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Real Madrid officially announced the signing of Tottenham midfielder joined the Dutch ace 8,000,000
UK time on September 1, English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur announced through the official website, from the formal signing of Dutch midfielder van der Vaart Real Madrid. Tottenham official did not disclose contract details, but according to Sky Sports reports that Tottenham signed Van der Vaart with a four-year transfer fee is about 800 million pounds.Air Sport Shoes
Tottenham official Netcom Report wrote: "We are pleased to announce that, with Real Madrid on the transfer agreement. The Dutch international was born Ajax youth academy, Ajax played a total of 141 times into 60 balls, has won the Dutch title twice, then transfer in 2005 in Hamburg. effect a team captain Van der Vaart during the German Bundesliga, scoring high efficiency. 2007 move to Real Madrid. "in Madrid, van der Vaart become a substitute, but in the past 58 years still has 10 goals playing, especially the replacement of injured Kaka last season, his outstanding performance acclaimed, but Real Madrid this summer to buy the two Frontal Ozil and Canales, Van der Vaart position has become redundant.Chaussures Sports

South Africa into World Cup final of the Dutch team, Van der Vaart is also a member of the Asian military, Spurs on his experience in international competition is valued: "Raphael has played for the Dutch team 83 times, and into 16 balls, In 2001 he was the age of 18 on a war with the Andorra national team debut at completion. representative of the Netherlands Van der Vaart played in two European Cup and two World Cup. "

Old Redknapp led Tottenham last season before the Premiership Sharu four qualifying this summer have passed into the Champions League group stage, but the team encountered a lot of defending champion Inter Milan, Bremen, Bundesliga and the Dutch title, special crack Winter three teams in the group competition is very strong. So not much transfer movement before the old mine, also in the last minute continuous attack, introduced from Brazil, Sandro, free to sign Gallas, leased by the Croatian door Pletikosa, and in the last transfer window Real talent and contacts to acquire the Van der Vaart. Redknapp hopes der Vaart midfield with Modric common care, so the Spurs will play beautiful gift to somewhat technical stream.

But while Tottenham talks with Real Madrid very well, but to submit the official registration of the transfer agreement to the Premiership he ran into the thorny problem of the transfer provisions in the Premiership after the registration deadline for the submission of a Tottenham relevant documents, thus the first official Premiership must submit documents to confirm or rule out process. Premier League Tottenham finally to the green light, an announcement in the official website announced the endorsement of the transfer registration of overtime to complete, then move to Tottenham has also completed a formal notice.




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