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Real Madrid 4 years training young talents cleaning 36 Barca need to look up a number of
The day before, according to Western media revealed that Real Madrid B team in the age of 18 array supernova Salabiya has reached an agreement with the Portuguese club over Braga, who will transfer window opens in January to 3 million euros after joining Zhezhi Champions League New Army. According to the "sports daily," given the data, Salabiya become a Real Madrid four years cleaning the first 36 training young talents.
In recent years, Basalama the rise of Western Asia blue training camp, so that became Real Madrid's Airshoes furnishings. In the current World Cup finals in South Africa, Spain starters in as many as eight Ming Basa players, which in addition to Villa, the other seven were all born in la masilla. The build in time for training young Cruyff camp, finally bursting out at that moment the most brilliant light. In contrast, there have been five brilliant Air Max Shoes eagle, but seems to have moved toward the decline.

Florentino back in control of the Galaxy a year ago, when warships of vowed: "I will change my policy, I will rely on training young players." Even in the summer, buy a center for the last Mourinho When Florentino answer is - from the youth training in mining. But that return that the actions of the President of Real Madrid with his promise to differ materially, only in the summer, Real Madrid B team, 13 players have been cleaned, in addition to the article mentioned Salabiya beginning, there rodrigo Ge, Marcos - Alonso, after the field in Tiger Balm Barr, and even the captain Mosquera, including, among others.

"Sports daily," given the data, since 2006, Real Madrid have already sold 36 players for training young. There is no doubt that in training young players from Real Madrid, the achievements of the highest naturally Matta, he has been with the Spanish team became world champion. Felipe just this summer to 12 million euros of net worth to join Atletico, which has just switched from a sheet Corps Schalke 04 Jurado also from Chaussures Sports Also Ricky, Luis - Garcia, Miguel - Torres, Parejo, Portillo, Juanfran, Aranda, Negredo, Soldado, Diego - Real Green Lopez, etc. training the players, also played on the team in their absolute main.

At the same time, another data more worthy of our attention, although Real Madrid, a team of Real Madrid array, only a mere four training young players, they were Casillas, Ebeiluoe, Granero, and Adam, but In addition to these four, the Spanish and the second division in the current arena, there are a total of nearly 110 players from Real Madrid youth academy, alone in the new Primera Liga season, Real Madrid to a total of 40 training young players in the clubs a team, you figure there are two people per team as much.

Can be seen, although the current Nike Chaussures Homme youth academy can not endorse as Messi, Xavi this superstar, but in promoting the development of the Spanish league this regard, Running Shoes far beyond the contribution of other clubs Youth training camp, even la masilla also need to look up.




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