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Schalke 04 through the darkest days Hao Junmin opportunities from this never
Beijing time at 2:45 on September 30th (Germany local time at 20:45 on September 29), the European Champions League second round second match day, with Farfan Schalke 04 at home and two Huntelaar Despite wins over Benfica goal tablets. The campaign, Magath still using Schmitz as left back, but early in the season to be placed in this position with a large list of Chinese star Hao Junmin did not enter.
The campaign originally Hao Junmin in the left back position, Schmitz was quite satisfactory performance. Starting and playing on consecutive nights, he steals 1 2 successful, make 3 times the effective intercept all the extraordinary success of the 2nd, and assists in 73 minutes as Schalke Farfan opened the door to victory.
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Schalke back line the game have a major adjustment, and Papadopoulos Uchida Benedict replaced Moritz, Heweidesi appearance, the performance of continuous starter Metzelder is not reassuring. The only commendable defense line is left back Schmitz, I do not know now been nailed on the bench Hao Junmin see "the same change for the midfielder to play full-back," the excellent performance Schmitz idea for what would . Beginning of the season, Magath has a lot of opportunities to the Chinese wormwood, left him free to play in Schalke. Defensive ability can be persevering weak, thin body of the Hao Junmin on the left guard position in the performance of a mess, so people would not think he is more like a defense to the left of avant-garde.
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With the recent bottoming out Schalke 04, German media also Hao Junmin in Gelsenkirchen is not optimistic about the future, "Bild": "Schmitz and Rakitic in Funchal g left the run is getting more perfect, I'm afraid no chance to play the Chinese wormwood. "and Schalke Gelsenkirchen where the local media" Western line "is that Hao Junmin Magath can not integrate into the tactical system: "Artemisia in China is a winger, striker and even in the Schalke 04 he is a defender. whether 442 or 433, Magath to keep that light of a re-attack the players on the left back position, on the sand Park and Hao himself no good. "

Hao Junmin in addition to the German media is not optimistic about the future of Schalke, Schalke team-mates in a small Artemisia were also indirectly expressed their views on Hao Junmin, Hao Junmin, and now they think Schalke they can not blending. Schalke left-back now Schmitz said: "Although our results have been in decline, but was pleased to see the coach according to the needs of the team to make the necessary changes. Although I was born midfielder, but I am now in the left guard position and Rakitic, Huntelaar was very happy for their cooperation. "and then let Hao Junmin Magath completely give up hope:" The team is still running, especially the defense. I used all the available with the team, so that they can play in all their positions. I think I will be gradually selected as the most suitable of the four satellite lines Schalke play a full season. "
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The comments for Magath, Schalke defense personnel from the current deployment, it is clear and defender Christoph Metzelder has been left back Schmitz is the main iron heart Magath, defender Heweidesi's performance is considered superior. The only uncertainty is Magath right back candidates who tried Benedict Uchida, Saer Pei, Heweidesi, Moritz today after a temporary guest Papadopoulos has been right back into the maga special field of vision. But no matter how you change, I am afraid this position will not allow overcrowding Hao Junmin "guest" of the.

And Hao Junmin debut winger has been playing the position, Schalke squad is talent: Rakitic, Farfan, Jones, Madi Pu can be competent, but their common feature is both offensive and defensive. China stressed that the unilateral development of expertise in the environment to grow up big Hao Junmin, obviously do not have such characteristics. Having said that, he was the first team from the Schalke further away; Or that he left the end of Liuyang, the day is getting closer to return to the motherland.

European Golden Boot settled in Barcelona
Am Beijing time on October 1 (30 September local time the evening of Spain) ,2009-10 season and the European Golden Boot award ceremony will be held in Barcelona, Spain FABRIQUE Theatre. In the 2009-10 season has been in the past, Barcelona star Lionel Messi in the Primera Liga 35 bombers into the 34 goals to beat a score of 68, Didier Drogba, such as super-striker Higuain won the "European Golden Boot" award. By then, the former "European Footballer", "World Footballer of the" Messi will visit the site received the "Golden Boot" trophy, no doubt will again become the focus of attention in world football.Pink Air Rift
Founded in 1967, the European Golden Boot, first by the French "France Football" host, but there was controversy rating system suspended in 1991. Later, ESM European Union to resume sports magazine's selection of the European Golden Boot. This year's European Golden Boot award ceremony by the Spanish "Mr. Football" magazine contractors.
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It is reported that the European Golden Boot award ceremony this year, the venue has encountered controversy in Spain is blowing due to the current "strike wave", scheduled to be held at the coliseum teatro theater awards ceremony desperation had been temporarily changed to the FABRIQUE theater. Although the experience of this small changes, but remains intact in the Golden Boot Awards at the degree of concern, because this Golden Boot winner and former "Mr. Football in Europe", "World Footballer of the Year" award in person will be Lionel Messi the results of field hands Cup Golden Boot.

Messi is still sidelined with injuries in the period, taking into account the player's injury recovery Golden Boot Awards ceremony, the organizers deliberately reduced the length of time, the original plan of 60 minutes to 30 minutes. In addition to your visit Messi, the Barcelona city government officials, Barcelona football club executives and other VIPs will be the world witnessed the arrival of this moment of glory Macy cup.
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In the 2009-10 season has ended, representatives of Barcelona Messi played in the Primera Liga has scored 34 goals 35 times, due to the integral coefficient of La Liga 2, so Messi finally beat a score of 68, Didier Drogba, Iraq melon and other top shooters for the European Golden Boot as the new. It is worth mentioning that the Messi of Argentina won the award also created a new record player, Lionel Messi is the "European Golden Boot" award after the reform of the first Argentine player.

In addition, 30 awards ceremony on-site in addition awarded the "European Golden Boot", but also awarded the "Best Coach in Europe" award, according to media reports from Spain that "the best coach in Europe" Award winner will be Spain coach Del - Del Bosque.

BIG4 Deal + close encounter cold Champions
Premier League Round 6, the cold front ahead of the arrival of the British Isles, Chelsea fell, fell Arsenal, Tottenham or down, even to participate in the European Cup, Liverpool did not win. This is very strange round of the Premier League, Manchester United can not avoid the difficult Qusan Fen's fate, though for a fight, and ultimately did not reverse the win, failed to reproduce the renowned on, "Ferguson moment."
Imminent war in Europe, especially to the Champions League team, but did have a headache intensive schedule, the major joined the team just weeks in the League Cup, they had the participation of non-stop weekend and prepare for next week's Champions League. In fact, the four major league teams like many, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Schalke are trapped in this intensive schedule, failed to win, only Barcelona, Bremen, Milan, there has never been before Roman victory to victory.

As the England team, to participate in the game more, plus this season "17 +8" New Deal, wealthy than the reserve team players ever "thin" some, resulting in reduced physical reserve, four league in England is only required to play two domestic Cup (FA Cup and League Cup), so the pressure on Premiership giants team is even greater.
Few seasons before, in addition to last season, the start of the season from 2005-06, Premier League Champions League semi-finals in a monopoly position for four consecutive seasons played "three British battle XX" of the play, the dedication for the Champions League, comparable to today's Premier League Primera Liga side the early 21st century, especially the four giants, so the current round of the league, although several have sent the wealthy can send the strongest team, but has a sense for the game to stay in power. The name of the game today thinking about tomorrow's game, certainly can not be fully present, it certainly can not play 100% of the energy.
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For example, Arsenal, West Bromwich Albion for the penetration of no way short pass, consecutive opponents staged a "very Arsenal," the attack and score, so that in the previous league game is almost unthinkable.

Ancelotti Champions League experience should be no less than Sir Alex Ferguson's coach, but the face of strong continuous confrontation, he even imagine how the peak in Milan when it was repeatedly Lianchuang devil race, Chelsea face a dual pressure is also not hold on, Carlos Tevez eventually lock on.

26, Manchester United is the most typical example, they will face Valencia in the week, be regarded as the most powerful group stage opponents, and in 25 Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and even after all did not win Manchester United against Bolton also have more room, Bolton is not a hard nut to hoe, Manchester United last season who suffered a double play, Ferguson took the opportunity to catch up in trouble just the top of the London double-strong, so Sir Alex Ferguson sent the strongest team, Nani, Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov swords together in their discharge of the double-old midfielder has Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

However, it is clear from the game can be seen, the team's win against Liverpool want to complete and can not be compared, not focus on the game itself in the past, only in the backward, the players guess reluctantly pull ourselves together, to work on changed back to tie the score. You're welcome to say that, in addition to 15 minutes after Michael Owen goal, Manchester United players have played almost no momentum to Nasan Fen. Therefore, "Ferguson moment" difficult to reproduce, not the capacity or the state, first of all is a problem with the mentality of the team.

Champions League is a double-edged sword, this is the old saying goes, play well, and the Champions League can bring great wealth; but the Champions League is a bottomless pit, the team he will consume more energy, so the team struggling to cope, when Leeds the Royal Society are trying to go further in the Champions League for a try, eventually more harm than good, did not groan too much advantage of the Champions League, the league has fallen into the abyss of relegation.

Not such an extreme example of Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea are well suited to such a wealthy family property rich, but enough as a wake-up call, the four Champions League round of collective victorious team, 3 losses and 1 level, is also a reminder, the Champions League and between the league, what should be distributed?

Guardiola said nothing about the madman provocation
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In an interview, "Marca" interview, Mourinho can win most of Barcelona ridiculed by weak teams take the initiative to abandon the race, because these teams that did not face Barcelona odds, simply send second-tier teams play, the natural so that they can easy victory. Faced with this problem, Guardiola no positive response, he made it clear, nothing to say for the Real Madrid coach.
Spanish media will be the first time Mourinho defiant words to convey to Guardiola, Barcelona coach the answer is: every team deserves respect. Although some may sound official, but in fact, Guardiola does not want to call this ground war of words with Jose Mourinho.

Guardiola admitted recently to speak need to be careful, especially on the topic of Real Madrid and the Madman. Repeatedly asked the media not help, but unfortunately the only serious Barcelona coach said: "I do not want to say anything Mourinho, the coach how formations have their own ideas, I respect every player, the fans, too They will understand that you are sent a replacement main intention was, the coach can not make everyone happy. "
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Although Barcelona start flat, but the strength is obvious in the league, Mourinho is worried that other teams will give Barcelona the green light middle, the league title for the sake of this season, he had to act as a provocative role for all La Liga teams sounded the alarm. Guardiola also clearly understands this, and so at this sensitive time, he did not want to waste energy on unnecessary war of words among them.

In order to block the media's mouth, Guardiola simply lead the conversation to the Macy body, right ankle was Chanshang 5 days later, Messi has started personal training, but includes a lot of players, including Puyol Messi does not want too reluctant to rush back, not to mention his participation in early October to the Argentine national team game. But Guardiola'd look great degree, he said he went to Japan to serve their country to support Messi: "I think Messi should go back to his injuries recover well, and serve it understandable."
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The beginning of the season, Barca have complained about the arrangements for the national team trip FIFA is too full, the players have become a trapeze artist, which seriously affected the state of the team, Lionel Messi is one of the victims at that time. Guardiola has called up striker on the national team has frequently expressed serious dissatisfaction with, and now he was unusually active support for Lionel Messi returned to play and really do not know if this is figured out, or just smoke it.

Bayern house seemingly endless rain that Van Gaal two injury-troubled star
Local time on September 17, only 18 years old Bayern defender David - Second Team on behalf of Alabama's game against Saarbrücken accidentally injured teammate Jilmaz not spared, Bayern of crisis, and lack of two new forces, Abras is considered a major replacement contento.PUMA FUTURE CAT
It is reported that Alabama is the site of injury in his right foot ankle, expected to be sidelined for six weeks. The young Swiss defender last season, head coach Van Gaal has been appreciated by being raised to a team, and in the league playing experience had 3.
This season, for the same youth training camp from Bayern teenager contento firmly adheres to the position of left guard, avant-garde online again Franck Ribery, Mill, and Cross, with Planic large arten Top, who are inevitably relegated to the bench, the lack of actual combat experience to follow Bayern 2 Alabama had the third-level team of the league campaign.
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Another injured Jilmaz is a striker, according to youth team coach Grand that he has at least two weeks to rest over time. Count almost scrapped off injured before the plug of the season, there are already three players plagued by injury. It seems that in the Bayern's troubles, Van Gaal had to face the shorthanded situation.

Champions League - Bayern 2-0
Beijing at 2:45 on the September 16th (Central European Time at 8:45 p.m. on the 15th), the European Champions League Group E first round contest. 2 to 0 victory over Bayern at home in Rome. The second half, substitute Miroslav Klose headed in the column. Final stage under the Mill, and two cities with Klose. Romanian champions Cluj home 2 to 1 victory over Basel.Nike Chaussures Homme
European championship last season, has not scored for 2 Bundesliga. Compared with the league last weekend, Van Gaal to replace two starters up front. Suspended Franck Ribery, Klose was put on the bench, and the Cross into the Great Altintop 11 list. Rome still Wu Qi Niqi, Riise missed and many other injured, two position adjustment Ranieri, Rossi replace injured Castellini, Caseti change left back. Brighi replace mene.

Two in March 1985 Cup Winners Cup 1 / 4 Finals, 2nd leg Bayern 2 to 0 victory at home, with a total score of 4 to 1 out of opponents. Bayern at home against Serie A teams record 5 wins, 5 draws, 4 losses. Champions League last season, Bayern have met three Serie A teams in the group home level to 0 Juventus 0, 16 more than a knockout victory at home two Florence. Rome after the return to the Champions League after a lapse of 1 year, 10 times a guest in the history of Germany 2 wins 8 losses, 1 is the latest UEFA Champions League 2004-05 season, losing to Bayer Leverkusen 1 to 3, only Totti, De Rossi, Perrotta also remain in the array.

Opening 6 minutes, Cassetti cross from the left, by Borriello 6 meters in front of the header wasNike Shox R4 block, bout to get the ball.Nike Air Force Ones arm seems to touch the ball, but not lifted. 15 minutes, right-sided low-pass Muller, Olic 10 meters in front of the envelop, but was sentenced on Burdisso foul. The 26th minute, Mark van Bommel pass, Lahm 23 meters in front of the office above the left foot volley.

Champions League - Schalke 0-1 loss to Lyon red Benfica 2-0 victory
Beijing at 2:45 on the September 15th (Central European Time at 8:45 p.m. on the 14th), the European Champions League Group B first round match, Lyon home a small victory than 0 Schalke, Brazilian international Bastos attack into the winning goal, Schalke defender Huoweidesi eat red card. 2 to 0 victory over Benfica at home workers in Tel Aviv.Chaussures Sports
Olympique Lyon runner-up against Schalke Bundesliga runner-up, this is the first time both teams met the European War, Lyon 11 consecutive UEFA Champions League finalists last season, nearly 2 home game against Bundesliga teams were negative reading, but the opponents are Bayern , home with the Bundesliga team encounters the other 7 remained unbeaten (6 wins and 1 level). A-Sissoko, Chris, Delgado, Edson due to injury, but Bastos thigh back from injury. Schalke after a lapse of two years returned to the Champions League group stage, the team had participated in group 3 were negative reading season opener, not even a goal.

An opening, Tula Lang brought down Jones, Rakitic opened a free kick 11 meters in front of Jones header wide of the left goal post office. 11 minutes, 科洛杰伊恰 grams of mistakes, Farfan shot by Loris saved the bottom line the bottom right corner, corner out, the Farfan header above the first 21 minutes, Moritz return header errors into the restricted area on the left Bastos, 12 meters in front of the left foot hanging over goalkeeper Neuer Department, Huoweidesi back but it was too late to recover tackles, 1 to 0. 32 minutes, Moritz 16 meters in front of the office fell to the ground Loris low shot was saved. 38 minutes, Huoweidesi kicked Briand high leg lift chest, sent off. Magath replaced with a teenager Matip Dick, keeping the defense complete.

6-minute second half began, trying to lob higher Raul midline. 54 minutes, Bastos 14 meters in front of the Department relevant statistic procedures were Neuer saved the bottom line. 58 minutes, Lisandro passing a restricted area fell to the ground, the referee refused a penalty. 67 minutes, Schalke midfielder lose the ball, pass Briand, Pjanic 16 meters in front of the office a little shot missed. Klug replaced Jones. 71-minute free kick Gourcuff missed the top left corner. Schmitz replaced Saer Pei. 78-minute free kick out Pjanic, Tula Lang header saved by Neuer. 83 minutes, Childrens Shoes grams he denied shooting was Matip bottom line. Lyon final 1 to 0 win at home.

Lyon (4-3-3): 1 - Loris / 13 - Lei Weiai, 4 - Diakhate, 5 - Lovren, 12 - Men Nike Shoes g / 8 - Pjanic, 28 - Tula Lang, 29 - Gourcuff (87'17-Macon) / 7 - Briand (89'6-Callstrom), 9 - Alessandro, 11 - Bastos (71 '24-Pierre).

Schalke (4-3-3): 1 - Neuer / 28 - Moritz, 4 - Huoweidesi, 5 - plestin, 2 - Saer Pei (75'13-Schmitz) / 10 - Rakitic, 23 - Jones (70 'Klug), 27 - Dick (45'32-Matip) / 17 - Farfan, 25 - Huntelaar, 7 - Raul.

Benfica vs. Tel Aviv workers. Army has won two Cup Benfica missed the previous two seasons Champions League. Tel Aviv was the first three workers reached the Champions League group stage of the Israeli team. 20 minutes, Benfica left corner to open to the outside, Carlos - Martins were passing the ball right-sided, the captain Louison 11 meters before the dot pitch of the door into the fire directly at his right foot near corner, a ratio of 0. 56 minutes, Aimar restricted area on the left cleverly extraordinary Hui Qiao, Cardoso left office in front of 11 meters higher than free jets. 68 minutes, Amorim forward pass, substitute Maxi - Pereira restricted area on the right oblique is Enyeyama saved, Cardozo 8 meters in front of the office to promote lower left blank range, 2 to 0. 78 minutes, Amorim was Enyeyama saved restricted area on the right oblique, Saweiaila blank range volley is gone. The visiting team 86 minutes to miss the opportunity, Tammuz edge of the area turned to his right foot volley hit the left goal post.

Rooney has been investigating suspected tax evasion 1,000,000 afraid to break Champions League
Beijing on September 13, according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the recent troubled Rooney has encountered new problems, before the British Customs and Revenue Agency is investigating the ownership of Premier League stars are the portraits of whether the income tax evasion. If substantiated, Rooney may need to repay £ 100 of personal income tax portrait of ownership.
British Customs and Revenue Agency's survey shows that about 200 million pounds Premiership potential existence of personal image rights income tax evasion problem. In the Premiership, there are hundreds of players in the contract with the club the right to use the existing portrait of the provisions of this revenue total revenue accounted for about players 1 / 3. Griffey Shoes

But in April 2010 the British tax system changes to improve the annual income of more than 15 pounds of high-income people tax standards. The right to tax personal portrait from the past 21% to 40% to 50%. According to this standard, many Premier League players have to back tax.

Rooney is now a contract with Manchester United, signed in 2006. The contract shows that Rooney's image rights income of 152 million pounds per year, the basic annual salary of 468 pounds. This means that in the past four years, sale of Wayne Rooney Manchester United through to the right to use the portrait, earned a total of 608 pounds. In April 2010 before the British tax system, Rooney needs to pay 127 million pounds of image rights tax, if it is in April after the new system, Rooney would pay 240 million pounds. So he needs roughly 115 million pounds in back.
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But in back taxes portrait, all the players involved in the Premiership, this is not his personal troubles. Rooney to really distressed or that he recently caught in the prostitution controversy.
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Everton's last round of the league, Alex Ferguson Wayne Rooney for the purpose of protection, did not let him go to the old home Goodison Park club. "Daily Post" said, Ferguson is likely to continue for the next Wayne Rooney rest of the Rangers in the Champions League will not appear his presence.
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On September 12, Rooney joined Manchester United in the normal Carrington training base. Ferguson has prepared him to rest the idea and told Wayne Rooney, but Rooney said he was very keen to play, will not be interference with privacy issues.

Warm-up match - beast-gram Messi of Argentina 4-1 win Spain broke waste
Beijing at 04 o'clock on the September 8, 2010 (Argentina local time at 20:00 on the on the 7th), an international warm-up competition for commemorative Libeierdi Stadium, Argentina, 4 to 1 home win Spain, Messi and Higuain have goal and two assists in the Carlos Tevez contributed to seize the Rayner's failure to expand the lower the score. Villa twice hit the frame, Casola has a hit frame, Lorant scored for the world championship play-face, Aguero broke the last time seal the victory.
Spain's victory over Liechtenstein at the weekend, coach Bosque 5 rotation adjustment, Cesc Fabregas and David - Silva starter. Argentina twice in the past four years, lost to Spain in the warm-up match, Javier Zanetti and Esteban Cambiasso to return to starting, which is representative of Argentina Javier Zanetti played 137 times. Messi, Higuain and Carlos Tevez formed Trident Air Shoes .
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Argentina miss the first six minutes, clever forward pass sent Messi, Carlos Tevez single-handedly closed Right 15 yards shot wide of the far corner. Argentina lead the first 10 minutes, Messi Road blocked after the break points to the side of Carlos Tevez, Manchester City striker forward pass, offside successful anti-Macy broke into a small restricted area on the left edge of light and free jets break, but Messi last goal is in November 2009 just off war Spain. 12 minutes, plus more than - Milito foul on Cesc Fabregas was booked, Villa direct kick 28 yards shot higher office.

Argentina's first 13 minutes to expand the score, Carlos Tevez forward pass, the same success against offside Higuain go past Reina after the left edge of a small restricted area of small angle Jin She broke, Peak block before the point shovel unsuccessful. The first 19 minutes, Esteban Cambiasso foul on Cesc Fabregas was booked. Then the scene into a stalemate, Spain, playing catch with a lack of fluid. Spain, the first 28 minutes almost pulled one back, Iniesta pass, Villa left back 25 yards Department Jin She hit the upper right angle of the beams and columns pop-up (Click for video).

Argentina scored the first 34 minutes to continue, when the supporting leg Reyna Disembarrassing skid Feet fall, Carlos Tevez quickly on the rush of 8 yards, 3-0 launched into Buddhism. Spain, the first 40 minutes again nearly broke, Demichelis restricted Fabregas fouls before, Villa direct kick 25 yards Department Mascherano shot hit the back of deflection, the ball hit the right column bounce , Fabregas blank range has been blocking. Before halftime, Mascherano restricted ago, sent a free kick on the foul Iniesta, Alonso 28 yards but the shot was a wall blocking Service.
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Spain for the second half with 4, Valdés, Navas, Casola and Lorant off the bench at the forward trident replaced. 47 minutes, Arbeloa won the free kick right-sided break, Fabregas biography, Lorant header Romero roof height was obtained. 49 minutes, after Alonso won the front court steals Banega free kick, Fabregas 24 yards Department shot missed the upper right corner. The first 51 minutes of Spain once again given the opportunity, Navas out of the men pass in the right-sided, Lorant former point 10 yards wide of near angle header Gongmen.

53 minutes, Messi was blocked right-sided mass, Banega pass, Cambiasso heel pass, Higuain restricted arc Jin She was Valdes saved a fingertip, rub the ball on the right side column out. 56 minutes, Harvey replaced Fabregas. 58 minutes, Lorant header ferry, free jets arc Alonso closed higher. 60 minutes, Dimaliya replaced Carlos Tevez. 62 minutes, Navas mass in right-sided, Casola edge of the area shot was blocked, Alonso return, Harvey closed higher before the shooting.

63 minutes, Messi even after the forward pass several people, Dimaliya restricted left side with relevant statistic procedures broke earlier invalidated because of offside. The first 65 minutes, Harvey forward pass, Navas Office Closed Youlei eight yards low shot wide of the far corner. Monreal fined yellow card foul on Messi tactics. Aguero then replaced Higuain. 71 minutes, Pedro Alonso replaced strengthen attack. The first 75 minutes, Zanetti edge of the area outside the block Pedro foul, free kick shot was blocked Harvey, Casola another shot hit the edge of the area outside the left post.
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77 minutes, Dimaliya fined yellow card foul on Navas, Harvey mass in right-sided free kick, headed Gongmen Lorant missed. The first 80 minutes, Harvey Pass, Pedro restricted area on the left of the shot is also difficult to break the fingers off Romero. 84 minutes Spain finally pulled one back in the city, Pedro restricted area pass in the left, Milito marking, and do not turn and fire Lorant 14 yards into the bottom right corner office. 90 minutes Dalessandro Substitute Lionel Messi 5 years after their last appearance for the national team again. Argentina's first 91 minutes Rated score, Dalessandro-point left, Heinze transfer in unguarded Aguero 10 yards headed home office, 4-1.

Argentina Lineup (4-3-3): Romero; Zanetti, Demichelis, Milito, Heinze; Esteban Cambiasso, Javier Mascherano, Banega; Messi (90 'Dalessandro), Higuain, Carlos Tevez (60', Dimaliya)

Spanish Lineup (4-3-3): Reina (46 ', Valdes); Arbeloa, Peak, Marchena, Monreal; Fabregas (56', Harvey) , Busquets, Alonso (71 ', Pedro); David - Silva (46', Navas), Villa (46 ', Lorant), Iniesta (46' , Casola)

Real Madrid 4 years training young talents cleaning 36 Barca need to look up a number of
The day before, according to Western media revealed that Real Madrid B team in the age of 18 array supernova Salabiya has reached an agreement with the Portuguese club over Braga, who will transfer window opens in January to 3 million euros after joining Zhezhi Champions League New Army. According to the "sports daily," given the data, Salabiya become a Real Madrid four years cleaning the first 36 training young talents.
In recent years, Basalama the rise of Western Asia blue training camp, so that became Real Madrid's Airshoes furnishings. In the current World Cup finals in South Africa, Spain starters in as many as eight Ming Basa players, which in addition to Villa, the other seven were all born in la masilla. The build in time for training young Cruyff camp, finally bursting out at that moment the most brilliant light. In contrast, there have been five brilliant Air Max Shoes eagle, but seems to have moved toward the decline.

Florentino back in control of the Galaxy a year ago, when warships of vowed: "I will change my policy, I will rely on training young players." Even in the summer, buy a center for the last Mourinho When Florentino answer is - from the youth training in mining. But that return that the actions of the President of Real Madrid with his promise to differ materially, only in the summer, Real Madrid B team, 13 players have been cleaned, in addition to the article mentioned Salabiya beginning, there rodrigo Ge, Marcos - Alonso, after the field in Tiger Balm Barr, and even the captain Mosquera, including, among others.

"Sports daily," given the data, since 2006, Real Madrid have already sold 36 players for training young. There is no doubt that in training young players from Real Madrid, the achievements of the highest naturally Matta, he has been with the Spanish team became world champion. Felipe just this summer to 12 million euros of net worth to join Atletico, which has just switched from a sheet Corps Schalke 04 Jurado also from Chaussures Sports Also Ricky, Luis - Garcia, Miguel - Torres, Parejo, Portillo, Juanfran, Aranda, Negredo, Soldado, Diego - Real Green Lopez, etc. training the players, also played on the team in their absolute main.

At the same time, another data more worthy of our attention, although Real Madrid, a team of Real Madrid array, only a mere four training young players, they were Casillas, Ebeiluoe, Granero, and Adam, but In addition to these four, the Spanish and the second division in the current arena, there are a total of nearly 110 players from Real Madrid youth academy, alone in the new Primera Liga season, Real Madrid to a total of 40 training young players in the clubs a team, you figure there are two people per team as much.

Can be seen, although the current Nike Chaussures Homme youth academy can not endorse as Messi, Xavi this superstar, but in promoting the development of the Spanish league this regard, Running Shoes far beyond the contribution of other clubs Youth training camp, even la masilla also need to look up.

Real Madrid officially announced the signing of Tottenham midfielder joined the Dutch ace 8,000,000
UK time on September 1, English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur announced through the official website, from the formal signing of Dutch midfielder van der Vaart Real Madrid. Tottenham official did not disclose contract details, but according to Sky Sports reports that Tottenham signed Van der Vaart with a four-year transfer fee is about 800 million pounds.Air Sport Shoes
Tottenham official Netcom Report wrote: "We are pleased to announce that, with Real Madrid on the transfer agreement. The Dutch international was born Ajax youth academy, Ajax played a total of 141 times into 60 balls, has won the Dutch title twice, then transfer in 2005 in Hamburg. effect a team captain Van der Vaart during the German Bundesliga, scoring high efficiency. 2007 move to Real Madrid. "in Madrid, van der Vaart become a substitute, but in the past 58 years still has 10 goals playing, especially the replacement of injured Kaka last season, his outstanding performance acclaimed, but Real Madrid this summer to buy the two Frontal Ozil and Canales, Van der Vaart position has become redundant.Chaussures Sports

South Africa into World Cup final of the Dutch team, Van der Vaart is also a member of the Asian military, Spurs on his experience in international competition is valued: "Raphael has played for the Dutch team 83 times, and into 16 balls, In 2001 he was the age of 18 on a war with the Andorra national team debut at completion. representative of the Netherlands Van der Vaart played in two European Cup and two World Cup. "

Old Redknapp led Tottenham last season before the Premiership Sharu four qualifying this summer have passed into the Champions League group stage, but the team encountered a lot of defending champion Inter Milan, Bremen, Bundesliga and the Dutch title, special crack Winter three teams in the group competition is very strong. So not much transfer movement before the old mine, also in the last minute continuous attack, introduced from Brazil, Sandro, free to sign Gallas, leased by the Croatian door Pletikosa, and in the last transfer window Real talent and contacts to acquire the Van der Vaart. Redknapp hopes der Vaart midfield with Modric common care, so the Spurs will play beautiful gift to somewhat technical stream.

But while Tottenham talks with Real Madrid very well, but to submit the official registration of the transfer agreement to the Premiership he ran into the thorny problem of the transfer provisions in the Premiership after the registration deadline for the submission of a Tottenham relevant documents, thus the first official Premiership must submit documents to confirm or rule out process. Premier League Tottenham finally to the green light, an announcement in the official website announced the endorsement of the transfer registration of overtime to complete, then move to Tottenham has also completed a formal notice.