortunately the only serious Barcelona coach said: "I do not want to say anything Mourinho, the coach how formations have their own ideas, I respect every player, the fans, too They will understand that you are sent a replacement main intention was, the coach can not make everyone happy. "
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Although Barcelona start flat, but the strength is obvious in the league, Mourinho is worried that other teams will give Barcelona the green light middle, the league title for the sake of this season, he had to act as a provocative role for all La Liga teams sounded the alarm. Guardiola also clearly understands this, and so at this sensitive time, he did not want to waste energy on unnecessary war of words among them.

In order to block the media's mouth, Guardiola simply lead the conversation to the Macy body, right ankle was Chanshang 5 days later, Messi has started personal training, but includes a lot of players, including Puyol Messi does not want too reluctant to rush back, not to mention his participation in early October to the Argentine national team game. But Guardiola'd look great degree, he said he went to Japan to serve their country to support Messi: "I think Messi should go back to his injuries recover well, and serve it understandable."
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The beginning of the season, Barca have complained about the arrangements for the national team trip FIFA is too full, the players have become a trapeze artist, which seriously affected the state of the team, Lionel Messi is one of the victims at that time. Guardiola has called up striker on the national team has frequently expressed serious dissatisfaction with, and now he was unusually active support for Lionel Messi returned to play and really do not know if this is figured out, or just smoke it.




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