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Warm-up match - beast-gram Messi of Argentina 4-1 win Spain broke waste
Beijing at 04 o'clock on the September 8, 2010 (Argentina local time at 20:00 on the on the 7th), an international warm-up competition for commemorative Libeierdi Stadium, Argentina, 4 to 1 home win Spain, Messi and Higuain have goal and two assists in the Carlos Tevez contributed to seize the Rayner's failure to expand the lower the score. Villa twice hit the frame, Casola has a hit frame, Lorant scored for the world championship play-face, Aguero broke the last time seal the victory.
Spain's victory over Liechtenstein at the weekend, coach Bosque 5 rotation adjustment, Cesc Fabregas and David - Silva starter. Argentina twice in the past four years, lost to Spain in the warm-up match, Javier Zanetti and Esteban Cambiasso to return to starting, which is representative of Argentina Javier Zanetti played 137 times. Messi, Higuain and Carlos Tevez formed Trident Air Shoes .
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Argentina miss the first six minutes, clever forward pass sent Messi, Carlos Tevez single-handedly closed Right 15 yards shot wide of the far corner. Argentina lead the first 10 minutes, Messi Road blocked after the break points to the side of Carlos Tevez, Manchester City striker forward pass, offside successful anti-Macy broke into a small restricted area on the left edge of light and free jets break, but Messi last goal is in November 2009 just off war Spain. 12 minutes, plus more than - Milito foul on Cesc Fabregas was booked, Villa direct kick 28 yards shot higher office.

Argentina's first 13 minutes to expand the score, Carlos Tevez forward pass, the same success against offside Higuain go past Reina after the left edge of a small restricted area of small angle Jin She broke, Peak block before the point shovel unsuccessful. The first 19 minutes, Esteban Cambiasso foul on Cesc Fabregas was booked. Then the scene into a stalemate, Spain, playing catch with a lack of fluid. Spain, the first 28 minutes almost pulled one back, Iniesta pass, Villa left back 25 yards Department Jin She hit the upper right angle of the beams and columns pop-up (Click for video).

Argentina scored the first 34 minutes to continue, when the supporting leg Reyna Disembarrassing skid Feet fall, Carlos Tevez quickly on the rush of 8 yards, 3-0 launched into Buddhism. Spain, the first 40 minutes again nearly broke, Demichelis restricted Fabregas fouls before, Villa direct kick 25 yards Department Mascherano shot hit the back of deflection, the ball hit the right column bounce , Fabregas blank range has been blocking. Before halftime, Mascherano restricted ago, sent a free kick on the foul Iniesta, Alonso 28 yards but the shot was a wall blocking Service.
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Spain for the second half with 4, Valdés, Navas, Casola and Lorant off the bench at the forward trident replaced. 47 minutes, Arbeloa won the free kick right-sided break, Fabregas biography, Lorant header Romero roof height was obtained. 49 minutes, after Alonso won the front court steals Banega free kick, Fabregas 24 yards Department shot missed the upper right corner. The first 51 minutes of Spain once again given the opportunity, Navas out of the men pass in the right-sided, Lorant former point 10 yards wide of near angle header Gongmen.

53 minutes, Messi was blocked right-sided mass, Banega pass, Cambiasso heel pass, Higuain restricted arc Jin She was Valdes saved a fingertip, rub the ball on the right side column out. 56 minutes, Harvey replaced Fabregas. 58 minutes, Lorant header ferry, free jets arc Alonso closed higher. 60 minutes, Dimaliya replaced Carlos Tevez. 62 minutes, Navas mass in right-sided, Casola edge of the area shot was blocked, Alonso return, Harvey closed higher before the shooting.

63 minutes, Messi even after the forward pass several people, Dimaliya restricted left side with relevant statistic procedures broke earlier invalidated because of offside. The first 65 minutes, Harvey forward pass, Navas Office Closed Youlei eight yards low shot wide of the far corner. Monreal fined yellow card foul on Messi tactics. Aguero then replaced Higuain. 71 minutes, Pedro Alonso replaced strengthen attack. The first 75 minutes, Zanetti edge of the area outside the block Pedro foul, free kick shot was blocked Harvey, Casola another shot hit the edge of the area outside the left post.
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77 minutes, Dimaliya fined yellow card foul on Navas, Harvey mass in right-sided free kick, headed Gongmen Lorant missed. The first 80 minutes, Harvey Pass, Pedro restricted area on the left of the shot is also difficult to break the fingers off Romero. 84 minutes Spain finally pulled one back in the city, Pedro restricted area pass in the left, Milito marking, and do not turn and fire Lorant 14 yards into the bottom right corner office. 90 minutes Dalessandro Substitute Lionel Messi 5 years after their last appearance for the national team again. Argentina's first 91 minutes Rated score, Dalessandro-point left, Heinze transfer in unguarded Aguero 10 yards headed home office, 4-1.

Argentina Lineup (4-3-3): Romero; Zanetti, Demichelis, Milito, Heinze; Esteban Cambiasso, Javier Mascherano, Banega; Messi (90 'Dalessandro), Higuain, Carlos Tevez (60', Dimaliya)

Spanish Lineup (4-3-3): Reina (46 ', Valdes); Arbeloa, Peak, Marchena, Monreal; Fabregas (56', Harvey) , Busquets, Alonso (71 ', Pedro); David - Silva (46', Navas), Villa (46 ', Lorant), Iniesta (46' , Casola)




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