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Appointed the new coach who arrived in Milan
According to "Milan News Network" message, Ghana midfielder Boateng has officially arrived in Milan, he will hire an effective way for the Rossoneri last season, the club arranged a medical examination Tuesday. If all goes well, this weekend against Juventus in the Berlusconi Cup, fans can see him wearing a red and black shirt screen debut.

The only 23 years old Ghana international is Milan coach Air Shoes point player, but he came to Milan, but the effectiveness of the process is not simple. As the awful transfer also involves Genoa and Portsmouth, the Milan really waiting for some time. Currently, Genoa has been Boateng from the hands of the ownership of Portsmouth, and then to 100 million euros worth sublease to AC Milan. The end of the season, the Rossoneri will have Boateng's right of first refusal. Nike Shox

According to "Gazzetta dello Sport," the source said, Boateng will be in Milan, Italy time Monday with high-level meeting, Berlusconi and Galliani told the Ghana international will be some conversation. The local time Tuesday, the club will arrange for him to undergo a medical examination. Milan coach Allegri new aid praise on midfielder, he thought Boateng technology fully adequate to edge avant-garde position, and can bring a lot of energy for the Milan midfielder.

In fact, before the World Cup, the Ghana international,Chaussures Sports began to rise to popularity, it was his kick Fei Chan for the German team captain Michael Ballack missed the South Africa trip. His excellent performance in the World Cup in South Africa is attracting the attention of many giants, but I am still on the Serie Boateng particularly popular, especially in Milan. "Clubs for such an effect is my honor this season, I will do everything we can help the team get good results."




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