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Champions League - Schalke 0-1 loss to Lyon red Benfica 2-0 victory
Beijing at 2:45 on the September 15th (Central European Time at 8:45 p.m. on the 14th), the European Champions League Group B first round match, Lyon home a small victory than 0 Schalke, Brazilian international Bastos attack into the winning goal, Schalke defender Huoweidesi eat red card. 2 to 0 victory over Benfica at home workers in Tel Aviv.Chaussures Sports
Olympique Lyon runner-up against Schalke Bundesliga runner-up, this is the first time both teams met the European War, Lyon 11 consecutive UEFA Champions League finalists last season, nearly 2 home game against Bundesliga teams were negative reading, but the opponents are Bayern , home with the Bundesliga team encounters the other 7 remained unbeaten (6 wins and 1 level). A-Sissoko, Chris, Delgado, Edson due to injury, but Bastos thigh back from injury. Schalke after a lapse of two years returned to the Champions League group stage, the team had participated in group 3 were negative reading season opener, not even a goal.

An opening, Tula Lang brought down Jones, Rakitic opened a free kick 11 meters in front of Jones header wide of the left goal post office. 11 minutes, 科洛杰伊恰 grams of mistakes, Farfan shot by Loris saved the bottom line the bottom right corner, corner out, the Farfan header above the first 21 minutes, Moritz return header errors into the restricted area on the left Bastos, 12 meters in front of the left foot hanging over goalkeeper Neuer Department, Huoweidesi back but it was too late to recover tackles, 1 to 0. 32 minutes, Moritz 16 meters in front of the office fell to the ground Loris low shot was saved. 38 minutes, Huoweidesi kicked Briand high leg lift chest, sent off. Magath replaced with a teenager Matip Dick, keeping the defense complete.

6-minute second half began, trying to lob higher Raul midline. 54 minutes, Bastos 14 meters in front of the Department relevant statistic procedures were Neuer saved the bottom line. 58 minutes, Lisandro passing a restricted area fell to the ground, the referee refused a penalty. 67 minutes, Schalke midfielder lose the ball, pass Briand, Pjanic 16 meters in front of the office a little shot missed. Klug replaced Jones. 71-minute free kick Gourcuff missed the top left corner. Schmitz replaced Saer Pei. 78-minute free kick out Pjanic, Tula Lang header saved by Neuer. 83 minutes, Childrens Shoes grams he denied shooting was Matip bottom line. Lyon final 1 to 0 win at home.

Lyon (4-3-3): 1 - Loris / 13 - Lei Weiai, 4 - Diakhate, 5 - Lovren, 12 - Men Nike Shoes g / 8 - Pjanic, 28 - Tula Lang, 29 - Gourcuff (87'17-Macon) / 7 - Briand (89'6-Callstrom), 9 - Alessandro, 11 - Bastos (71 '24-Pierre).

Schalke (4-3-3): 1 - Neuer / 28 - Moritz, 4 - Huoweidesi, 5 - plestin, 2 - Saer Pei (75'13-Schmitz) / 10 - Rakitic, 23 - Jones (70 'Klug), 27 - Dick (45'32-Matip) / 17 - Farfan, 25 - Huntelaar, 7 - Raul.

Benfica vs. Tel Aviv workers. Army has won two Cup Benfica missed the previous two seasons Champions League. Tel Aviv was the first three workers reached the Champions League group stage of the Israeli team. 20 minutes, Benfica left corner to open to the outside, Carlos - Martins were passing the ball right-sided, the captain Louison 11 meters before the dot pitch of the door into the fire directly at his right foot near corner, a ratio of 0. 56 minutes, Aimar restricted area on the left cleverly extraordinary Hui Qiao, Cardoso left office in front of 11 meters higher than free jets. 68 minutes, Amorim forward pass, substitute Maxi - Pereira restricted area on the right oblique is Enyeyama saved, Cardozo 8 meters in front of the office to promote lower left blank range, 2 to 0. 78 minutes, Amorim was Enyeyama saved restricted area on the right oblique, Saweiaila blank range volley is gone. The visiting team 86 minutes to miss the opportunity, Tammuz edge of the area turned to his right foot volley hit the left goal post.




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