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Hayes first won three double Martin 34 points rockets tucking away win five straight men
Morning of March 24, the NBA (Puma Shoes) regular-season continue, the rockets home game against warriors, in hayes three pairs of performance, the rockets finally driven by 131-112 battle, won five straight, while six straight men encountered as the rocket, leaving home seventh consecutive beat the warriors.

Video: warriors negative rocket full-court chuckster blasting cut three pairs of Martin 34 points
Hayes leaving had 13 points and 11 assists, 14 rebounds career first take three double; And on a rockets beat the jazz, los Reese is just the first harvest career triple-double. Martin leaving had 34 points, replace bardeen case (Air Shoes ) as a starter's courteney lee contribution 25 points, scola 20 points and 10 rebounds, los Rachel 13 points and 12 assists. Many for the warriors ferrer - Wright had 34 points, Ellis 15 points.

In the first quarter emperor to cut 14 points

Hayes opening namely blunt rebounds help Martin hit of perimeter jumpers, scola continuous score derivation rocket 7-2 start. Driven by the Ellis blood-splattering mind Numbers against into play, and mighty warriors scored three goals Wright after 14 - and beyond. Liters of first hair courteney lee in the first quarter in the middle are probably even layups performance, the rockets, 24-18 to build the advantage.

Scola sustained rise points, the first quarter that cut down 14 points in the first paragraph, Martin after a goal is even; Although Ellis before the end of the first quarter, the rockets still hit far-flung 36-33 lead.

The rockets far-flung firepower gush zhang

Times before the attack has jumpers patterson period cut points, defense for David lee is sent out block; Courteney lee also continue to score momentum, and Martin hit three-pointers 49-40, the rockets put the game away. Inflation points in the standoff Della salihamidzic also hit long-range jumpers.

Times a rapid confrontation after the section both sides have drawn disorderly wars, the rockets six hit, warriors took the opportunity to form 7-0 offensive, chase into 57 flat. Since then courteney lee shoots 3-pointers, Martin more even send blunt basket of playing three points and long-range jumpers, the rockets 9-0 offensive end after 66-57 two.

One angry Lord mighty men

In the first half of the 5 0 for in the third section before los red hit of perimeter jumpers, courteney lee also quickly shoot into 3-pointers, rocket 74-61 expand advantage. Warriors with Wright with garage since probably runs to 76-83. Hayes successively assists los Reese, Paterson, midway through the third quarter rockets and form 9-0 offensive, put the game away to 92-76.
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Warriors emotional ups and downs, Ellis protest the referee to technical foul, David lee is infringed Martin was judged malicious. In a single day six rebounds sent out six assists the hayes, led the rockets into small 100-85.

Hayes first take three pairs

Three quarters hayes has scored nine points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, small for two minutes later, hayes gets to the free-throw line, but two free throws with home fans lost a sigh. Small six and a half minutes, hayes, scoring in with a high trajectory career triple-double, first got his boiling Toyota center.

Courteney lee thereafter concatenation of perimeter jumpers, rockets -- 101 lead into the final 118 four minutes to secure, finale in advance. Since then the rockets have sent Jordan - hill, carol and new signing mike Harris. Eventually the rockets 131-112 victory.

Beautiful media predict the London games China MEDALS shrink half America NO. 1
Beijing time on March 23 news, along with the London 2012 Olympics approaching, the world each big media began to predict the final results. Today, Air Shoes the famous American media USA today published, he thinks the United States will be back MEDALS, followed by top Chinese delegation, but the Beijing Olympic Games will shrink finished half compared. Athletes, flying fish Phelps was likely to continue to become more gold king.

In 2008, Beijing successfully hosted the 29th Olympic summer games, international Olympic committee President praised the "incomparable". Puma Shoes As host, the Chinese delegation, got a dominance over 51 gold, silver, and copper 21 excellent result, the first Olympic debut medal tally. Team USA with 36 gold, silver, and copper platoon 38 in the second, Russia criterion with 23 gold, silver and 28 copper platoon name 21 third.

Since 1992 start, the United States has held supremacy, Barcelona and Atlanta, Sydney, Athens four Olympic Games, the United States won the gold and all the medal table, its overall strength emphatic win. Especially in athletics, swimming, the United States obviously better than rivals. Until 2008, American monopoly was broken, but China the brigade in China 51 gold also created 20 years the number of Olympic gold medal.
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Enter the London games cycle, many projects between new and old replacement international experience, including giving away a number of veteran, also ushered in some promising young players. The London Olympics approaching, USA today according to these two years of each country in world championships, the World Cup, etc, the results of international competition for the London ranked each country's forecast.

The media thinks, London's Olympic team will be back MEDALS, according to their two performance, USA today predict when team USA can get 36 gold silver and copper scores 20. For China's achievements, the media, difficult to guess, according to balloons their editors revealed that China often with injuries to confuse opponents, only good players until London Olympics mountain, so China's mysterious. But USA today do believe China's number will shrink half, will likely get 27 gold and silver and copper grades. Russia's rankings, or no change in the third. Ten were 4-6 Britain, Germany, Australia, France, Japan, Italy and South Korea.

Athletes, USA today predict the American swimming flying fish Phelps was likely to continue to become more gold king, through two Olympics, London's Olympic perhaps will be he last played one Olympics, believe Phelps will go all out; Another swimming star robben's have some power cut, in addition to Jamaica, as many gold lightning bolton king leader.

Nike intends to raise product prices sharply in 2012 said bullish on the Chinese market
Nike's "fans" attention, because of rising cost pressure damage profitability, Nike planned to raise product prices sharply in 2012.

According to foreign media reported recently, Air Shoes in 17 report, by production cost, quarterly profits rise damage below expectations. Therefore, Nike plan dramatically increase in 2012 the shoe and clothing product price, in response to rising petroleum, cotton and transportation costs.

Arcane grams holding Nike stock investment company portfolio managers brook, says jiri obvious, the rising costs of Nike is weakening profits. Running Shoes profit margins will in 2011, the rest of the time continuous pressure.

In order to deal with the matter, Nike executives say, this company will increase and to expand its efforts commodity prices rise. Nike's chief financial GuanBu Lyle in a conference call, will in the broader confirmation on the commodity more style greatly increase in fuel prices.

Blair said judge Japan for the company crisis may impact of Japanese business taking-off, the Japanese market level still account for its third quarter in the proportion of sales for 3.8%.
Prices first take shoes and clothing operation

Nike American headquarters spokesman Marie rem this this morning said when accepting a reporter to interview, Nike the increases will spring in 2012, first officially began to footwear and apparels product widespread to raise prices, and the increases in the global scope may want.

Mary says, Nike will be in the next few quarters in prices within the product style, price and the market price products involved were evaluated. Judge these areas after prices increase of short-term financial status whether long-term growth and market competitiveness, and influence.

Mary said, Chaussures Sports continued bullish on the Chinese market, the expected future will provide double-digit growth rate. The third quarter of the year, Nike sneakers, running shoes, men's training and extreme sports products sales into double-digit growth, revenues rise 18%, profit is as high as 21%.

Mary said, in this quarter, Nike will open logistics center in China, is the largest and most complex, one of the most sustainable logistics center.

Milan trade ministers for Barcelona exposure name hiding behind astonishing
Although AC milan this season in serie a, but lead all the squad for the left-back soft rib or exposure is very apparent. At the winter break last moment miss bhutto gael clichy, milan in the summer after the reinforcing link should still left-back.
According to "the market", milan have before feeding aeration targeted on barca left-back Max Wells, 29 of Brazilian humanistic season in abidal injured interphase, gradually sits at the team, and the new signing adriano on the bench, this season has been in Nashville, who represents barca Max in all competitions 26 games to play, and dedicated 1 assists, but with abidal getting a contract, adriano gradually adapted to Barcelona tactical system for Barcelona, Max Wells is also not is essential.
Air Shoes
Transfer experts before luca - omar in his column Katie, when about milan transfer among mentioned that cheap in Nashville, Max is the Brazilian is the most suitable for the rossoneri players, like when the transfer from inter milan as giuseppe favalli. Omar Kitty think first of serie a Nashville Max environment is very familiar with, he was the main left-back and inter won the title with the team, so that from this point, he can quickly team from Nashville, another Max yhoo experience and strength than current Mr Antonini, despite a higher grade of Nashville defensive ability has been Max in by the media and experts, but for the Brazilian winger 29 serie a game should deal with or adequate said.

In addition, luca - omar Kitty is exposure milan chasing Max deeper internal Nashville. According to the analysis, milan marmara Katie is the ultimate goal of the ballot will be, so milan will be more with brokers vlajkovic oala to cooperation, and Nashville's shake handshandle is laius Max in the people, through the transaction vlajkovic ola can get their commissions, so he wouldn't mind if players frequent change team, so that milan if can matter in Nashville with Max rajkovic oala cooperation happy, then the ballot and move to milan lest also will enter the countdown. In addition, it is worth noting, laius oala has said he is not inter milan's enemies, but probably in the future a former inter player zlatan ibrahimovic, ballot interest, Max Wells will be in AC milan together.

And, according to the analysis of Nashville, Max markov Katie worth not more than 5 million euros, in Nashville, 2 years ago Max period most gold, inter and only the price of 4.5 million euros in Barcelona, so sold for Spanish giants won't 29, Nashville sold to standard Max in the left-back position in Barcelona and a abidal and adriano, 26-year-old adriano is Barcelona in the future the object of cultivate.
Chaussures Sports
From AC milan's point of view, in can't win gael clichy mesto and ari sissoko cases, Max Wells was indeed a MingWu cheap beautiful object, and Nashville, 29, is still at least should Max in three years of Nashville, DianFengQi, such Max's Manuel, ella antonini also enough to handle a season configuration, and in the long run, if can because MaErKe wes and please vlajkovic oala words, then milan in buying ballot Leon on this thing and made absolute initiative.

Preview: TEDA aiming straight underdog Osaka seek to defend the dignity of weakness
Time: 19:30 March 15

Location: the teda stadium

Tianjin teda VS against both sides: the steel and Osaka
Air Shoes
Tencent sports news Beijing time March 15 19 points scored 30 points, the champions league for the second round will open. Tianjin teda stadium in TaiDaDui against Osaka steel ba team. First, both teams win this game if who can win undoubtedly will lay a solid foundation for the knock-out stages. Road victory over jeju-do united ended every Korean super afc champions after 11 straight, TaiDaDui confident, coach ALiHan said that they had found the soft rib of steel and Osaka, will strive to take all three points at home to win two wins.
Background: Japan strong incentive Osaka
Nike Air Shoes
Because Japan happened 9.0 magnitude earthquake, all weekend, and the league suspension J, corresponding afc champions also affected. Among them, Nagoya whale eight and alain, LuDao antlers and Sydney FC two games will be postponed. However, the teda and Osaka steel ba team unaffected, March 13 at noon, Osaka team has duly arrived in tianjin. At present, the earthquake in Japan still continue to bring pain. The game for Blackburn Osaka, for steel and special significance. Osaka team boss west wild lang said: "the whole team will turn grief into strength, to play the game." In a game, it seems, morale, still want for victory, Osaka teams are not comparable to the teda. In all fairness, TaiDaDui want to victory will not be easy.

Rival: attack ability is horrible

Osaka steel ba belongs to the typical tech team, Japan international YuanTengBaoRen is the midfield core. The team's characteristic is exquisite, skilled players with pursuit, attack ground fast fluent. The most important is, Osaka steel with terrorist attack baal. Last season, they scored 65 in J league ball; The champions league opener against Melbourne victory team is 5 to 1 blew out opponents. Osaka numerous, except the captain's attacker YuanTengBaoRen, and new foreign aid adriano, former south Korean international LiGen (micro Po) picks, etc. And Melbourne team games, two person has the offense, and contributed assists, shows the overall tactical ability. In recent years, the team and Osaka steel and super afc champions twice against teams in all in big score sweepstakes. In 2006, dalian shide road (micro Po) team lost 3-0; 2009, shandong luneng (micro Po) once again in 3-0 rout.
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Strategy: set-piece + air bombardment

Despite the strong technical force, the steel and Osaka, without any weakness but is not. And many Japanese teams, Osaka players generally is not high, the shape of the defence only a defender height over 1 meter, prevent high balls 80 insufficient capacity is their short board. Whether the league or the crown, Osaka steel most of all bashan from the air clean sheet. TaiDaDui can completely took this as a breakthrough, to Osaka team in the game to implement "air bombardment". A source says ALiHan already determined let Argentina starting line-up, old foreign luciano move is to use luciano strong body shock Osaka team defence. TaiDaDui recently also highlighted the corner, free kick drill. An impasse in the game, scored set-pieces will become effective means, Chen tao, WuWei pins is superior, if can score from set-pieces grasping time, maybe you can decide win-loss.

Expect: kawasaki scene repeat victory over

In 2009, the first joined the champions league 3-1 at home to barrick TaiDaDui kawasaki striker, created a classic battle anti-japanese afc champions. Two years later, the team expect can repeat the scene, like two years ago over as victory over Osaka kawasaki! At present, the TaiDaDui array, no apparent injury problems. Play the YuDaBao scoring the winning goal, the game will continue to show his speed in wide with breakthrough. Most make the team exciting moments, three years after LiWeiFeng return to replace him. With the game, the "big ZuoLiJi neighboring right lee" combination with zero sealing jeju-do united; The match, with better LiWeiFeng hope to send a performance GaoHongBo gifts.

Paul hit his head still tragic to leave the body fixed Shutaimuzhi
March 7, today's New Orleans Hornets and Cleveland Cavaliers away games, the Hornets misfortune, Air Shoes the team headed star - Chris Paul injured in the competition, landing the head and had to be physically carried out of court fixed stretcher . The 4 th All-Star player is injured in the third quarter, when Paul, a breakthrough high-speed ball, but the face of the Rider Ramon - Sessions and Samuels double-team defense, Paul lost focus, lose the ball forehead after heavy hit Sessions of the right shoulder, Nike Air Shoesthen fell down the field Paul, Paul lying in court has been unable to get up, both players are very concerned about the situation around to observe the Paul side. Paul subsequently was placed on a stretcher, his body lived all been fixed, especially in key parts of the head and neck with a protective ring in place. Both players and staff are very concerned about the injury Paul, Paul was stretchered off in the field, said he gave the audience a thumbs-up situation was normal, the fans standing ovation bless Paul. Chaussures Sports adidas-sneaker.jpg
Paul Cleveland is currently being sent to the hospital on the way, he did not lose consciousness because of the collision. The game, in 26 minutes, Paul had 13 points and 11 assists.

Bayern Munich for the German goalkeeper van geel: united at all costs
This week German cup semi-final bayern Munich VS schalke 04, has evolved into a keeper struggle, which includes both bayern new door grams with goalkeeper Robert neuer's face to face competition, and contains bayern and schalke on neuer's title. Beijing time March 2, Air Shoes according to the German "Munich daily news, bayern coach Louis van gaal claims the club in the summer at all costs will chase noyle, if now goalkeeper grams kraft grumbling can go, In addition, schalke, chairman of the links within the club confirmed, united have to consult, officially join the ranks for abroad.

The fan in the bundesliga last season before making the tipoff between the allianz arena, Nike Shoes For Women about whether to chase schalke captain noyle, bayern unprecedented opinion unification. Who had been outside of the psychological understanding as a high-level speech, has basically from bravado category. Old goalkeeper butwal made clear at the end of the season and he retired probably to bayern youth goalkeeping coach terry, a remaining grams of kraft and without any experience of Sartre's meyer's two goalkeepers. Even so, the Dutchman is fiercely goalkeeper noyle approval. leave no room: "if grams kraft cannot face competition, that he could leave, also the above rules apply to any other player."

Bayern Munich manager to win neuer's desire has reached the position, he shall not accept two consecutive days, Chaussures Sports "Munich newspaper he only talk about reasons.there now schalke captain problem:" we have decided to purchase a world class goalkeeper in the summer, if Manuel - noyle can smoothly to join in, we will also have two German top keeper. Of course it all depends on his advice, I would like to say is a club will pay any price will noyle to the allianz arena." Schalke captain and now his contract until 2012 summer expires, though ruhr club leadership has repeatedly said: "even leave him until 2012 summer on a free transfer, nor would noyle selling early." But the German media analysis: sell noyle may lead to 20 million euros earnings, to alleviate the club fiscal pressures benefits quite a lot.

What is worth mentioning, the German cup semi-finals also noyle and grams kraft first on the pitch direct dialogue, which is excellent or worse, tall what is low - through the game can be clear at a glance to directly compare. "Munich daily columnist disseminations eph coordinating here special mention:" bayern Munich and schalke 04 battle, is two German goalkeeper Thomas grams kraft and Manuel - noyle fighting between two. The first direct confrontation, on the pitch for the first time in his post-match have a direct comparison: who is the best goalkeeper in Germany." "If the dream get noyle, I hope to see him and Thomas competition between a top giants requires two world-class keeper. Louis van gaal want to see is possible team competition.

In recent days, relates to the bayern buy neuer's voice has come from all sides, including some convergence to suppress and refuted. Small fly xia robben, who has a year ago the German cup semi-final scored in a wonderful goal, he reminded written teammates do not fear the exciting was second with bayern barrick staged god level play goalkeeper. Robben declared: "I know he is a great goalkeeper, but he is not invincible, at least noyle also not a superman." While bayern members-from coach ottmar hitzfeld is remind club fans should be considered opinion: "noyle Germany is the best goalkeeper, but I know more about grams. Thomas has the strength to occupy kraft bayern team, and fans can't underestimate the opinions of the people prefer to bayern Munich: youth system training player."

Bayern Munich Germany goalkeeper bought road is difficult, miners die-hard disruption, schalke club is a disgrace. / better shameful life hostility toward the bundesliga giants are already enough today and join the reds for can let more noyle future where the lottery. According to bild news, schalke, chairman of the links within the said: "Manchester united has written to express the neuer's interest, we would as soon as possible deal with it." Manchester united old retired no one can carry door Edwin van der SAR, they covet German goalkeeper already known, but rather ironically: the reds must at bayern miners wars before writing shows?