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Torres left team
At 4:25 p.m. on the August 4, 2010

(Running Shoes) As the "Red Army" Liverpool is now in a period of turmoil, many players in the European transfer market, especially Kuyt and Torres, are considered to leave their candidate. In this regard, specifically Liverpool official website to find Torres, the Spanish striker Wednesday morning made it clear that his loyalty to the same against Liverpool, the new season will definitely stay in Liverpool.

As we all know, this summer there are at least three teams interested in on Torres, namely Barcelona, Man City and Chelsea. Especially after the two Premiership clubs, more aggressive, even Man City have had up to 70 million pounds (about 300 million 52 million dollar) offer, but 11 refused to be Liverpool. It is reported that Liverpool rejected and the reasons are clear enough that the transfer fee. Torres Liverpool's official website, when interviewed, mentioned that the ball would be interested in him, the Spanish striker replied: "Liverpool is the world's best team, so our goal is always high, I am very glad that I am here."

Later, Torres said his goal this season, "Liverpool goal down to win all season championship, last season was difficult, but I'm sure the new season we can do better. I am very happy to return to Here, happy and his teammates train. My dream is to be a Liverpool Premiership trophy. While yet to achieve, but I am sure we are from getting closer to this goal. " Alife Chaussures

Brother Mark will be leaving the team

Steven Gerrard and Torres that left team, the only regret is "Brother Mark," Mascherano will leave his home under the very clear that the Inter Milan coach Benitez.




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