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Adidas, Nike, trying to take advantage beyond the London Olympics
Held in London next summer's Olympic Games, to compete for the location of the first name is not only athletes. German sporting goods brands Adidas plans to use the Games as a springboard, beyond its top competitor, Air Shoes became the UK's largest sporting goods company. Nike is currently in the UK 18% market share, worth 4.3 billion pounds, is a British sporting goods market leading enterprises. The nike shoes with 15% market share of second place, but the company hopes the London Olympics official sports partner as early as 2015 to help it overtake Nike targets. Adidas addition to the Olympic Games for the 26 projects in 25 games for athletes outside the equestrian clothing and equipment will also require a specialized 70,000 Olympic volunteers, the Olympic torch relay before the opening ceremony of the Olympic athletes and the Olympic Village provide clothing. Chaussures Sports 2012 Olympic Games to invest a total of about 1 billion pounds. This expenditure includes the identity of official partners, athletes, volunteers and retailer of clothing production costs and product marketing costs and the company itself.

Harman was suspended! AFC Vice Chairman Zhang Jilong temporary proxy host
At 0:30 on 30 May Xu, FIFA headquarters in Zurich Ethics Committee held a news conference to announce: FIFA President has withdrawn from the election of Haman and the accused and his "bribery," the allies,Air Shoes in North America, FIFA President Warner, was temporarily suspended services to participate in any football, and FIFA president Sepp Blatter is "not guilty" without suspension; as long as there is no plenary session 3 / 4 majority of the above objections, the President of June 1 election will continue . Can be said that the election is no longer a rival Sepp Blatter, beheading operations have achieved a comprehensive victory. Harman and Warner was charged May 10 meeting of the Caribbean Football Confederation, the 30 participating countries to bribe $ 40,000 on behalf of "bribery." The hearing will be responsible for the ethics committee vice chairman Darma Sable said, "The Committee believes that the establishment is indeed the case, it is worth investigating. So a full investigation will be conducted in accordance with appropriate procedures, they will respond in a formal investigation of their own allegations. In the survey, they will be temporarily suspended from his post. final investigation results will end at 6, 7 announced in early. cheap nike shox"Dharma Sable 48-year-old professional judges, the University of Warwick in the UK to complete his studies Namibia Football Association president was before. The Ethics Committee Xisuerze and Blatter are both Swiss, must be avoided, and he thus became the main person in charge of the investigation. He said that although the Committee did not confirm the Werner and Haman in the charges against the "guilty", but in order to facilitate the investigation of their subordinate officials, "to avoid the intervention of the investigation," they must be temporarily suspended. Caribbean Football Confederation in the case of two low-level staff, will also be suspended. Walker also said FIFA Secretary General attended the meeting, he had just received a news conference before the Football Association of Puerto Rico reported the letter to prove that the meeting did happen bribery. The suspension will also have an important impact on the situation in Asian football. According to "AFC Constitution", "Once the President can not exercise their duties, the First Vice-President will exercise all its powers until the next General Conference AFC" - which means that the current First Vice-President Zhang Jilong AFC or will be temporarily hosted the AFC position. From the day of the hearing until 9 am 5 pm, Harman and Warner at a news conference had been informed before the news of their own was suspended. Currently they have not made any response, but after Warner had threatened: "Let me tell you, the next two days will occur once the tsunami football, let you shock a tsunami. I will not play dead the tsunami will come, believe me, from now through Monday. I FIFA 29 consecutive years, and if the worst happened, it would happen! "occasionally guest Trinidad and Tobago Acting Prime Minister of his brother, also reported his old friends Blauser very unhappy, "I vote in the 2022 World Cup bid in the U.S. vote, as I see the U.S. out Blauser very painful, but I will not Harman let this ruin my friendship and I am not the kind of person. If Blauser that want to do it, whatever. I was the first FIFA to this level in the black, my country is the smallest of executive committee , but sometimes my power is greater than the President, I am sure to incur the jealousy of some people, this is human nature. "At the same time, they had known Harman party against Blatter for the FIFA delegates the Caribbean" to pay travel expenses ", but did not report, which alleged violation of statute. Dharma Sable the judge said: "We believe that Blatter is no reason for suspension: first, Blatter said he and Warner talked about the matter, but Warner denied; Second, Blatter said the responsibility to report does not exist, because he only asked about the proposal, and he immediately told Warner, Harman should not be allowed to pay. "He emphasized that section 129 according to FIFA regulations, only the" actual behavior "have reporting responsibilities, and "at that point in time, Blatter occurred without any evidence of wrongdoing." Journalists have molested the meeting: "If I tell a police officer to kill, and then the police because I did not kill the behavior of the implementation to be no need to call the police?" News director mango sight to trouble, and quickly suddenly stop the news conference. Conference, also talked about the possibility of presidential elections to be postponed. Walker mother tongue is French, after several times forgetten finally said, "Why should we stop the election? Just because the media would like to defer it? Allegations against Blatter has been clarified, the election will be held on June 1." Slightly He realized after his misreading of the Constitution, "The General Assembly will consider agenda item on the agenda is, as long as 3 / 4 majority of members feel the need to postpone the election, they can postpone the elections." Walker also announced news of a shaking : FA Executive Committee before the main Chaussures Sports Teixeira and Ma Kudi on corruption charges, has ended investigation, two executive committee members are guilty. The Qatar 2022 World Cup bid on the process of investigation, Walker said: "The ethical committee did not address the matter."

Off the hook champion Mavericks center was fond of the God of the tower can only sigh
Beijing May 20, Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, which is the second World War, two Western Conference finals. Mavericks center Tyson - Tyson Chandler 10 shots 15 points 5 and 13 rebounds (Air Shoes ), founded May 4th 2005 playoff score since a new high, beat Thunder center Perkins , persevering Thunder blow by Mavericks in the fourth quarter, the Mavericks to 100-106 loss to the Thunder, pull the total score was 1-1. Mavericks reborn this season, Chandler is the main contributor. Chandler is a big outstanding physical condition, both height and arm span, amazing jumping ability, is a man defense Owen, fill the seats in the defense and is also expert. With the Chandler, the Mavericks defense not only reinforced the basket,Running Shoes Chaussures Sports Match, Chandler had 15 points and 13 rebounds in the win over the data received only 4 points and 4 rebounds in Perkins. Chandler's individual performance can be described as good, but he is not a savior-level players. Especially in the offense, Chandler can only be icing on the cake, you can not expect him to provide timely help. Thunder in this game of universal soldier torn calf defense, Chandler apparently unable to make up for the Mavericks in the lack of offensive firepower. After double-doubles championship before the center is critical to eat a losing battle, Chandler had only sigh. (

Direct-injection engine equipped with 1.5T market by the end of BYD G6
G6 front part of the U-contour lines and chrome front grille resembles the old Toyota Camry, but at the same time drawing on BYD better integrated into its own characteristics, with the extension to the front hood grille highlight the three-dimensional muscular lines,Air Shoes headlights with eyebrows Eagle Eye popular style design. BYD in last week's first SUV, the S6 to the market, and this new product launch this year, BYD only a prelude. According to national news show, BYD will continue to market new vehicles during the year, of which end of the year (Puma Shoes ) launch of its new midsize G6. Like other models, like BYD, G6's appearance is still using a lot of reference of the design elements, front part of the U-contour lines and chrome front grille resembles the old Toyota Camry, but at the same time drawing on BYD better integrated into its own characteristics,Chaussures Sports the hood extends to the front grille with a prominent three-dimensional muscular lines, headlights with eyebrows Eagle Eye popular style design. Size length 4860 mm, width 1825 mm high 1463 mm, wheelbase 2745 mm. Compared with the F6, G6 space in the body there is no significant breakthrough. However, the sizing can be seen in recent years will become a standard midsize BYD. Dynamic part of the new car will be a highlight, it is learned BYD G6 will be equipped with turbo direct injection engine, displacement 1.5L engine maximum power output of 155 hp and peak torque to 240Nm. Transmission system is equipped with self-developed DCT transmission.

Mad lost 36 points the Lakers two will be expelled out 0-4 sweep by the Mavericks


Milan stunned team-mate Gennaro Gattuso contradict the beast: Gan claim to have fear
Boateng with technical features, running coach to conquer, what could conquer his teammates it? Accept the "Corriere dello Sport" interview, Ghana striker revealed an interesting detail,Air Shoes "the key to my success, and Gattuso head to head in a fierce clash. That was my second training to join Milan, plus I told Figure cable head and when the ball hit in the head collision, we both fell off a long time. I know what will happen this scene, but I do not back down. after the locker room, Ambrosini , Ibrahimovic, Robinho and other teammates came to congratulate me and say, 'When I first came to dare to contradict Gattuso so it may need 10 times the courage of ordinary people'.Nike Shox R4 Since then, his teammates know what I players. "The second secret is thin," I do not think I'm fat, this year in Milan, I lost 7 kg, I will not drink milk, bread, and now I do feel good physically than before. " He promised victory celebration tattoo, "but not only the league trophy to the text, as well as Cup, I want to crown." remind his teammates and fans, "To take only 1 point over the weekend it would be wrong, this idea is not desirable. Weekend in Rome in my eyes, a Champions League final, to the win, in order to end the League Cup with a free mind to cope with. "Who will score the weekend? "Ibrahim! I feel. Hit Naples before I see Pato goal, playing Brescia goal before I see Robbie,Chaussures Sports my intuition is very concerned." Boateng Comments Milan this season is characterized by "1 to 0 Marxism, this score can best embody the team strength, spirit and thickness. " Asked whether he would claim for the arrival of Gan returned from the front waist lower back, his look of surprise, "Why? I do not know who would be coming, anyway, I do not leave AMC! I was born in that position, who has , we have some good competition. I listened to the coach, the coach let me retracement Houban Chang to defend, which I did. "transfer to another person should re-Essien, Boateng gum tree," we are friends, is the national team teammate Mark van Bommel can tell the truth and I are friends, they both play a position, I can not choose, let the club decide. of course, the best defensive midfielder Michael Essien is one of the world, I am willing to cooperate with him. "The most admired players Milan is Tiago Silva," training, you should not even think from his side through. His powerful words can say, I felt he was underestimated by everyone. "Milan harvest Boateng, thanks Ghana World Cup performance, which would like to thank the FA Cup Boateng's foul on Michael Ballack, "I chose Ghana rather than Germany, because of the foul on the whole of Germany are criticizing me, some people get death threats to my family, I deliberately bought a life insurance. I should not get this treatment, again without Michael Ballack, Germany is not playing very good thing. "(

Higuain Goal Real Madrid rage against the referee was blowing C Lo Blame
Since the Belgian referee Debris Craig was designated as Camp Nou, after the Battle of the referee, the Madrid terms of no less pressure on him. Mourinho said the referee does not take things so it is not him, "Aspen Daily" has been let out of the Debris Craig Massey suspected red card,Air Shoes black out uprooting Benzema should be Zambrotta penalty cases brought so. In an interview with the Belgian media, the Debris Craig is a fairly calm: "a high level of the referee, it still would be questioned, I will not Jose Mourinho, then to feel the pressure. Every game is independent I will go all together and assistants, I just want to speak with the performance of the football field. "UEFA before the game each will appoint a referee observer. UEFA representatives tonight to appear in the Nou Camp is the former head of Italy whistle referee Collina, now he is UEFA's chief magistrate. Debris Craig better control tonight, the game lived trend, although Carvalho, Harvey - Alonso, Emmanuel Adebayor and Lassana - Diyala, who are "qualified" to become a red two yellow penalty. But after the game,Puma Shoes but the collective up and down Real Madrid shelled Debris Craig, C Luo and even claim to have the support behind Barcelona. Angry Real Madrid penalty, shortly after opening in the second half. C Luo Zhong ball was breaking, he had a slight physical contact Peak case fell to the ground, and knocked down Javier Mascherano, Higuain broke Tuishe restricted area on the left pole plug. If the ball effectively, then Real Madrid will pull the total score of 1 to 2, the new ships will be able to see the promotion hope. But this ball Debris Craig to be invalid, his penalty in principle the terms and without any problems. C Luo fall, the advantage of the opportunity it brought down a Javier Mascherano. C Luo, whether the foul was intentional or not, he still interfere with the defensive player and led the team in the offensive side benefit, the goal was canceled without problems. Debris Craig has not added a free kick to Real Madrid, he apparently thought C Lo minor in contact with the Peak, when lying on the ground shows the composition of diving.
Chaussures Sports
Debris Craig did not make mistakes, but the final Champions League Real Madrid needed a pretext, the Belgian referee to become the scapegoat. "Unfortunately, the referee's decisions affect this series, I hope luck will be better the next Real Madrid." Valdano position, "C Lo Peak lost focus because the referee did not whistle according to the principle of enabling attack, C Lo use knocked back Javier Mascherano and Higuain's goal was disallowed by. "captain Iker Casillas Real Madrid, but also gives a similar view:" 11 to 11, we do not suffer. Iraq melon because of the goal? And a typical case, as usual. we will not complain about more, we have been accustomed to. We defend the jersey body, we need calm, head held high out of here. "

Nike sports shoes is the world's first sports brand
Nike sports shoes are the world's first launch of a brand nike shoes category. Air Shoes sports shoes are designed to meet the human body kinematics, making the wearing foot feeling better, exercise time more comfortable, convenient. Nike shoes features and characteristics of the largest side of the trunk side of a Nike shoe that check mark logo. Nike has been around the world will inspire each and every player and offer the best products for as glorious task. Nike's language is the language of movement. Three years later, the company has always been committed to each individual the opportunity to create a show themselves. nike shoes know: Only the use of advanced technology to produce the best products. So along, Chaussures Sports has invested a great deal of manpower and material resources for the [[New Products]] development and research. Nike's first Air technology to the sports world has brought a revolution. Using this technology to produce sports shoes can well protect the athlete's body, especially the ankle and knee to prevent them from making heavy exercise sprains, to reduce the impact and wear and tear on the knee. Athletic shoes with air cushion technology been introduced very popular. Consumer and professional athletes love it.