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Buy Chelsea, Bayern bomb
August 25 morning, according to Italian media "Calciomercato" message, Bayern Tetsuei Demichelis is now a popular figure on the transfer market, his agent claimed to have at least four giants want to sign the name of the Argentine international, Chelsea's attitude which is particularly active.Chaussures Sports
Last Friday the first round of the Bundesliga, Bayern beat Wolfsburg 2-1 at home, as the main force of Demichelis was Van Gaal is absolutely out of the big list of things, which makes Argentine international firm had to leave their thoughts. Although a number of low-level errors committed by Demichelis often have defense "time bomb," said, but members of the Argentine Tetsuei in the transfer market has no shortage of suitors.

Prior to that, "Gazzetta dello Sport" exposed Juve's interest on Demichelis, it is learned, Juventus general manager Marotta met yesterday afternoon Demichelis agent 西特斯皮勒, the two discussed The Argentine international transfer possibilities. The broker 西特斯皮莱 Demichelis in the acceptance of "Calciomercato" interview revealed that at least four giants of the Argentine international expressed interest, he said: "I have been closely linked with Juventus and I They have been talks, but they are not the only club interested Demichelis. At least four clubs expressed interest in the Argentine striker, who are Juventus, Barcelona, Chelsea and Sevilla. "

Air Shoes said the transfer deadline in anything can happen, Demichelis not exclude loan to complete the move, "At present, Bayern will not sell one." PUMA FUTURE CAT added. "Florence, Naples and Rome have always been interested Demichelis, but their transfer budget is not enough."

"All markets", said Chelsea is actively contacts Demichelis, in Carvalho after leaving Real Madrid, Ancelotti need an experienced defender enhanced defense capabilities, Demichelis is a very suitable candidate. Argentine international's contract with Bayern expires in 2012, according to the German "transfer market" data, Demichelis now worth about 10 million euros.




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