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Expert: emperor wade won the MVP tmac is difficult to pass the piston first
Beijing time on December 31, ESPN's famous data expert John - huo's launched his pehr with fans interactive exchange activities, online answer a lot of fans focus on the hot topic, below is main content:
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Fan: prior to the injury, dirk nowitzki is your idea of the MVP? Injuries can affect his competition MVP and let the team record become worse?

Newcomb's: no nowitzki pehr in the game, Dallas played like idiocy similar, but this let nowitzki looks more like the MVP. Of course, there are small sample data can be used as the reference for the MVP, but there is one thing about nowitzki MVP favorable thing, which was lebron James and dwyane wade - may sources of votes on contending, let nowitzki and a third runs away with it.
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Fan: do you think the lakers will Andrew bynum repatriated to the team decision? They yesterday's game with the hornets as defensive ability sudden increase, I think bynum looks especially strong, what do you think?

Huo ling's: adjusting the inevitable, bynum as a starter will be in the playoffs they use squad. I also think the lakers insider has such a big player after playing more relaxed. Bynum's injury has got enough settling time.

Fan: you predict the spurs this season will win 60 games of the regular season, then you really think they can in the next game has 33 games for negative record?

Huo ling's: in fact now they very likely to do so. I'm sure you observe the spurs the schedule, and considering their next will have more difficult journey. Basically, they will not be the next 30 games won 26 games, but let's calm down to appreciate the spurs performance!

Fan: Detroit pistons in yesterday's game with the Boston celtics, Tracy Michael gray's as a starter point guard appearances and the efficiency is very high, do you think the pistons are this consider as a starting point guard let tmac?
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Huo pehr er: I'm not sure tmac every night have such good shape, he in some games may look still need to have a rest. But one thing is for sure is t-mac piston is the best passers, he played on the pitch, the team organizers' performance and listrac base and will bynum present performance are quite different.

Fan: for Kevin garnett's injury, you have more understanding? If garnett will be sidelined for some time, you think the celtics will consider then carries on some trading?

Huo pehr er: I like you are waiting for garnett injury detection results released. The celtics next any transaction will based on garnett will lack war injury for long. But I think the team will start increase jermaine o 'neal playing time. Additionally rocket chuck hayes today also an ankle injury, it is an easy ankle moment?v

Morey actively lead superstar into Hugh city yao diamond Martin all is a chip
Beijing time December 30, ESPN expert Richard ford online exchange with the fans. In answer to fans of ford said, the rockets are in the trading market is very active, morey positive is in operation, hope for the rockets brought a big star level player, yao, scola, Martin and battier are morey hand chips.
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As is known to all, the rockets try to trade yao news fired uproar. But in fact, this isn't rocket plan of all. According to before ESPN experts butch revealed that the rockets have no not for sale, and today, ford confirmed the news, he says he has heard the rockets on yao Ming, Martin, scola and battier trading scheme.

A man named "John" fans in a chat room, ask a way: "the king will landry or durham potter traded to Houston the possibility of how?" Who ChengXiang, this simple question could open up a ford's reserve. "That possibility exists. But in fact, now the rockets in the trading market very pretty active, the team in each of his players were placed on the shelf, if an appropriate price, the rockets can send to walk any player." Ford said.

All the players were placed on the shelf? Before yao could be rocket trading has been demonstrated, then scola and Martin these this season as gradually become the backbone of team players, also can be traded? Ford certainly said: "in various trading scheme, I have heard the rockets will yao, Martin, scola and buddy system were involved trade talks. Now the rockets need a big star class players, in order to get such a player, the rockets players at packaged together off, reached the final purpose."
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But for the rockets trade foreground, ford is not valued, his hand admitted Martin and scola is a good player, but also think that their contract the amount is a bit excessive. "The rockets players level is quite good, have a certain talent, but the problem is they contracts are too big. Such as luis scola and Martin is good player, but few teams willing to accept their contract." Nike Chaussures Homme Ford continued, "yao's contract expires is very attractive, but also has many teams will hesitate exactly should win yao. If they believe yao can recovered from his injury, so yao and a little value. But the problem is to this summer, yao Ming will become completely free agent."

Nike released the fiscal 2011 second quarter earnings
Beijing December 26, this week (Nike Shoes For Women December 20 -12 16) of a few American star stocks transaction as follows: The United States's second-largest mobile phone operator AT & T agreed to pay 1.93 billion from Qualcomm (QCOM, 49.44, -1.10%) acquisition of wireless spectrum to meet their growing bandwidth needs of users. The 700 MHz band of spectrum in the low-end, covering the nation's 300 million population, while the company is laying 4G network, and plans to launch next year in New York. E-commerce company eBay (EBAY, 28.32, -0.88%) announced that the price will be two hundred million U.S. dollars (1.5 billion euros) acquisition of Germany's largest online shopping members of the community - brands4friends, acquisitions designed to enhance eBay's competitiveness in the European market. The statement said the company will receive brands4friends shopping in the UK interests of members of the community shareholders and shareholder rights in Japan According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission documents show that Dell (DELL, 13.79, -0.63%) CEO Michael Dell, founder and average price of $ 13.57 to buy 737 shares of Dell stock, Dell's Michael Dell now has about 12% stake in the company's largest shareholder. Dell's stock price this year has decreased by about 7%. The company recently demonstrate a very strong interest in the deal, such as the recent 9.6 billion acquisition of storage vendor Compellent transactions, and had lost to Hewlett-Packard (HPQ, 41.74, +0.63%) of the 3PAR bidding war. Nike (Chaussures Sports , 86.05, -1.04%) late Tuesday announced second quarter fiscal 2011 earnings. Showed a profit, net profit for the quarter 4.57 million, 94 cents per share, a year earlier net profit of 3.75 billion U.S. dollars, 76 cents per share, net profit for the quarter increased 22%; revenues for the quarter $ 4,840,000,000, compared with 44.1 billion U.S. dollars, up 10%; not included in the impact of exchange rate changes, revenue for the quarter increased 11% year on year,Air Shoes reported a less than analysts expected future orders. Motorola (MOT, 9.05, -0.44%) announced Wednesday it has acquired for the development of cloud storage services, streaming media and ZumoCast and ZumoDrive known Silicon Valley start-ups Zecter. Completion of the transaction, Zecter technology will be integrated into Motorola Mobility department, Motorola will stop Zecter product updates, and the current ZumoCast and ZumoDrive users can continue to use its services. It is reported that in August this year, Motorola has also acquired 280 North.

Nike's second-quarter orders rose 11% the amount of
Air Shoes fiscal 2011 second quarter results, as of November 30 in the second quarter, Nike net profit of 457 million, compared with same period last year increased 22%. Second quarter revenue was 48.4 billion dollars, 4.41 billion U.S. dollars last year increased 10%. Also, scheduled for December 2010 to April 2011 for delivery between the Nike brand shoes and apparel orders for a total of 7.7 billion, up 11% over last year, the previous quarter, an increase of 10%. In response, Nike Shox CEO Parker said that the recent performance of the company has shown good momentum of development, its brand and product categories each have achieved growth in the near future. The market's growth will focus on emerging markets, Nike DTC mode, Converse and Umbro on the sub-brand. However, Parker warned, freight, labor and the rising cost of crude oil may be putting pressure on the growth performance of the company. Amount of orders with Nike rose 11% compared to the second quarter of 2011, Li Ning Company the amount of orders was down 6% year on year. Li Ning is the order quantity for the first time after 2008 the decline in the first quarter of 2011 after ordering the number of clothing and footwear, respectively, and 5% and 1% growth. This message resulted in two days of Li Ning's share price decline over the 20.28% total market capitalization of more than 45 billion Hong Kong dollars evaporating. In addition to the fall in orders, the major brokerage firms have also said they did not look good. Li Ning Company JP Morgan Chase will be next year and the year after lower earnings forecast by 14% and 20%, the investment rating for the neutral. Senior marketing planner, winning channel partner consultants Mu peaks of the "Daily Economic News", said Li Ning brand positioning and channel control of fuzzy weak, given the opportunity to Nike and Adidas. "This year in June, after Li Ning Company for standard, brand positioning also changed, positioning the brand for the global and local brands among the general public, to blur the brand value." "Li Ning is a multi-channel brand dealers are part of the , that is also the agent for an agent for several brands, the things someone is clearly better to sell, who to great efforts to sell, that no exclusive distributor loyal. "Mu Feng said," the beginning of time, Li Ning, the company began to reform this part of the dealers, their confidence is low, they order quantity will decline. "In this regard, Li Ning, the company said, to reform the distribution system is to address the challenges of the retail areas, improve the overall retail efficiency and improve same store sales growth . Although the next two orders will be under pressure, but the long-term reform measures will be conducive to the healthy development of the company's stable. In addition, Adidas's latest plan, as of 2015, plans to open more than 2,500 stores, and market segments, reasonably priced products to meet different consumption patterns in cities. At the same time, Chaussures Sports store the number of cities covered are from the current 550 to 1,400 more. Therefore, in the face of Nike and Adidas strong competition, SW Li Ning analysts expect will be more difficult competitive environment. "As the positioning in the end, the brand Li Ning company faced from international and domestic pressure on low-end brands. Meanwhile, the new low-end sporting goods listed on the financial strength of domestic power, channels and distributors for their support also makes it difficult to shake them Ning position in the low-tier cities. "

Nike and adidas to depreciate counterattack
Through cost accounting, calculate Nike shoes of low price - 300 yuan/double, is currently price cut by 25%. How to make one part consumer can lower price get personality of ego pursue, Puma Cat  but maintain middle-class consumption demands, face of China's enterprise catching-up declaration, Nike and adidas counterattack has come.

"If spend 50 yuan, would you like to change his mind to buy a pair of Nike shoes?" Nike is coming out the news of a low-cost shoes, the capital market immediately responded: li ning, anta, special paces, horse grams, China trend of Chinese sports brand share prices fell echo.

In June this year, Childrens Shoes fiscal 2010 conference call, citigroup analysts have asked Nike shoes brand President Charles terengganu sen: whether to have entered China in most subordinate cities in the plan? Terengganu sen, responded that NIKE do have plans to enter the Chinese three-line even four lines of two cities, and will introduce different prices ZhongDiDuan NIKE series of products at the same time, considering acquisitions or introduce some other brands. Adidas group managing director in the greater China region DuBaiRui also said that they would recover from their distributors, let these city the9 adidas group personally controlled two three-wire urban markets, and also hope to give "by reducing prices competitors an irrecoverable blow".

LuoErFu is German foreign students, although he meticulously for his name Rolf selected a very Chinese translation, but it can not change the Germanic national thorough marrow of rigorous - on the campus of the basketball court, students at halftime 3V3 team dozen play basketball, LuoErFu still will strictly execute tactical discipline, don't play any flowers alive, seeking the most concise yibanyiyan score means.

However, this is not LuoErFu of attraction, the most let a person feel interesting is, in the Chinese students are pedal Nike Chaussures Femme and adidas recommendthis war boots, golden, LuoErFu but is wearing a pair of school canteen sold in old-fashioned cloth help basketball shoes. Everyone said that foreigners really cool, so personality, the germans incredibly don't wear LuoErFu adidas, but they do not think what cool, instead he felt his classmates some fuss. "In China I also wear adidas, this in local is easiest to buy shoes, the price is expensive" LuoErFu consider themselves to be in follow oneself always spending habits, chose one high performance to price ratio of sports equipment just.

LuoErFu don't understand his Chinese classmates to Nike and adidas of these brands praise highly. These brands in Europe is indeed good quality, novel design of famous brand, but also is only famous just -- "wear this these brand shoe, can really make you add a little bounce, but not so let your superior."

Foreign monk good chant, and it seems that all foreign brands in China will have a myth of the process. Coca-Cola first entered the Chinese market, once was as worth celebrating the New Year season complimentary expensive gifts, but friends now who will also feel drink Coca Cola is something worth showing off things? Maybe, in domestic brand under the impact of Nike and adidas and sooner or later will return to normal brand identity, but because there are the myth, have been bid up process, so when now, Nike and adidas decided to lower the price, into two three-wire city and homebred brand confrontation, conjured up a big strategic advantages.

"Supine and prone, than for the and." Brand of ascension requires undertakes management, and the price of a product ascension requires more market long digestion; But the reverse changes are much more simple, not consumers will oppose obtain inexpensive high-quality products - ubs an analysis report, from Nike, adidas brand and product quality appeal, can prompt consumers spending $50, namely "spend 50 yuan can be bought a pair of Nike shoes" idea, it is very likely that buying now li ning, driven shoes brand such as domestic antas consumers first predisposed toward.

Sports rainments consumption main roughly a 16 - about 35 of young people. In selected cities, this population is more rich and mature brand cognitive abilities. But in two three-wire city, young consumers to a particular brand recognition more was beside the person's influence on the pursuit of individual character, they will continue to exist traditional consumption ideas mark. Compared with 1-wire urban consumption ability, how to let them get low-cost value concept of identity, is to win this consumer group approved a direction.

Horse grams XuZhiHua once CEO angelic reminders of Nike, "if change brand positioning, more harm than good. But, for adidas and Nike, however, the brand positioning change what is a "sink", or a "return"

A slightly some ironic thing is, in China's domestic brand with Nike Chaussures Homme and adidas for example, continuously improve product positioning, Nike and adidas in euramerican market also are doing the same thing.

In early 2002, adidas began in sports products introduced in fashionable concept, to counter Prada, RalphLauren these fashionable luxury brands in sports products in the fields of invasion. At that time, adidas invited the world famous Japanese fashion designer shan benyao department as sport fashion high-end series (SportStyle) the creative director, creating a with "fashionable setters" as the goal of Y - 3 brand.

And Nike and adidas, like watching sports products with the combination of fashion. On the one hand Nike from fashion excavates talented person, on the one hand on such enterprise on m&a, senior recreational shoe brand COLEHAAN, hockey, famous brand such as BAUER successively joined Nike camp.

In Chinese sports brand because Nike, adidas toned down shrines, put down voluntarily brand effect with the great product premium and "worry", adidas its SLVR series products have entered sanlitun adidas global brand center. SLVR series product pricing is about ordinary adidas movement three times the price of a product, and front mention Y - 3 series price is adidas ordinary of sports products more than ten times.

Behind this is Chinese consuming capacity in unceasing enhancement, now,

Real Madrid striker in the world of winter 20 million purchase of 53 football games 49 goals Wicked
Beijing Dec. 14, according to Western media, "Marca" Disclosure, Real Madrid interested in the acquisition of the Bundesliga leader in the winter transfer window headed Dortmund striker Lucas - Puerto Barrios, it is worth mentioning that this has had "world's first shooter," Nike Shox the reputation of the Paraguayan currently nine goals and tied for the team Shinji Kagawa striker championship. Is it necessary at Real Madrid in the winter transfer window tonic on the issue of a power forward, at present there are two voices: First, Mourinho insisted that the main striker Higuain long-term absence through injury will likely be the case, the Benzema can not be trusted, so it is imperative to introduce a Kaopu forward; the second is that the Argentine striker Real Madrid top in the most conservative treatment may take back the message in advance, claiming that the winter will not be bought forward Moreover Lafayette Benzema hope give some exercise opportunities. In the media, "Aspen Daily" is the Real Madrid president Florentino's "mouthpiece", but "Marca" has at this time the anti-tune singing and disclosed following the dominant factors, Almeida, Egypt Fernandez, who, after finding front of Real Madrid in turn targeted the main force in the Bundesliga Dortmund striker Barrios body. Barrios, 26-year-old debut in Argentina's youth team in 2003 when he won his first professional contract. However, because at first was small and his football career was not successful,Nike Chaussures Homme the encouragement of his father until 2008, Barrios's football talent was emerging. 08-09 season and played for the Chilean giants Colo Colo in one year, Barrios in 38 league games into his 37 balls, plus Cup, Barrios in 53 games into 49 balls, field rate of 0.925 goals are staggering statistics IFFHS at the time, the barrios to beat the undisputed advantages of C Ronaldo, Huntelaar, striker Fernando Torres, etc., became the world's top scorer in 2008, is truly a "world first striker", and excellent performance also made him the object of attention in Europe a number of clubs. 2009 summer, the Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund to the price of around 4.5 million euros will be incurred Barrios given them. A total of last season Paraguayan representatives attended the 36 games in Dortmund, into 23 balls, still maintained a high scoring rate. So far this season, Barrios into the CPC in the 19 games 9 goals, including 8 ball from the Bundesliga, 1 cup the ball is received in the European Union, Nike Chaussures Femme he and Shinji Kagawa under the leadership of Dortmund currently The great advantage of 11 points lead the standings. In fact, as early as this summer, Serie A giants AC Milan striker on the intention to introduce the efficient, according to "Bild" disclosure, when the Rossoneri have the Barrios center summer signings as the primary goal, but in the end has insisted the Dortmund that only the buyer before the club 30 million euros out client was incensed, Milan This cash-strapped to give up. Real Madrid interested in the winter break and now the introduction of Barrios, prices will not be cheap. It is reported that Real Madrid is willing to offer 15 million to 20 million euros to acquire the popular name of the Bundesliga striker. However, the acquisition of the difficulty is that Real Madrid, aiming at the impact of the Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund have no reason to let go in such a critical time star striker Moreover,Air Shoes this price could not fully impress the Germans, after all, asking for 40 million can be dominant factors. So since Barrios may buy only the Spanish media's wishful thinking.

Adelman suggested Bush return to starting position do not want to give way dissatisfied Lowry
Beijing December 14, "City of toughness" message, even though Kyle - Lowry recent state of extraordinary, but he still no match for an NBA unwritten rule, "you will not lose the starting location of injury." Airshoes Today Aaron - Brooks took part in the rocket 75% of the content of the training, Rick - Rick Adelman coach hinted that Bush will return to play after starting, which caused dissatisfaction Lori. Over the past 12 games, Kyle Lowry scored 13 points average, shooting 45.2%. The most surprising is that 12 games, Kyle Lowry's third hit rate as high as 46.2%! Previously,Nike Air Shoes the Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry position as the defensive stopper, but now that Lori rocket attack ability, subdued the last 12 games, averaging Lori sent 8 assists, and only averaged 2.3 turnovers and he still maintained his defensive intensity, averaging 2.3 steals. Both offensive and defensive point guard in this league any team have dreamed of. A handsome tribute to Lori today's defensive tenacity, saying the league in point guard Kyle Lowry is the location of one of the best rebounder. Adelman said, "Lori has changed our whole team!" However, when asked Brooks whether to continue as the starter after the reunification,Nike Chaussures Femme when the first Arab-Israeli commander said he has not considered this issue, and then implying that he would Lowry back into the lineup. Adelman said, "You must remember that the bench last season lineup Lori played very well, he and Chase - Budinger perfect partner in particular, he has been very used to do with the players and the bench. I know , Nike Chaussures Homme Lori and who with no problem, but the most important thing is that Brooks and Lori both have good cooperation. "Lowry hear the meaning of the coach, but he would not easily give up their starting . Lowry showed his attitude, "Of course, I always want to play starting, it has always been our goal. However, this is the final say by the coach, my job is to debut and a good play. Again, I is looking forward to be a starter, but if I have to come off the bench coach, that's no problem, provided that we can continue to win. "(

Preview: Heat For James Howard Condition Inspection successors swallow eight-game winning streak
Heat eight straight off the Heat has to be achieved through physical seven-game winning streak, they since November 27 has since never lost the ball. Heat in this state and their opponents tomorrow, opposite the king, the king since Nov. 27 6 games since won only 1 match. Nike Shox Heat strength far better than the king, but they are playing the most difficult road "back to back" the second, Ilgauskas, Jones, Arroyo and other veterans of the physical will be tested. Heat is now the offensive play by fast, but fast break need to do plenty of physical protection. Heat fineness test successors James "Big Three" has been getting better co-ordination, the three work together in today's game scored 65 points 23 rebounds 20 assists, three are not selfish,Nike Shoes For Women ball three singles can also to assist teammates, opponents feel more and more fear. Last season, the king leader Tai Ruike - Evans scored 20 in his rookie season +5 +5 to be shoulder to shoulder "Big O" Robertson, Michael - Michael Jordan and James, became the fourth rookie in the history can the performance of the players to accomplish this, Evans is also known as James's successor so. Evans has recently been plagued by a foot injury, but MRI scans showed the injury problem is not, participate in training medical staff has approved Evans is expected that he would not miss tomorrow's game, then James will have the opportunity to test juniors Evan Sri Lanka's gold content. Last season, James averaged 2 King 34 hit points,Nike Chaussures Femme 11.5 rebounds and nine assists, double-team the way the king can only be used to contain the James performance. James and Wade, who only needs 29 points tomorrow, it will set a milestone for both James career scoring total to tied Rasheed - Wallace, but Wade is tied to Cole. At the same time, as long as James 6 free throws, free throw of his career, tying the total number of rockets to legend Rick - Barry. King of Kings combat civil unrest over the past 16 games, lost 14 games mainly because of injury and civil strife.Air Jordan Chaussures Their starting center Samuel - Samuel Dalembert still can not come back, can only use the rookie Marcus Dama - cousins hold situation, "Bird" Carl - Landry is also relegated to substitute for their very satisfaction, the last 6 games, Landry is averaging a mere 6.3 points!

Champions League Arsenal 2 balls into the worst team defense without mentioning the title papered
Princes reading standards? 6 6 lost war, lost 13 balls into 2 balls a good interpretation of the guerrillas that. But for this small business operators for the Bell Grade club, Arsenal scored 2 goals to have been little comfort. The other side of the coin is the face of such a standard belly forces, Arsenal labeled "papered line of defense" of the hat to its name. "People are concerned about our defensive problems, but do not forget the English Premier League Arsenal have the best away record, which means our defense pretty solid.women adidas At home we want to focus on defense, and any defensive This is the most important weaknesses compared. In these last few games, when teams make a mistake will be punished, but things are not always the case. " This is the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger's public statements before the game. In the eyes of France insists Arsenal so-called crisis seems to be much ado about defense, but this is not true. This is generally seen as the face of guerrilla Champions League attack the weakest team, the Arsenal clash in the two actually have a clean sheet and, for this contribution to the two southern giants are the same goals Personal - forward Cleo. Arsenal the greatest weakness of this defense where there is no doubt the position of defender. Maren central Virginia at the back under the premise of long-term absence, the French defender partner Squee Rudge Kos Czerny and the combination of relatively fixed. However, this is not the perfect defender of the combination is like a time bomb as two gunmen blew at any time make possible. To the game for 51 minutes,Chaussures Sports the "time bomb" of the outbreak of unexpected. Cleo was the guerrillas forward without any human interference easily be teammates in the restricted area before the ball came, and the first layer of defense is no barrier to block Kos Czerny to this pass, but rather to man defense Cleo's Squee Rudge has not stepped forward to seal the opponent's shooting angle, the French defender actually chose to retreat, in which case Cleo decisive kicker shot, the ball hit the bad Squealer odd feet variable line network, the score became 1:1! This grain is Arsenal conceded a true portrayal of the fragile line of defense in the last 6 games in the Premier League and Champions League matches, Arsenal have lost a total of 9 balls, and each had clean sheets. And so in the face of guerrilla fashion, so the gunmen appeared to the Panel if the second first round knockout suffered at the Barcelona or Real Madrid this super attack, I am afraid to slash the team. And compared to Wenger, Arsenal star Arshavin there for the team on defense is a fatal chronic illness, has a clear understanding. In an interview with The Sun before exclusive interview, the Russian popular players this way: "In the defense team is always difficult, so we have scored more goals Caixing. This is very frustrating, we want to improve , but not always. I do not want to blame our guard, which can not always blame them. As a team, we need to enhance the overall defensive capability. "Arshavin said, very reasonable, but the relative Zhongwei the fundamental problem is the limited level. Throughout the Arsenal defender current configuration, in Caracas to leave the club to join Tottenham Hotspur, the Coase Czerny, Squee Laci and reassuring Zhu Lu is very difficult, but the only worthy of a great responsibility of the Virgin Marleen also long-term absence through injury. Standings in the Premier League,acheter air jordan Arsenal played a game more lead over Manchester United ranked first in the Champions League final qualifying anyway. In this context, high aspirations, "coveted" Champion of the Arsenal number of fatal illnesses must address the defensive line, or in such a defensive and even the Champions League to win the Premiership title is simply nonsense

Application for the World Winter Games is more important the decision was too hasty
Time FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland announced on December 2 2018 and 2022 World Cup host, as the 2002 World Cup, Airshoes one of the host country South Korea overwhelmed the 2022 World Cup suffered a single losing bid, but South Korea three one of the major daily newspaper, "Dong-A Ilbo," a senior sports reporter Han Yuxin connection in an Tencent, which did not accidents, "No one thought of Korea successfully!" 2022 World Cup competition is very intense, in addition to South Korea and Japan the two countries, there has never held the World Cup in Australia and Qatar,Nike Chaussures Femme and the financial strength and great potential market for the United States, but Japan and South Korea seem to have always been Peiqia, from beginning to end, not too much competition. Out in the first round against South Korea after the second ballot out, which, Han Yuxin said it all in the expected. acheter air jordan "The bid for the majority of Korean people lost no surprise, because our preparations have not done well, with South Korea for the World Cup before the kind of enthusiasm is not so high, after all, we have 8 years ago just held. "Hanyu Xin reckless even to bid for the team questioned the decision," Although there is great hope the World Cup in 2022 settled in Asia, but why go to bid to host the South Korea match? Most people are still immersed in the world 2002 Cup scene, we are not out of memory to immediately start a second World Cup bid, the decision was too hasty. Most Koreans do not understand. so no one expected us to obtain the right to host. "Hanyu Xin also said , South Korea is the most critical host the 2018 Winter Olympics, "Let's bid to host the World Cup bid to host the Winter Olympics of energy has been dispersed, Pyeongchang bid to host the Winter Olympics will be the third time, and this is our focus and expectations. South Korea hosted the Asian Games, Olympics and World Cup, but has not hosted the Olympic Winter Games, it will be a battle even more looking forward to. "