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Ibrahimovic: Milan is not one of the strongest Serie A Inter Milan already in the past
As soon report to the Swedish national team, so he joined AC Milan Ibrahimovic's news conference only after the date on the national team, while at the San Siro to meet at the limited time available, Ibrahimovic's comments just a few words, so far, after his arrival in Milan, right up to the time, or after arrival in Malta Airport Ponza, accepted an interview with Sky Terrace, where he detailed answers his own choice, on AC Milan views as well as Inter Milan, Barcelona and other sensitive issues.
Ibrahimovic first talked about AC Milan, he said: "When I heard AC Milan interested in me, I immediately felt the excitement and momentum, I am glad everything has been going well, this is a great move." NIKE AIR MAX 360

Ibrahimovic made it clear that, AC Milan are the strongest team in Serie A, there is no "one", he said: "if we can win the Scudetto? I am here to win, and I am sure we will win the Scudetto, while in We won all the titles, I will not leave AC Milan, "Ibrahimovic special emphasis," I can be sure that we are the strongest team in Serie A, one of the best team in Europe! "

Ibrahimovic said: "When I heard that AC Milan interested in me, I quickly agreed, why move so smoothly? Adriano Galliani has been in operation, which I and President Berlusconi and Allegri coach through the telephone, the President told me, here to welcome me. " Air Sport Shoes

Ibrahimovic - Pato - Ronaldinho Trident fascinating, even Ibrahimovic himself was dreaming, he said: "We have a strong offensive line, this should be the strongest in Europe and the world the attack line, but We are also very strong team, I'm sure the fans will have a pleasant season. " Chaussures Sports

Legend Huntelaar Ibrahimovic will put on leave on the 11th, but Ibrahimovic has denied this to be: "I have not decided my number. Champions League?, Of course, I always want to win the Champions League, I came to a have won many Champions League club, so I hope that this year we can win one, of course, I am very eager to Serie A champions. "

For more sensitive on the two former club Barcelona and Inter Milan's problems, Ibrahimovic has not avoid, he said: "The kiss of Barcelona shirt? They asked me to do, I do. Inter Milan fans? I Inter Milan has a good memory, but they are gone, I still played for Juventus, Inter Milan to win it ... ... everything, and now, they should consider other things, not me. "

Ibrahimovic has gone through Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, the three giants, AC Milan will be his end it? "I'll be in AC Milan, how long? I hope that is 4 years, and timeliness over the same period the same, but football is always changing things, I can not promise to do, but here, I know that with good players and between players relations and the locker room. "Imbudo replied with a smile.




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