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Nike introduced Nike Clothing
In the U.S., adults want to have brand-name sports car, and Qi Cheng's young dream is to have a pair of Air Shoes.

70 in the early 20th century, Airshoes will be in a short period of 10 years became the largest U.S. shoe company, to the mid-80's, Nike's annual sales have more than 3.7 billion U.S. dollars, occupying the U.S. athletic shoe market more than half of Nike's annual sales in 1999 reached 95 U.S. dollars, as a crowd behind the world-class enterprise.

Unique cultural values

Nike in 1964 by the University of Oregon distance runner and his coach Bierboman Feiernaite partnership formed. It is a Knight in the Stanifer business graduate students created a paper-based, reflecting some of the track and field star and sports fans of the idea: Let more and more athletes to wear the Japanese production of inexpensive high-quality running shoes. Fair and Bowman in 1964 formed a "Blue Ribbon Sports company," invest 300 dollars per person, commissioned by a shoe factory in Japan by Bowman's design trial of 300 pairs of sneakers, 72-year company, "the victory of Ancient Greece Goddess "Nike name.

Samuel Bodman told Knight, a track and field team is composed by the members one by one, each person must stand still to hard to improve his or her performance, competitive athlete's credo is: "There is no endpoint." The price waterhouse Knight told the five-year accounting career, "the basic principles of commercial operation." This special background of life, so Knight will race in the company was first established players "no endpoint" and "the basic principles of commercial operation," combine the personal struggle of the never-ending spirit, the spirit of continuous innovation and business constraints through always in the business operations, then the "sports, performances, free and easy, free movement of the spirit" as the pursuit of individuality Nike core of enterprise culture.

Knight encouraged freedom of thought, like Knight's business school, there are forests, jogging trails, lakes, football, Butte that the work should be as free as at home. Nike is a senior manager described his company: This is a company full of hand-foot friend and brother. Happy to drink with my colleagues, are forever talking about sports, and self-proclaimed active and some renegade character. Strategies used by each of six seminars, always shouting, known for tit for tat.

Technological innovation and innovation market

The early 70s, due to the gradual rise of jogging, millions of people began to wear sports shoes, sports shoes to wear not only comfortable, but also a symbol of health and youth, sport shoes, popular in the mass market. At that time, led by Adidas "iron triangle" not sure the market trends, Nike has run into. 1974 Bierboman created a new sole, soles are more flexible than others, this seemingly simple product innovation will be the cause of Knight pushed to a new milestone. In 1976, Nike's sales from the 8.3 million U.S. dollars in 1975 soared to 14 million U.S. dollars. Companies to develop new styles of running shoes and spend huge sums of money, to the late '70s, Nike had nearly a hundred researchers, many of them are biology, chemistry, experimental biology, engineering, engineering science and other various related degree. This strong research efforts to develop more than 140 different styles of products, many of which products are the most innovative and technology advanced. These styles are based on different foot type, weight, running speed, training programs, gender and skill level design. These different styles, different prices and multi-purpose products, attracting thousands of runners, making them feel Nike is to provide the most complete variety of running shoes manufacturers, millions of all kinds, all kinds of ability runners have this idea that in a rapidly growing industry, is a very attractive image.

In 1979, Nike decided to market its expansion from the athletic field and stadium homes of ordinary people (especially teenagers), to create a newer, larger markets and development. In two completely different market operations, Wei Liao Bu Shi Qu informal sports in the traditional market, to render Kuo Tai Nike's appeal, it faces the challenge is to adapt Liu Xing awareness and promoting sport Chengjiu the Ruhe-balance and Yi Zhi. To this end, Nike decided to become an integral part of youth culture and identity symbol, this began to rethink the basis of its advertising strategy, and the introduction of Le Quan Xin marketing Moxing.

If a Nike Air shoe is propaganda ad, Nike, in advertising the film is not blindly promoting products using technical performance and advantages of the usual way, but with a new idea: a symbol of hippies from the representatives and the famous four-shell bugs band famous song "Revolution", in the rebel plans new rhythm, melody, a group of Americans who wear Nike products are intoxicated to carry out fitness training ... ... the ad accurately meet the newly emerging changes in fitness style and fashion of the times, gives a refreshing feeling. This strong promotion of ways to make Nike's market share reached 33% and reached the "iron triangle" to the 1981 Nike 50% market share, ahead of Adidas. The campaign so successful, and even make it a part of Nike's corporate culture.

90 changes

The early 90s, when Nike is a big selling off 40 billion large-scale company, its image of being anti-traditional threats

May 1994 analysis shows that Nike's fiscal revenue to fall 6 percent, fell to 3.7 billion U.S. dollars. Basketball largest sales market fell sharply, with growth potential in Europe, Japan, the economic downturn. The core of the problem is that Nike had in the past to promote the development of consumer, abandoned shoes, looking for new, less commercial flavor of the products - similar to the coarse wrinkles in the leather shoes. She especially knows the saturated U.S. market, once again, created to achieve growth is impossible, he consider is: how to achieve growth targets, without losing the vital importance of successful innovation and entrepreneurship. In any case, the reform of corporate culture is imperative.

In mid-February 1995, Knight called 31 senior managers met in beach house, announced that June 42 will be appointed president of the Clark took over. This is an appointment the same recognition by the whole company, has fully confirmed the Clark as a means to strengthen the communication links, absorbing abilities, the new strategic emphasis on "cooperative approach" stresses the importance of culture. Knight told his managers: we must succeed, but you can not lose our sense of humor and rebellious culture.

Clark continues to transform company to a large shoe department is divided into several smaller departments, a small department in charge of each project a kind of sports shoes, speed up product development process. In order to further develop the U.S. market, Nike changed the sales approach, updating the "look" technology, a series of new running shoes, sports shoes move to expand the outdoor sports goods sector, will focus on the Zhunyapishi sales and consumption of a new generation of unknown persons, and the promotion of new ways, establish new corporate image.

Knight of the entire operation of chain enterprises has been adjusted, especially inventory control system and overseas sales system. He asked dealers to 6-8 months in advance booking 80% of its total sales, so as to give a 10% discount. This makes the Knight of the order very well informed and have sufficient time to arrange, to avoid excessive inventory, save the card to get a good ex-factory price. Nike's strategy for overseas markets is the focus of the sales system of loose, dealer for Knight's high-handed policy grievances, Nike shoes are losing the original authentic, working-class image. Knight decided to buy the distribution business around the world to gain more control over, concentrate on Germany, Japan, Mexico, the market launch of the market to meet the special shoes material, such as: Asia, badminton shoes, then Via Island hand shoes, etc., will focus on the promotion of sports, with the market driving force to quell the discontent dealer.

While output in the Nike shoes, Nike Chaussures Femme , Knight has not forgotten the culture of the output. Nike's Japanese unit sales are great, but it did not sport, performing with the company's brand image together, Knight decided to buy it, and select who have made major contributions toward KFC in Japan to open up the courage to manage Kyrgyzstan Akimoto , and he was up to 4 months of Nike training culture and mode of operation. This training enabled him to throw away cigarettes, start running, Nike will bring the culture of Japan, launched a special design for Asians light running shoes.

Unique business model

First, acheter air jordan fr
will be the company's all personnel, material, financial and other resources together, and then all the cast and to product design and marketing, among the two departments to go all out to foster the company's strong product design and marketing capabilities. Phil Knight on the one hand stressed the product development and design capabilities, more attention was the training of marketing capabilities, product design and brand marketing have become Nike's two powerful competitive weapon.

Second, Nike has taken in the production of a virtual strategy, namely: the external leveraging, through the integration of external resources, so for me all to expand their territory, and use of external capabilities and advantages to make up for their lack of invest in production sites, not assembly line, Nike did not own all the products manufacture, but all outsourced to other manufacturers out of processing. Nike This coup is not only saving mass manufacturing infrastructure Touzi, equipment purchase Feiyongyiji Gongren labor costs, Erju it fully Fahui the other manufacturer's production capacity Jiang's ability to, especially the products of the production process outsourcing of Southeast Asia and other places of business in many developing countries, where labor as to be extremely low, which forces a lot of Nike's labor cost savings, which is why Nike shoes at a lower price competition with other brands an important reason. Implementation of virtual production, Nike will design drawings to the manufacturer so that they can carry out production strictly in accordance with drawing style, and to ensure appropriate quality and then, then its Nike brand and trademark affixed to these products, and products to the company's marketing staff. Through the company's marketing network, our products sold. This model the full realization of the complementary role.

Third, Nike's innovations in marketing communication. It uses the idol of young people spread such as Michael Jordan, Nike is also the use of electronic game design special games. Whenever new models, which invited the band to play, through the dissemination of entertainment, a kind of ideological change and quality. This communication strategy of Nike, not only to rapidly enhance brand awareness, but also to establish a high degree of identity of the brand asset value.




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