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AC Milanpatuo suddenly pass out injured 19 year-old star will warm-up debut
Detroit is preparing for tomorrow's match with Panathinaikos AC Milan array came the bad news, the team of 21-year-old striker Pato injured.

Pato in last night's training, ankle suddenly felt a sharp pain, after dinner, although some reduce pain, but for safe side, AC Milan has made two moves, one Pato out of tomorrow PaNike Shox R4 friendly, the second is Pato's ankle wound for further investigation.

Pato AC Milan in the current Zhezhi occupy a pivotal position, AC Milan after the warm-up match, Pato had a break at the Emirates Stadium Arsenal's goal. This time for AC Milan, Pato's injury affect the lineup of running is not a small club can only pray Pato injury not too heavy, the early comeback. Currently Zhezhi AC Milan, the wounded one more than Pato, Inzaghi, Ronaldinho, Ambrosini were all injured in training, but Pirlo is injury in the body, failed to travel with the team before the to Detroit competition.

In tomorrow's friendly, since Ronaldinho, Inzaghi, and another from the youth team striker Weier Di are not travel with the team because of injury, so just promoted from the youth team up 19-year-old teenager, from NigeriaAir Sport Shoes partner with forward Marco Borriello, in the previous game against Varese, Chaussures Sports who have outstanding performance, but then because of passport problems, he did not catch up with the chiefs in London Cup.




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