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La Liga - Real Madrid 0-0 two-post difference in the Barcelona goal 7 minutes and was blown Lo C
February 27 morning, the 25th round of the Primera Liga club Deportivo guest challenges, Adebayor and C Lo has hit the column, unable to break Tie Tongzhen Real Madrid, 0-0 away draw against relegation team, the end of the three straight points to 7 points by Barcelona opened. Video: Real Madrid stars blunderbus C Luo Kaka are useless long-range 81 times the two teams clash in history, 45 wins 18 Level 18 Real Madrid dominated the negative, but the score is 11 off war level of 16 wins and 13 losses, until the last season away defeat opponents before the end of 19 years in the Li Yasuo victorious, fighting off an embarrassing six-game losing streak record. The campaign Casillas back end of a red card suspension, but Hedi La absence of competition due to a leg injury, compared with weeks in the Champions League, Marcelo, Las - Diyala, Kaka and Benzema starting rotation also get the opportunity . The first 4 minutes, C Luo Zhong extraordinary wear profile, Lopo blocking foul but the referee let the Primera Liga chi Wang, C Luo kick volley was turned back, Alonso and then spread to the restricted area to pick the right side of the ball, Ramos unguarded artillery volley hit. 2 minutes later, Ramos-right pass, Benzema headed in front of most threats, but the French offside. 12 minutes, Kaka and the external wall with Benzema, Kaka on the right break into the closed angle volley kicker, hit a little higher than the doorway. 2 minutes later, La midfielder Ruben - Perez, long-range restricted area before the kicker, the ball easily be Casillas. The first 18 minutes, Ruben - Perez, long-range again, this time wide of the door. 20 minutes, Kaka the ball, C Luo restricted area before the kick long-range, is also Air Shoes confiscated. After 1 minute, breaking the right-wing cross struck Ozil, C Luo at the top of the arc the ball back to do, Alonso welcome Nushe or above the lintel ball. Bottom right side of the ball strong Benzema breakthrough attack siege Chudi Xian two defenders, but the La C Lo Carvalho to guard against very tight, Alonso on the right corner to open, press and hold the far point Benzema Ke Luotuo burst header, the ball after playing to Nike Shox confiscated. 25 minutes, then open corner Alonso, Benzema grabbed the header still points the same position, but unable to be Nike Chaussures Femme shakes off foam. 29 minutes, Kaka shot hit the guard closed the upper left corner kicker refraction, C Lo succeed in front of blank range, but the referee disallowed the goal because the goalkeeper interference C Lo offside, the Portuguese referee was not satisfied. 30 minutes, the right-wing pass Ramos, C Luo almost Beiduiqiumen top header slightly higher. Mourinho sidelines of a heated argument with the linesman, the referee obviously strong views. 39 minutes, Kaka the ball, step left foot Ozil strongly restricted area before the adjustment of long-range, very high quality to play a little pity. 44 minutes, the Thunder the ball, Guardado kick completed a rare shot for the right wing, was also denied. After 1 minute, La Coruna fast counterattack, Adrian restricted the right of return heel Juan - Rodriguez, Las - the key to the restricted area of Diyala complete steals, and resolve most threatening rival in the mass cooperation. Half, with rival Real Madrid 0-0 Introduction. Opening the second half for 10 seconds, C Lo 25 yards from the door kicker Lengshe point quite Diao, Nike Chaussures Homme Cepu racket Chudi Xian. After the siege of Madrid was still a threat to the corner, pick Ozil sent into the box outside the area, the match headed siege not far, restricted Nei Kaka Ramos continuously hit the door, unfortunately have been back Dangxia. 48 minutes, Kaka frontier closed area and long-range kicker, Cepu ball pressed. Pepe anxious after fiercely down the foul from behind Juan - Rodriguez, natural escape a yellow card. Dumas played while Liberia and Emmanuel Adebayor, Kaka and Las removed - Diarra, Real Madrid to play two-center change. 62 minutes, Dumas Maria manufacturing free kick, but the small-angle volley C Lo on the left is gone. After 3 minutes, Ozil corner pass, beat defender Emmanuel Adebayor header hoisting, are too far away to be goalkeeper. C Lo opponents forced break trip, Ozil hanging kick back post, or less than cheat. The first 74 minutes, Adebayor instigated back, Dumas left oblique hanging Liberia restricted to the right side of the ejection kicker C Lo was turned back. 2 minutes later, Adebayor on the right break the ball was swept down Morrel, C Luo extraordinary volley kick went straight to the goal wall, closed out the ball. 77 minutes, Ozil on the right with a cross, Adebayor closed left rib cage kicker shot, rebound the ball hit the column, then hit back again in the column pop-up bottom line. The first 82 minutes, C Luo right oblique breaking into the box, hit the left post bounce, Dumas Maria goalkeeper was again brilliant long-range kicker closed Chudi Xian. 2 minutes later, Fernando Alonso with a cross on the right, C Luo Wang knock before Benzema missed parts of outflanking is free. Injury time, Benzema or leave the restricted area of suspected opponents, the referee had not said. Deportivo La Coruna (4-2-3-1): ; Laure, Lopo, Ke Luotuo, Morrel; Thomas, Ruben - Perez; Adrian (72 ' Prasad), Juan - Rodriguez, Guardado (55 'Pablo - Alvarez); Thunder Real Madrid (4-2-3-1): Casillas; Ramo Adams, Pepe, Carvalho, Marcelo; Las - Diarra (61 'Adebayor), Alonso; Ozil, Kaka (61' Dumas Maria), C Ronaldo more;

In jia exclusive: the rockets abandon perimeter defense big movement behind it, there is inside
In jia exclusive: the rockets abandon perimeter defense big movement behind on February 25, today is NBA2010-11 mid-season trade deadline, in this crazy night, again how teams a season's last major adjustment. There has been a lot of unexpected transaction, the rockets to send away shane battier and small cloth and the celtics are at the last moment warns, all is appalling. Famous basketball commentator in jia (micro Po) for the midterm transactions in the exclusive comments:
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Big movement behind it, there is inside

Had to say, this is a crazy medium-term trade on trade deadline, incredibly before there was a big movement, but also the history is rare. To be sure, all the clubs so big moves, compared with the upcoming collective bargaining agreement of a great relationship. Everybody while agreement before the last moment for the big deal, the purpose is to balance squad. The province of money to save money, the reinforcing reinforcement, the expectation of future reconstruction. So just can appear so big movement of the transaction.

The rockets simply give up perimeter defense
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The rockets trade battier and small cloth, first said battier things. Tower bits in the paint has certain potential, it now seems that his strength and did not reach the NBA's main standards. But the rockets are waiting to rebuild it, also be the good choice for the squad after the rockets at half-time in attack and positional warfare was greater than before have more abundant tactical system and opportunity. Problem is, battier left, the rockets just almost gave up his help, leak and exterior line passing. Interestingly, the rockets do this and then gave up completely perimeter defense. Because be li or bardeen case, can replace battier position.

As for small cloth, the rockets traded after he lost the certain attack power, but cannot be affected by his mindless floaters such interference, Della salihamidzic ability and potential than he is big, from this point for, the rockets are not suffer.

The celtics left hidden trouble

The celtics all to do so, we must focus on one point: besides the celtics yourself, no one knows exactly what the knee perkins became like. And also made clear before perkins, must ask the celtics provide matching salaries, so the celtics will send to walk, also has the reason. Another nate + west + daniels by collective package built around after, who go to act as the celtics backup point guard? Don't want to play this position? Ray Allen This is my personal very cannot understand the point.

In aggregate, the celtics acquired a heap of draft picks, it looks like they're already looking forward to the future, and they want to grasp now, but this kind of both and think of how balance, will see the future of their game.

Thunder against Celtic unspoken rules
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Judging from the paper, thunder is some margin. Have a healthy perkins, thunder after have and the spurs and lakers PK strength. And we said alliance has two factions, one is the spurs department, one is the celtics department, currently your thunder and the celtics relationship just, you know ray Allen was thunder send out. So, at present, the celtics in transaction, the first choice to choose thunder, also not makes no sense. After all, the NBA is an extremely exquisite connections place.

Yao's future

At present I get news, yao is now making good progress and physical condition is great. For yao, for his biggest problem is not the future play, but where the labor dispute whether alliance can be relieved. Yao can do is to restore their own bodies, good for him his team, it still has a long time to choose, to consider. But can be affirmed is, as long as yao body no problem, still have team ready to sign him, take the risk with insider

Kobe Bryant: not importune MVP anger buckle James is very interesting
On February 21, 2008 in 2011 all-star game in Los Angeles, Bryant yong cut 37 points and 14 rebounds, three steals western all-star team to help 148-143 narrow east all-star team. After the game, Bryant got "all-star game MVP", this is his career fourth awarded the title, thus eclipsing Emmanuel petit, tied for the first time,. After the game, Bryant said in interviews the honor of mood.
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Q: kobe, you always say you despise criticism. Tonight, how do you feel? Do you think whether use action answered since last week to all your criticism?

A: no, I just don't care much criticism just. I in so many rich fervor young players under the influence of also has many wonderful dunk. They inspired my motivation, but the fourth quarter, because I'm pooped dunk physical already overdrawn.

Q: we know that this is your last period of home the all-star game, whether for this reason you behave so excited and hope to get the MVP?

A: no. I'm just trying to play. I have a strong sense of responsibility, because we were fans voted to the all star player. The fans want to see our efforts to play.
Q: did you ever think of record?

Answer: of course. But frankly, in order to dunk my legs are straight out, especially in the first.

Q: you said young players inspired your morale, does that mean you hope to see the team can have new young players to join?

Answer: (laughs) that I can't fool enough to answer this your problem.

Q: in lebron dunk felling how? Talk about your feelings

Answer: in fact are very interesting, because I saw the ball comes, I just want to get rid of James as soon as possible after come (hurriedly get a dunk). But I later said to him, if I want to ready for jump higher above the rim to buckle, he will probably she follows blocks.

Q: do you think which part is the most wonderful tonight?
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Answer: each moment is wonderful, was a bit like in the dressing room, then everyone laughing atmosphere. This, to me, is the most interesting.

Benitez, or return to La Liga
February 19 morning, according to "Aspen" message, the former Liverpool and Inter Milan manager Rafael Benitez would like to get back, Atletico Madrid and he has already had some contact sheets corps next season and hope to replace Benitez Front Luo Leisi Calderon Stadium as the new owner. Since the end of December last year, after school from Inter, Benitez has been idling at home. Recently, this master tactician and returned to Spain, and accepted the "Aspen Daily" in an interview, Benitez praised the club and Mourinho,Air Shoes and admits that some clubs have been invited to send their own, he will accompany his family After enjoying a period of time, to determine their own future. Benitez, now 50 years old, has a brilliant coaching experience, he wins, who led Valencia 2 La Liga titles, broke into the Top 8 in the Champions League and won the UEFA Cup. Came to Liverpool, Benitez soon the Red Army conquered the demanding fans, among his six seasons bring to Liverpool a Champions League trophy, one FA Cup and a Community Shield Cup, the only regret only took a second place in the Premiership. Last summer, as Inter coach Rafa Benitez, despite helping to get the Nerazzurri the Italian Super Cup and World Club Cup, but because of poor record in the league, as well as high-level differences, Spanish 23 December 2010 Day dismissed. With such a brilliant coaching experience, is of major team Benitez coveted object. After back home in Madrid, Atletico Madrid club with the advantage of proximity to the first to have contact with Benitez. According to sources, Benitez hopes to spend time in the future some more time to his family, stay in Madrid is the best choice, and Benitez also challenge Barcelona and Real Madrid seem very interested. Atletico coach Flores is in the current dire straits,Shoes With Air even though he won last season led the EU sheets Army Cup for the club for 14 years without a crown out of the embarrassing situation. But in this season, Atletico Madrid in the number of reported lost on both fronts, the last round of league 1-2 defeat to Valencia, the team ushered in an awkward five-game losing streak, now only 30 points behind championship No. 11. Atletico aim at for the World War, such a result is unable to rise to the Atletico fans and accountable. "Aspen newspaper," said the Atletico Madrid high-level talks have been looking for Flores to the team's record now, he is difficult to support the next season. If the class Flores, Benitez will be Atletico's first choice for this rumor, Benitez's agent, Nike Chaussures Femme Garcia - Kuilong'd appeared to be very cautious, "I welcome any team contact us , Atletico? they now have a coach ... ... "Atletico hopes, Benitez could be the secret weapon against arch-rivals Real Madrid. After all, their strength is not weak army sheets, how to integrate the team, need to see the skill of Benitez. As for Mourinho, Benitez is familiar, in the Premier League, the two are old rivals, the two coached several times in the Premiership Liverpool and Chelsea Champions League or even played against each other the winner. Today, they are expected to last in the league, adjourned to the edge of opponents.

O'Sullivan was traced to a car accident caused by speeding
Local time on February 14, according to "The Sun" reported that O'Sullivan had a car accident.Air Shoes The snooker star driving his Mercedes sports car crashed into a roadside garden, but fortunately not injured. Tomorrow morning he will play in the Welsh Open snooker. Reported that O'Sullivan was driving cars worth £ 150,000 Mercedes sports car ready to go home, only to result in body wet skid road, crashed into a roadside garden, wooden doors, unfortunately, hit a trailer, the last vehicle plant into the garden fence. It is reported that the road speed limit of 60 mph, O'Sullivan was probably speeding. A witness who lives nearby described the scene, "O'Sullivan did not appear life-threatening, but it was a great shock. He did not apologize for the destruction of the garden, and appears to care more about their car.Chaussures Sports " Witnesses said O'Sullivan lucky enough, if you stick the garden bar of a fence over the windshield, he probably would have been dead. Many witnesses believe that the car has been scrapped O'Sullivan, O'Sullivan's spokesman said that at present do not know the car can not be repaired. Car big loss, O'Sullivan feel bad, but he was fighting the Welsh Open draw

Generation superstar Ronaldo suddenly announced his retirement officially bid farewell to football
Ronaldo and Corinthians contract is supposed to expire until the end of 2011, but before the aliens have repeatedly hinted at any time may announce his retirement, to accept the "São Paulo Page News" interview, Ronaldo sad said: "I really wanted to continue playing, but I can not hold on any longer, it is time stopped." Since the end of 2008, Air Shoes returned to Brazil to join Corinthians, Ronaldo headed families dream Lin Dian won the Brazilian league and the South American Libertadores Cup last season, the aliens had to be closer to Pakistan A league title, but fell short of success at the last moment. Ronaldo continued to fight on support, and only South American Libertadores Cup temptation, but God's people get, Corinthians in the new season, the Copa America is on the qualifying champions Tolima, Colombia eliminated. Early exit from the Copa Libertadores, so that the Corinthians ushered in a major earthquake, first, Roberto - Carlos the left, 37-year-old left-back for the world by fans of the intimidation and threats to leave the club to see an old friend of the left, Ronaldo is not mind the taste. Copa Libertadores out, the radical Corinthians fans were violent protests, which makes Ronaldo felt very uncomfortable, and he has publicly expressed the hope for the Corinthians Tixia Qu, "This is a difficult time,Chaussures Sports After the communication with family and friends, I hope to continue Ti Xiaqu, I believe that through our efforts to keep the team back on top, and I will fulfill my contract. "but only a few days later, Ronaldo to change their idea. In the last week of training, Ronaldo once again strained his muscles, which let him know that 34 was no longer young, and after some careful consideration, Ronaldo made the decision to retire early. Ronaldo, 34, 18 years ago from Brazil, Cruzeiro debut, since embarked on a legendary journey. In Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and AC Milan, Ronaldo has a brilliant footprint. 14 years in European football, Ronaldo scored in 402 games, an astonishing 273 goals. The "alien," said the Brazilian Ronaldo is undoubtedly the greatest football players in history, one of his World Cup 4 times, 2 wins World Cup, and World Cup scorer of 15 goals, he also crowned World Player of the 3rd, leaving behind a record of many brilliant people will always look up the back. Career: 2009-2010 on the effectiveness of Baxi Ke Lin Dian: participating in 43 games, 25 goals in AC Milan, Italy 2007-2008, the effectiveness of: Entry 9 of 20 field goals in the effectiveness of Real Madrid 2002-2006: 127 games competition effectiveness of 82 goals in Inter Milan 1997-2001: 49 goals in 68 games participating in the effectiveness of Barcelona, Spain, 1996-1997:Nike Air Force Ones Entry 37 of 34 field goal effectiveness of Eindhoven, the Netherlands in 1994-1995: 45 games into the competition effectiveness of the ball 42 Brazil Cruzeiro 1993-1994: 26 goals in 30 games competition Brazil: National Team A-97 tournament played the ball into the top five leagues, 66: 225 Total number of goals scored 165 career total Number: 413 global entry into the World Cup 602 games: 15 goals of total entries fourth scorer scored the first individual honor: World Cup 1994 Eredivisie top scorer in La Liga top scorer in 1995, the European Golden Boot 1997 World 19,972,004 Footballer 199619972002 19972002 European Footballer of the UEFA Cup World Cup 1998 top scorer (8 Ball) 2002 league champion 2003, 2007 Lawrence Award 2003 FIFA World Player of the youngest (1996-20 years) the most European Footballer of the young (1997-21 years) the best scorer of 15 goals in World Cup history Serie A Player of the 2007 Oscar for years soccer goalkeeper to play in the history of Buddhism had the most players, "Marca" the best striker in the history of 2009