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Rooney has been investigating suspected tax evasion 1,000,000 afraid to break Champions League
Beijing on September 13, according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the recent troubled Rooney has encountered new problems, before the British Customs and Revenue Agency is investigating the ownership of Premier League stars are the portraits of whether the income tax evasion. If substantiated, Rooney may need to repay £ 100 of personal income tax portrait of ownership.
British Customs and Revenue Agency's survey shows that about 200 million pounds Premiership potential existence of personal image rights income tax evasion problem. In the Premiership, there are hundreds of players in the contract with the club the right to use the existing portrait of the provisions of this revenue total revenue accounted for about players 1 / 3. Griffey Shoes

But in April 2010 the British tax system changes to improve the annual income of more than 15 pounds of high-income people tax standards. The right to tax personal portrait from the past 21% to 40% to 50%. According to this standard, many Premier League players have to back tax.

Rooney is now a contract with Manchester United, signed in 2006. The contract shows that Rooney's image rights income of 152 million pounds per year, the basic annual salary of 468 pounds. This means that in the past four years, sale of Wayne Rooney Manchester United through to the right to use the portrait, earned a total of 608 pounds. In April 2010 before the British tax system, Rooney needs to pay 127 million pounds of image rights tax, if it is in April after the new system, Rooney would pay 240 million pounds. So he needs roughly 115 million pounds in back.
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But in back taxes portrait, all the players involved in the Premiership, this is not his personal troubles. Rooney to really distressed or that he recently caught in the prostitution controversy.
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Everton's last round of the league, Alex Ferguson Wayne Rooney for the purpose of protection, did not let him go to the old home Goodison Park club. "Daily Post" said, Ferguson is likely to continue for the next Wayne Rooney rest of the Rangers in the Champions League will not appear his presence.
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On September 12, Rooney joined Manchester United in the normal Carrington training base. Ferguson has prepared him to rest the idea and told Wayne Rooney, but Rooney said he was very keen to play, will not be interference with privacy issues.




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