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Serie A - Inter Milan 5-2 Parma, Crespo 2 Titans play ball cap
Beijing at 19:30 on November 28, Serie A focus of the 14th round of a battle begins, the defending champion sits Meazza Inter Milan vs. Parma, Inter Milan 5-2 eventually taking all three at the half and Craig Crespo opened the scoring, with the go-ahead score Air Shoes scored twice, extending the advantages of Esteban Cambiasso, Hernan Crespo recover before half a ball, the second half into the season's first ball Motta seal the victory, Stan Covey Church broke a hat-trick. Win the war, the Inter achieved their first win nearly five leagues, from the top there are 7 points behind Milan. Inter nearly four non-league level only negative, is now less competition in the field under the premise of 1 AC Milan 10 points behind first place and more round to win the league title race do not want to completely dashed. In addition, the Inter war is the last home games of 2010, the team hopes to win back the fans support the team throughout the year. Inter injuries are tragic, line of defense on the Cesar, Maicon, Chivu, Samuel can not be a race, the midfield mariga, Obi, Kudiniao, Mancini absent because of injury at the forward Diego Milito, Suazo also injured. In addition, Samuel Eto'o has been suspended, leading the team was without center available. Benitez to make adjustments to the starting lineup, Pandev as up front center, Thornton rush to the rescue as the attacking midfielder avant-garde. In defense, the Cordoba guest right back, starting as a defender Marco Materazzi. Parma, the current round of fighting former team Crespo. As under the heavy rain before the race, the venue is very slippery. Parma took the lead kick-off. 3 minutes, Giovinco pass on the right restricted strong Crespo volley higher. 4 minutes, Parma took the lead break, Angelo Zanetti encountered after the right-sided mass change lines, Crespo grab the first pitch at the door before Materazzi 4 meters out of the right foot fire break! Inter Milan suffered a nightmare start to 0 to-1 behind. 8 minutes, Sneijder cross from the left, Pandev turned into the chest, stop the ball from left foot volley, the ball is back Fengdang. 12 minutes Candreva right foot back in the 30-meter long-range raid,Chaussures Sports Custer Lacy net smash sell, Crespo blank range just a step away. After 1 minute, another long-range Deze Marley, Custer Lacy get the ball. 14 minutes, Candreva pass, Giovinco outside the area close to the right foot lob wide of the left column! 18 minutes from the start, Inter Milan 6 minutes with three goals. The first 18 minutes, Shakespeare Bi Yani pass, Stankovic right foot from 25 meters away from the gate strong volley, the ball hit the back of Lucarelli line break into the door after the change. Into a 1-1 score! The first 19 minutes, Inter comeback, Shakespeare Biya Ni on the right after the break Hui Qiao, Stankovic 22 meters away from the gate strong at the right foot low shot, the ball hit in the leg after the change line kopecks folding doors goal left corner! 2-1! Inter go-ahead score. The first 24 minutes, Inter extend lead out Sneijder on the right corner, Biya Biya Ni restricted area of the ferry, Cambiasso 6 meters after the dot pitch the door ejection volley the ball into the left door! 3-1, the rapid expansion of Inter victory. 33 minutes, Gobbi cross from the left, before Crespo Qiangdian points above the lintel from the center. 35 minutes, gain another victory Crespo, Marco Materazzi after the siege field after the break to hit Gobbi Crespo closed top of the arc of the foot, the Argentines step protrusion calm after the right foot volley line of area, Custer Lacy fleeing the ball deceived the lower left corner goal! 2-3, Parma recover a ball. Air Jordan Chaussures38 minutes, the ball curve in the right-sided Angelo Crespo headed the top of the closed shells Middle Earth, Custer Lacy hit the ball flying! 43 minutes, Sneijder restricted area before the right foot free kick hit the wall changes in the human line, wide of the left column. End of the half, Inter Milan 3-2 lead. Inter took the lead break substitutions, teenager Natalino replaced Thornton. 47 minutes, passed the ball right footed Sneijder the restricted area, Lucarelli rescue mistakes, Esteban Cambiasso 9 meters away from the door at his right foot low shot, the ball slightly wide. After 1 minute, Crespo left the restricted area 15 meters away from the door right foot low shot, sealing the ball out of Custer Lacy. 49 minutes, Stankovic on the right front right foot from 25 meters away from the door Nushe, external rotation of the arc to draw the ball close to the right column missed! 51 minutes, Sneijder 20 meters away from the door to be back at Nushe Fengdang. 52 minutes left Tupofenqiu Giovinco, Angelo 14 meters after the dot pitch at the right foot relevant statistic procedures door, pop the ball inside the right column! After 1 minute, Sneijder's long-range outside the area close to the right column wide. 54 minutes, Zanetti restricted line is brought down, the referee has not been ignored. 60 minutes, Giovinco right foot from 25 meters above the long-range. Tiago - Motta replaced Biya Biya Ni. 69 minutes, Sneijder, Pandev the ball straight, Esteban Cambiasso's left foot from the center line above the restricted area. Bojinov replaced Giovinco. 72 minutes, just appearances to help Inter Milan seal the victory Motta, hanging Sneijder free kick into the box on the right, Motta's header led to goalkeeper sell, closed melee Materazzi, Pandev has ball, MO 8 meters away from the gate tower ball pumped into the door! 4-2, Mota's first goal of the season to help Inter win. 74 minutes, Parma fired back, then pass in the left Crespo, 8 meters away from the door header, the ball in the right column! The first 75 minutes, Sneijder left foot cross, Stankovic Qiuhou into the restricted area, 16 meters away from the door right foot Nushe Stankovic, the ball fleeing into the lower left corner goal! 5-2, Stankovic hat-trick. Inter Milan Stankovic This is the first hat-trick. Airshoes
En million Coward replaced Stankovic, San Siro all stood for applause. 79 minutes, Sneijder's left front foot low drive was goalkeeper denied. 80 minutes, do two Motta Road and Pandev had a match point after a penalty shot, the goalkeeper saved sell, Pandev Mianduikongmen 5 meters away from the door blank range, but the ball hit the side net! 82 minutes, right-sided biography Angelo Crespo penalty points higher than the right foot volley. 85 minutes, Palai Ta hoisting within the restricted area was Custer Lacy struggling denied. Freeze-frame the final score 5-2, Inter taking all 3 points.

World Sports brand rankings
First: 1, ( Airshoes ) - NIKE U.S. company was officially established in 1972. NIKE by its predecessor, the current CEO Phil. Knight and Bill. Bowerman's Blue Ribbon Sports company investing coach. Encompassing the company's products: apparel, shoes, sports equipment and so on. It is confirmed by its impressive performance with founder Bill. Bowerman once said the words: "As long as you have a body, you are an athlete. And the world as long as the athlete, Nike will continue to grow and develop." Resistance grams of language is the language of movement. Second 2, (Chaussures Sports ) - United States 1895, Reebok's founder Joseph Foster, a British sprint fans, he hoped to have a pair of running shoes with nails, but because of his financial and resources, sleepy, making a pair of his own to create their own name, "Foster running shoes." In 1900, Foster further improve his technology to build their own business, for local sports fans, hand-made running shoes, the message is widely disseminated, is generally accepted that running shoes, and market share leadership position, this "blessing Lancaster "sprint spikes from bringing historic change to give, continue to use for 50 years. In 1958, over time, Foster continues to expand the company and towards other areas of sports development, they established a comprehensive starting from their own company, originally called Maike Rui soccer shoe company called Reebok later named (African antelope). Today Reebok has become a global brand sports shoes first. Third (Air Jordan Chaussures ) - Germany Adidas was founded in 1920 ("ADIDAS" trade mark registered in 1948). Adidas start-up, although only a small business workshops, but its vision has been aimed at the world market. Therefore, in the early development of the company, Adidas will be product innovation, as new markets, increase brand awareness of the power. "Function first", "best athletes" is the company's brand development principles. Adidas founder Adi Dassler not only a track and field athletes and sports enthusiasts, but also bits respected technology, quality and passion for innovation of entrepreneurs and inventors, Adidas sports shoes in the production process Many technological breakthroughs were achieved by him, and he has total of 700 patents. At the same time, Adi Dassler sports shoes produced the world set a precedent by the field. In 1920, Adi invented the world's first with a pair of training shoes in his Adidas, under the leadership of the birth of the world's first pair of skates and soccer cleats plastic cast. In the footwear on the main running shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, outdoor shoes, training shoes, aerobics shoes, soccer shoes. Mainly in the clothing of cotton and polyester, nylon and elastic fiber-based. Adidas's three most prominent association concept is: "fashion, modern and cool." Fourth place (PUMA PUMA) - Germany's understanding of the history of sports shoes, knows "Puma" and "Adi Das "These two brands is the German town of Herzogenaurach Dassler brothers created. Early in the 20th century, 20's, when the "sports shoes" yet the term appears, Dassler brothers began to study sports wear shoes, and in 1936 Berlin Olympics, the first time, let the world recognize the competition of sports shoes play an important role. However, the success of the cause of the two brothers have accelerated the dispute. In 1948, the two brothers decided to split, his brother Rudolf to Puma "Puma" in the name of his brother Adolf is a combination of his name, created the "Adidas." "Puma" and "Adidas" each has developed its own characteristics, all have a glorious history. However, late 80s, from the United States, "Nike" forced retreat of these two European brands. 1989, "Adidas" will be sold to the French equity consortium. The Joe Hill, "Zeitz keep the" Puma. "Zeitz's greatest contribution was as a" sports shoes "to find a" fashion "new way forward. When the other shoes for various sports brands to continue to develop more and more professional sports shoes, the "Puma" has been used in shoes, fashion design and life, the investment in new design. Today, the "Puma" has become the fastest growing sports brand, mainly to leisure and sports series. The respected the freedom of movement style of clothing; and leisure series is the world series of high-end fashion and stylish Puma wisdom of combining the concept. fashion industry trend of men and women of the "Puma" products in droves. fifth (Fila FILA) - FILA Italy in 1926 by the brothers founded in Italy BIELLA. seventies, in line with diversification strategy to expand in the future was a vast sports apparel business, has developed a tennis, skiing, swimming, golf, mountain climbing, until recently the new by basketball, football and other clothing. Fila today its product quality, versatility and design of novel and earned a reputation. product marketing world more than thirty countries. sixth (United States Jin Nong Mizuno) - founded in 1906 in Japan MIZUNO , is one of the world's leading sports brand, service to all types of sports. Japan Mizuno Corporation is the International Olympic Committee identified as sponsors of the Olympics. MIZUNO's product range, covering almost all major sports. Product Development adhere to the extensive scientific research base to ensure safe movement is more comfortable, while convinced that combine technology and human sensibility, in order to create the perfect quality. at the same time expand the product range, constantly using new technologies, develop new products, enhance product functionality to meet the needs of the market today. the better the quality control is based on the product of the MIZUNO. seventh (Umbro UMBRO) - Britain has a 78-year-old internationally renowned brand UMBRO, is based on a English football apparel manufacturer, and in 1924 by the British Humphreys brothers founded. two brothers with their English names (HUMPHREY BROTHERS) of the five letter word merged into UMBRO, then with diamonds Double Diamond logo are registered trademarks of UMBRO as today. In the course of the growth of Umbro, has been accompanied with more support to win the World Cup-winning green despots, including the 1966 World Cup England team, Umbro also the same year the most brilliant moment in history, when 16 teams entered the final 15 teams in there wearing Umbro uniforms. more than 70 years of history, Umbro, football has always been to focus on the brand concept of steady development, has become the world's leading professional football clothing and equipment suppliers, for all football-related equipment readily available. eighth ( Puma Cat ) - Italy in the early 70s ementsa, Italy had a profound social and cultural change, you can call it resistance, rebellious era. in this reformation, clothing also will adapt to a new lifestyle: formal dress is no longer popular, casual clothing became popular, Kappa is the product of this revolution. In the early 80s, ROBE DI KAPPA developed a campaign with a forward-looking clothing market, so the birth of the Kappa Sport (now Kappa), and a woman sitting with back to back to form Kappa romantic with a strong brand identity. It is filled with romantic Europa style. the past two years has introduced fashion products, fashion designers pay more attention to color, elegant version of type, with the integration of its products in the sports fashion elements, fully embodies the Kappa brand "campaign, fashion, sexy, taste "brand personality. ninth (Diadora DIADORA) - Italy Diadora Diadora has a leading position in Europe, the Italian international sports brand, founded in 1948. Many of the world-class athletes are signing Diadora sponsored athletes, including the Italian giants Roma, famous star Roberto Baggio, the virial and the world the best football referee Collina. tenth (Lotto LOTTO) - Italian Lotto (Lotto) is an Italian sports fields The main brand, and football, tennis leader.

The first section of a battlefield report
Kobe Bryant 9 points and 6 rebounds a single first Festival Odom made two free throws in the first foul, and then assists and Kobe Bryant hit a jumper.Air Shoes Wright, and Vladimir Radmanovic to help the Warriors even take 4 points. Kobe Bryant dunks reciprocated inside Lamar Odom assists, and Pau Gasol inside after another attack succeeded, the defensive end closure Gaiaisili Artest layup. Bryant sent straight assists, assists, steals Fisher Gasol fast-break layup, the Lakers lead the Warriors 8 points. Curry hit the third, Bryant grabbed consecutive offensive rebounds, and Pau Gasol finished layup, Nike Shox layup Kobe Bryant played since 2 +1. Gasol hit consecutive free throws, Brown scored 4 points, the Lakers leading 37-21 Warriors the first section. Warriors starters: Vladimir Radmanovic, Wright, Biedrins, Ellis, Curry Lakers starters: Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Pau Gasol
2010 is Spanish brilliant a year. On Wednesday, Spain and Portugal's friendly road is 2010 last game. This is the west Portuguese two countries for the 2018 World Cup before the final sprint.
Air Shoes
Last week, the symbolic meaning published vicente del bosque more friendly 23-man squad, world champion in addition to the natrium gas injury not be selected by card sola for outside, all the other players to gather. On Monday, the Spanish football association held a vocal activities, invited currently living all entered the Spain international happily gather, and took more than 400 people large scale family. Up to di stefano and Louis suarez, down to Po Yang, injured natrium gas on crutches specially attended the huge celebration. FIFA President sepp blatter present christmas-to for Spain issued the world champion certificate.

Blatter speech way: "the Spain World Cup in South Africa's best team, obviously this is a football team, they in every game ideas clearly to win, not thinking of trieste end but lost the game."
Nike Chaussures Femme
In celebration, Spain also show the new uniform. Wade right chest on a star, still appeared in the left breast symbol of the world champion of the World Cup trophy logo, Spain will have the right to wear this sign until the 2014 World Cup.

New Jersey advertising from beriah, slightly brent and Harvey alonso as protagonist, advertising creative three people ripped skin revealed New Jersey, representing Spain shadowfax finally achievement world champion.

Distance the 2018 World Cup sponsor announced before the 15 days, Spain is thus ascribed do-do. But in two days before the vote golden globe ended, the Spaniard also won the golden ball hard for Harvey, although competitors and iniesta. Coach vicente del bosque said: "I'm more inclined to awarded Harvey, should have been given a golden globe from each aspect see more suitable players, this just fair." Spanish history only won the golden ball players luis suarez also think she should have been given Harvey: "golden globe should have been given the best, the most comprehensive, a season most worthy of affirmation. Undoubtedly, Harvey most match."

Ceremony ended, because of the knee injury return matabeleland, valencia, vicente del bosque no longer called newcomer instead. Monday before departure only once in training, juande ramos and torres injury stay in the gym recovery. Liverpool requirements torres came back, but after the diagnosis, torres or leave.

Spain is expected to 4231 squad () : casillas/o WeiLuoYa, pique, carles puyol, KaPuDeWeiLa/Harvey xabi alonso and booth g Bates/iniesta, Harvey, silva/villa

Frank Lampard put Jiaotai new love Cheryl Lu Xiangjian charming drunken flush
Chelsea 0-2 defeat to Liverpool, Frank Lampard sidelined because of injury battle cards, but "Magic Lamp" shows in the other battleground side of slightly fewer than FireWire, who was the evening UK time on November 8 Honor Awards in the UK ceremony, of course, he is not a person in the "battle", has accompanied his girlfriend Kristen.
Nike Chaussures Femme
Yan Fu Frank Lampard is not described as shallow, so beautiful Christian auspices of emotion field as their second spring, and the two British honor is at last year's Awards ceremony sparks, and now just spent the anniversary of the anniversary. Although just know, a dry wood, a fire, and soon Rujiaosiqi, but they do security work is in place, the couple initially denied their relationship.

One year has passed, and now the two meet in a place that they had high-profile appearance, dressed in a black dress can be described as Christian is brilliant, with the British singer Danielle - Milo in "X element" when the final dressed in costumes a style, a half Xiangjian are bare, but there is no doubt that body are convex rounded Christian full of the curve itself exposed. The problem is that there is such a beautiful woman every night to accompany their Shengge, apart from Chelsea midfielder happy to have a trace of worry?

Proved to worry about is not superfluous to leave the party, when Frank Lampard and Kristen did not sell big affectionate interlocking fingers, but keep a distance from one after the other out of the venue, the most worth pondering is, Chris Ting Yu-yi, almost without reservation, nestled in the bodyguard who will, and his bodyguard seems to be that light so not good enough to eat tofu, a large palm-leaf fan Kristen explore hands are moving to, when his unmarried girlfriend playing When ambiguous, blurred blue eyes peering midfield seems to tell you: He is only a spectator.
Nike Shox
Even if they sit down at the car show off their sexy Kristen thigh when Frank Lampard was at a loss, did not he, after thinking about how to rejoin his teammates Ashley - Cole report? Do not misunderstand, is also coming out Cheryl British Honorary Awards, to be sure that the "X element" the judges had a High, half-drunk half awake in the car, she did not know who in the phone call, Cheryl drunk only know his face after the flush, willowy figure of Painting in sending out a charming look. In this false picture of the night, the head of Lampard braved the "green", Cole's only linger in the memories of Cheryl's talent, blue undefended!

Nike Air Max Turnaround
And as Hyperize, Hypermax, Kobe V and Air Max LeBron VII, etc. Most of Airshoes basketball shoes than war, Nike Air Max Turnaround to the popularity of less talent, but the next shoe will be a grand battle NBA recommend a defended for the Dallas Mavericks to Dirk? Dirk Nowitzki (acheter air jordan ) player tailored Special Edition, may be able to reverse this ugly stereotypes we see. This pair of shoes fight impressively showed the distinctive eye-catching color Mavericks, the upper white, and in the lining, the end, hook the subject of dotted blue trim at the phase contrast, while the hook on the mark and the soles of the bubble is also visible Air Max green. This new store is well-known House of Hoops in the heat available.

Nike Vandal High
So far, NBA shoes king war exposed a variety of third consecutive year, the Nike Vandal high spectacular high-help masterpiece, such as purple and gray version of the bubble pattern and so on. Air Shoes today announced a strong team and then the red / white - black new, it is no wonder the world, no nobody knows the classic "Chicago Bulls" (Chicago Bull) color case. This new product has been listed, is now available for sale at the online shopping mall heat, the retail price of $ 75. In the "Chicago Bulls" (Chicago Bulls) acheter air jordan VI retro re-engraved version came later in the year before, the shoes can be described as an excellent alternative choice for fans of a number of shoes can never heal the hearts of law-abiding .