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Cristiano ronaldo rare weakness: repressive Barcelona as ascend heaven real need 9
On January 19, from the Spanish media "marca" the latest report, the Portuguese cristiano ronaldo admits real Madrid certainly need "fire fighting striker", meanwhile, the table to overtake rivals Barcelona, really not easy.
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Real Madrid as a team of attitude, and in the last few games in performance in cristiano ronaldo seems perferct. The Portuguese first show attitude, real Madrid have never given up to la liga title race, although now league table, two teams of integral differential has lead to four points. "Each next premier league games, real Madrid will be desperate to win the league, until the final curtain." Facing journalists, this is Portuguese represent the team to fans commitment.
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As is known to all, higuain injury jehiel, almost the whole season after real Madrid at the moment of reimbursement is urgent introducing a striker "fire fighting". Last week, the manager, jorge valdano has the words are clear, "this man is center background, another team only in the next six months need him." Cristiano ronaldo has also said: "the team really need such a man, I am speaking bernabeu play six moon striker, I personally in this no objection, as long as intentional help the team, can come of the more the merrier."

Followed by issue is real Madrid rivals Barcelona. Obviously, this season Derby debut against real Madrid state 0:5 sacking camp nou still make C LuoXinCun disastrous, more outspoken Portuguese, josep guardiola under the advantage of this team is beyond doubt, cristiano ronaldo has even been worried about the's second-half bernabeu international Derby: "want to be restrained like Barcelona such opponent is not an easy thing, 0-5 score memorable, although I am not a pleasure from looking back. However, I have to admit, Barcelona really played very well. As for real Madrid, the only thing we can do, also must do, only to draw a lesson."
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Finally said this season goal, cristiano ronaldo sights is the champions league, want to know, with Manchester united lifted the this title is history. "The champions league trophy for me, can saying is the more the better," Mr Were 94 million told reporters: "of course the Primera Liga champions league trophy. Sheet is concerned, if have what team are favourites, my answer is Manchester united and Barcelona and real Madrid. Of course, bayern Munich, inter and milan's strength is also to be reckoned."

Real Madrid last season and main than 32 wizened mourinho substitution sentenced the death penalty
Article 60 minutes, for there is little and udinese's goal, topped four minutes, the score backward substitution action, make a second real Madrid's not offensive line adjust, but in central position contrapuntal substitution, carvalho substituted AErWei Creole, starting on the latter's performance is visible mourinho how discontent, rather than sacrifice a substitution also to consolidate the backcourt.
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Last season in PeiLaiGeLiNi - and AErWei Creole is real Madrid or shine nailed down, but mourinho has not promising. Maniac of training attention at inter skin inside dina base has become a legend, and former valencia defender of fitness and state has been reach mourinho recognized standards, since this year constantly on the enormous influence on the injured, now again to make up a missed lesson is not half month 10 days can handle it.

Carvalho with 32 and half years old age 22 games this season, but its lien chan, physical condition had a downturn could not fall for let runner rest, jose mourinho chose to AErWei Creole starts, also think that opponent weaker, handle is self-evident. But there's the sharp, back fast, but a big real Madrid unexpected, skin and Wendy in Argentina leagues tome messi (micro bo blog) ii, which is its dribbling speed and flexibility are excellent, with him to fight AErWei Creole no less suffers.
Real Madrid have lost a ball, AErWei Creole is skin and Wendy mocked at the palm, Argentine from side to walking, he followed all the way behind, fundamental couldn't catch up. More let jose mourinho gripe is, the Spanish international also oneself get protection position leakage couldnt, uruk slightly and took no interference, like when shooting training like complete a fatal blow. Central defender is the most important code is not lost track of AErWei Creole, in WeiLuoYa o not assists forward under the premise of also rushed to supplement the wing, itself made big fear. To take on any details of notebook record jose mourinho is concerned, such sand eyes? How can stay

Hussle playes foot, is AErWei Creole last season to conquer the bernabeu essentials, but his injury is really too much. The 2004/05 season, once in a traffic accident recuperation long came close to its boots, last season, also has repeatedly with a knee injury, with zaragoza play more in world war I play on shoulder at Princeton, fierce feed closed horse meat enhanced weight though was preached for anecdotes, but long runner-up on the player and damage is obvious. Summer and no recovery time, have already crumbling, during the World Cup he almost right leg fibula fractures, out before the start of the season and sprained his right ankle, until late October to return, the state has not adjust in position.
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AErWei Creole is not short of ability, but the body eqation bullish, physical and health and it's influence centre-half state, if you connect with could not follow, stick also stick to not tight, how to prevent opponent arrow? Once accepted premiership first central defender John terry, nearly two seasons, and his flagging rapidly fought endlessly about long-term runner-up, with Chelsea ace blackmail words: "sometimes think he almost become another person". From the start, jose mourinho AErWei content of Creole, there being nothing affection, 8pm indifferent performances, more will to a minimum, reputation pressure pia wunderlich have the opportunity to take his place.

Books to hate less, real Madrid -though square of central location as well. Pepe personality unassailed field, often by hot heads, wage demands an opening is apt to level, but also stars move to Barcelona, real Madrid contract coerce once the Portuguese true get hurt, immediately be amplified defence loopholes. Nearly four games, real Madrid are advanced by the opponent goals in villarreal and atletico Madrid for levante reverse, loss, today again by a buoyant draws. Obviously, ramos and carvalho or AErWei Creole tie-in effect, not with pepe partner ricardo carvalho.

AErWei Creole physical condition will be better than carvalho is much better, but it lacks the latter experience and consciousness. Portugal defender not to grow perceptibly physical qualities, so age to his impact was relatively small, while the riches of his race experience to the team to help is very outstanding. Unfortunately, this is only one central defender real Madrid, and old.

Pique: I can see through all the fake C Lo return this summer, a small law
January 14, Air Shoes Peak told the Netherlands "International Soccer" magazine interview, Bao Liu C Lo look into the mirror of the little habits, also said he has seen through all the Portuguese striker in the field fake. In addition, Peak is confident Barcelona this summer to re-welcome back Cesc Fabregas. Rama 87 West as the most outstanding products of the class, Pique Ferguson in the summer of 2004 was brought to the Theatre of Dreams. There, the young Spanish defender did not get much chance to play in Manchester United after the sloshing of the four seasons,Running Shoes 08 pg in the summer to return to Camp Nou. Think of that experience, Pique accept the "international football" magazine interview, said that Manchester United made him one of the top of the defender: "at Old Trafford, I learned how to observe each other moves, how to win air supremacy How to choose the best station. With these, I returned to Barcelona after winning almost everything, I am now only a thin one European Cup champion. when used to the taste of victory, I had no one can stop us feeling. "comes to Manchester United, they naturally talked about Peak C Lo. Pique said before the League of C Roman of great help to him, and it is take care of him this "rookie locker room," so he vowed never said bad things about the last part of the Big Brother. But bad things can not be said, little secret, or can be exposed to. Pique said: "C Luo He loves the mirror, the mirror every time he went to withstand the temptation, but he is really a good man, although others think he is slightly arrogant." Peak is also confident said he can see through all the fake C Lo, but "everything is not absolute, he is a complete player." In addition, Chaussures Sports Peak also talked about training young friends during Fabregas: "It is regrettable Cesc Fabregas last summer, did not return to the Nou Camp, obviously, he can help us a lot. But I believe that small law Barca next season will be put on the combat report, and we fought side by side. "

West media exposure golden globe scandal Harvey ticket? Why was real Madrid snatched
This incident to laugh and cry. According to local media reports, Guatemala, Guatemala captain gustavo los - cabrera golden globe poll after the release, the angry said FIFA made a big mistake. Why? Cabrera, he said his vote, was first gave diego - Fran, second place gave casillas, third vote to Barcelona star Harvey. But in FIFA eventually released in voting subsidiary, he found that his third is considered to real Madrid star xabi alonso's head! Cabrera angry of say: I but support Barcelona Harvey's, this result is really let him feel the poll.
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Guatemala central west bank of small, football level is not developed, the current world ranking only 118 bits. In recent years, Guatemala political situation was unstable, natural disasters and partial many, therefore the domestic economic situation is not good. More importantly, Guatemala, although once is Spanish colonies, so choose Spanish as the official language, but at home but was mayan culture effect has up to 23 kinds of all sorts of traditional language popular, so in the expression way there are certain inconvenience.

Harvey's Spanish name for Xavi, Alonso Xabi Alonso, the name is due, so not pronounced as senior fans is easy to confuse. The vote are FIFA rules and weird, in voting only need to specify the player's nationality, do not need to specify the player in the club. Two big star's nationality is same, therefore appear this kind of intended to vote for xabi alonso, was count to name things, still really occur. It has been done, Harvey was enough to cause. God knows how many similar ticket because of this reason wrong... "World dello sport therefore scorned: Harvey should be in golden ball award wins! As is known to all, the world dello sport is that both want Barcelona clinching the top three, and hope to Spain captured the representative figure of golden ball award, though the messi, they also is still not satisfied.
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Of course objective and said, need not go with Barcelona mouthpiece media obfuscate, analysis things or in line with the objective manner as well. Have a bit must to point out that: in the whole ball winners, real Madrid star xabi alonso actual votes also only 1.52% (including media vote is 0.22%, nations captain of the vote is 0.79%, nations coach of the vote is 0.52%), even on the most extreme ways to assume, assuming all vote for alonso, votes are ready to vote for the Harvey, then put all the votes are count to the Harvey head, Harvey can take ball? The answer is, Harvey comprehensive vote is 16.48%, plus alonso's 1.52%, total also only 18%. Compared with Lionel messi 22.65% votes or worse many or, at best, only transcend the 17.36% iniesta is ranked second just. So, need not follow was like Barcelona mouthpiece, exaggerated to choose biased way case.

But this scandal or thought-provoking. FIFA golden globe really is the most authoritative award? If some voters candidates who is whom even couldn't clear, if have the power to decide who is a football that bunch of Jericho judges would actually committed such a slippery supporting the laughingstock of the world wonders, then so-called FIFA golden ball exactly how much value, it should be painted on a huge doubt.
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Anyhow, the mainstream media of the same opinion: golden globe awards, Harvey, iniesta and sneijder even milito are wrong. But make it all wrong, not messi, but FIFA those fatuous rules makers. There are two original football awards, FIFA world values fame, golden globe relatively more professional, FIFA controls everything desire makes their shots, and tricky annexed golden globe awards in the rules so this first had established the world conservationists. In FIFA's "help", Harvey, sneijder and iniesta's grievance was created. Once encounter questioned messi, did not is also a victim?

FIFA golden white Harvey respectively announced messi aflac expenditure
Beijing time on January 11 at 2, FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland, held at the annual awards conference, the conference published the 2010 FIFA golden ball winner. This "world footballer" and "golden ball after merger of the first award in Barcelona star messi (micro bo blog). In addition, mourinho crowned world's best coach, marta crowned miss world football, Hamilton - altintop goal crowned annual best goal, Sylvia winning the women's football's best coach, Haiti under the age of 17 women's team crowned fair JingSaiJiang. All the other awards are released.
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Historically, FIFA world player of the year awards sponsored, with the France football magazine dominant "golden ball award, is considered to be the most authoritative world football two individual awards. By 2010, the two major organizations announced mergers, FIFA golden globe awards naturally become the most authoritative personal football awards. The golden ball award after three screening, FIFA first announced the pre-selected list, while 23 people one month ago, FIFA released last 3 people runoff list, Barcelona's three star Harvey (micro Po), (micro), bo iniesta messi will become the last competitor.
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Finally, as awards guest Barcelona coach josep guardiola announced that messi crowned the globes. And second, Harvey iniesta eventually came third.

Lionel messi in the past the golden globe cycles have some excellent play, 2009-10 season in Barcelona, messi year-round scoring 34 league goal, 10 European goal and three cup goals. This season, messi continued remarkable state, 15 rounds la liga scored 18 goals, the six uefa champions league winners in six goals in five games domestic cup, scoring four goals scored England internationals, four games 2 balls. With so breathtaking goals ratio, messi pressure taken award the much-fancied Harvey, iniesta lifted again, after 2009 selected golden ball, messi achieved since the defending ball. He also became the 1989 after van basten, again a defending the golden ball player.

Lionel messi in feat says: he himself also very surprised to oneself can win the award. During the awarding ceremony before news conference, Lionel messi says: "although I did not win the World Cup, but I still think I have a great year."
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Throughout the ceremony process, van basten as distinguished guests first announced the FIFA's best team, after Haiti U17 women's team won the FIFA fair JingSaiJiang. Next, vicente del bosque awards guest, as will the women's football for coach of the year prize to Germany coach Sylvia - Ned. The next issue is men's football coach of the awards, mourinho pressure vicente del bosque awards. Subsequently, FIFA World Cup hosts chairman awards by South Africa Desmond tutu claimed political figures. Hamilton - altintop against kazakhstan's game in Turkey scored half-volley from the world's best score award wave capture. Finally went out of world football FIFA golden globe, Brazil, miss winning FIFA women's football star marta miss world, this also is the Brazilian female star for the fifth consecutive years selected award. And, finally, present the golden ball is messi get.

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Emperor to 24 points Martin made three of 15 shots Anthony 33 + 11 Denver wins the rockets
NBA regular season continued, the rockets road back-to-back games against the nuggets, though with the rockets, but eventually contend propetamphos positive for small fatigue and lost power and influence,Air Shoes
and finally the rockets 106-113 defeat, suffered from 2 defeats, Denver nuggets are secured four straight wins.

Scola dispose of 24 points, seven rebounds and four assists los rui 21 points, seven rebounds 4 assists 3 steals, Nike Shox
Kevin Martin 15 shots only 3 ,Chaussures Sports only had eight points. Bardeen lattice 13 points 3 rebounds, three assists and courteney lee 12 points, 10 points, 11 rebounds miller five assists. The nuggets, Anthony 25 shots 10 scoring 33 points and 11 rebounds five assists.

Los rui far-flung show state rockets are still lag behind

Chauncey billups opening namely jumper cut points, the rockets 3 hit scola also was nene block, battier steals layups for the rockets opened. Kenyon Martin 3 consecutive goals reflected the nuggets insider warfare, the Denver nuggets also 11-7 to build the advantage. Thereafter los Switzerland, Martin concatenation of perimeter jumpers help the rockets are exceeded.

The first festival DuanLuoRui again into of perimeter jumpers, and two help scola running attack the basket, the rockets 19-16 lead. But after the rocket four shots perish and even have made mistakes, nuggets opportunity return 9-0 in the first quarter the nuggets offensive, 25-21 lead.

Bardeen lattice single section 11 points boo malicious

Times section rocket substitute the strength, actively face "bird person" lee Anderson quickly took basket, scoring in open lattice bardeen personal fire, the rockets 3-pointer after 7-0 offensive 33-29 lead. The nuggets since then, though there are rises points, small cloth again into 3-pointers, and even help bardeen lattice far-flung score, the rockets 44-35 to build the advantage. Times section bardeen lattice shot 4 of 5 scored 11 points.

But with Chauncey billups long-range jumpers, free throws, Denver and reciprocated 9-0 offensive will lead flat. Small cloth helpless infringe Chauncey billups also receive malicious. Half-court both 52 flat.

Martin still have continued sleepwalking rockets long-range jumpers

Battier in the third quarter of perimeter jumpers, first hit los Switzerland, scola successively score 60-54 after the rockets lead. But the first-half shot only 2 of 10 Martin still no hand-feel, short time and four shots perish in throwing out air balls to referee Martin also after being fouled, result to defense technical foul. The nuggets took in a single day had 12 points of Anthony 73-67 driven by establishing advantage.

Miller timely concatenation of perimeter jumpers, li rui also successively with los scored 3-pointers, rockets continue to Denver stalemate, three ending the war 81 flat.

The rockets lose the nuggets. Eventually lost power and influence small

Into small bardeen lattice and miller successively rise points, with two goals scored the rockets patterson nuggets wars to 89-90. But in small cloth, Anderson block the nuggets efficient form 6-0 shocks put the game away. Scola though successively hit three goals, but the rockets still lack the overall appearance, be the nuggets continued repression.

Small 2 1/2 minutes after the nuggets in free throws 107-97 establish forward. Although hit los rui thereafter, but the nuggets keeping up perimeter jumpers, the rockets finally cannot afford portion comeback. Finally the rockets 106-113 defeat.