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Nike, Adidas striker benefited people throughout the clash
In South Africa, as a World Cup sponsor Adidas (adidas) almost stole all the limelight, among eight teams wear Adidas accounts for half, striker top five all A standings adidas players, and even rumors "celebrate" the reason hard to kick, just as wearing Adidas sneakers. Phenomenon 1: So far, five striker all wear Adidas, striker standings of the top five players all Adidas-sponsored players. Into 4 balls Higuain, Witke; 3 ball women adidas , David Villa and Suarez. The current standings striker, scored the only 3 ball wearing Nike's Luis Fabiano of Brazil, scored two goals is Shinaizeer and Carlos Tevez. They are the only hope against Adidas monopoly. Phenomenon 2: "kicked out of the legendary" routed, and the relative Adidas championship leader in the striker is the focus of Nike's World Cup players introduced almost completely annihilated. "Kicked out of the legendary" The commercials can be said of Nike's classic, but it has now become a "tragic prophecy film." Ad star, Cristiano Ronaldo and more, Pato, Walcott did not come, Cannavaro, Franck Ribery, Lenny, C Luo has successively out. Plot: people throughout the post-grams Nike? Combined with the current striker situation list, it seems really celebrate recognition shoes. Celebrate with synthetic leather manufacturing and mechanical hot skin surface then use the "ultra tactile surface," This innovative technology. Adidas Cool series and the Falcon series has been using Kangaroo leather, soft shoes, and celebrate is just a soft one, yin and yang mix. Rumors say that this is the reason FIFA care, because Adidas team up to support the 350 million U.S. dollars (about 1.14 billion ringgit) of sponsorship fee indirect benefit to a lot of FIFA. In comparison, no matter Which Nike shoes, the upper and the lines are, and celebrate, "AMD convex pattern on the surface," repulsion to see Lenny even hold on the ball, Cannavaro missed kick after another, We wonder: Are these the last increase in the design of friction are beyond the control of the ball into the "culprit"?

Adidas running revolution Mayday lift attempt to challenge
May 24 News May 23, just completed the world tour concert in Wuhan station group Mayday Taiwan rock days, especially the next day at the Adidas campaign run in 2010, "running beyond their own" activities Wuhan's press conference. For this event also will introduce the adidas intelligent running a revolutionary training system - adidas miCoach, it will open up a whole new way of running exercise. Mayday is also invited to participate in the event, women adidas will be in May-day of running for a period of 80 days for Gifted program, and running with the necessary specialized training and equipment to help achieve the three months Mayday "Beyond 5 km "of running fitness goals. Adidas 2010 "run beyond their own" in 2010, Adidas introduced a revolutionary intelligent running training system - adidas miCoach, loads this intelligent training system, the Adidas product can not only run for the runners to provide movement to protect and comfortable running experience, more according to the different needs of each runner and physical conditions, run in real time to provide customized coaching to help runners run more scientific and effective training, thereby creating a kind of The new way of running exercise. The first seamless running load miCoach Adidas products - 10 Spring Main series running shoes ClimaCool Regulate, was April 1 in the domestic market, while Adidas running campaign in 2010, "running beyond their own "also in full swing. Mayday main ClimaCool Regulate the first to try to spring training system intelligent running adidas miCoach, Adidas spent years developing a revolutionary running training system formed, which consists of two parts: Responsible for monitoring the collection of data, carried out with runners voice communication hardware as well as the hardware into the intelligence service website In order to better promote the Cikuan latest intelligent running system, is responsible for main series ClimaCool Regulate Adidas's director at the press conference for the first time to show this a brand-new sneakers, but users are the famous day group Mayday. According to Director of introduction, as soon as possible in order to feel Cikuan Mayday magic shoes, back in Beijing concert after Mayday, Adidas specifically for each staff member on the amount of foot size and foot shoes to understand the habits and demands you to tailor-made this new shoes.

James recommends number 23 jersey retired next season will wear jersey 6
Recently, the NBA's most valuable player, James is ready to launch an initiative to NBA all wore No. 23 to give up the number of athletes to express their superstar "night" Jordan respects. The Cavaliers star headed, said a leadership role for the next season he plans to jersey number from 23 to 6. This James is the Cavaliers away, then I played the Miami Heat when announced. To transfer the media about his post next year to become the topic of free people, before James had first made his childhood dream of playing together side by side with the topic of jordan 2010 , he broke the news after the game, ready to jersey number from 23 replaced by 6. It turned out that the Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade for the first time that night games latest put on the "Michael Jordan" series entry basketball shoes, Jordan for this to come to the scene, James and Wade watched the duel. Speaking of Jordan, James said that Jordan has done for the NBA should be recognized in some respects, "If there is no Michael Jordan first, and then there would be no present, James, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade." In his view, to express Jordan's respect, then the NBA's players not to wear Michael Jordan wore the number 23 jersey that year, because when you see 23, it will surely think of Jordan. To this end, James said: "I want to launch a petition to every NBA player to sign."

Jordan shot stingy boss a pay cut to avoid the luxury tax continued Yuefeierdun
Now Michael - jordan 2010 has become the Bobcats owner, but with his usual high-rolling style than on his boss when people think of them after not less generous, but a stingy boss. "Flying Majesty," said he had no intention to pay next season when the luxury tax, which might have led him to problems in the players contract. Jordan has repeatedly reiterated that he did not intend to make the team over the luxury tax cap space the bottom line, because do not want to pay 100% of the high luxury tax. But the problem is that he followed the team in contract guard Raymond - Felton conflicts arise point, due to their limited space, he might only take a pay cut to Felton to open about 600 million contract. Felton's contract expires this summer, although he was not a superstar, but also a very good point guard, so that six million U.S. dollars of contract can keep him it will probably have a problem. Bobcats are in a continuous Yuefeierdun there is a problem, then this summer if they want to make the operation of large I am afraid not much possibility. Bobcats get 44 wins this season, 38 playoffs negative results Sharu to them, although the first round was eliminated, but they certainly are on the rise among momentum. But JORDAN 2010 in the current salary situation seems very tight to retain the existing team the Bobcats lineup, do not intend to carry out much of the lineup adjustments. In addition, the Bobcats coach Larry - the fate of Brown, has caused problems in the playoffs throughout the Union's concern that there were rumors that 76 of these were old people who intend to dig back to Philadelphia to coach. But now, when reporters asked him whether he would stay in Charlotte next season to continue coaching, he seems to have taken a "very happy step." He answered, told reporters: "I'm still here, if I was not, then that is another matter."

About Nike
Nike Air Force Ones , Inc. based near Beaverton, Oregon, is the design, marketing and distribution of real sports shoes, sportswear, sports equipment and sports accessories in the world's leading companies, their products are widely used in a series of sports and fitness activities. Nike's wholly owned subsidiaries include: Design, marketing and distribution of sports footwear, apparel and sports accessories Converse Inc. (Running Shoes .); Design, marketing and distribution of high-end shoes, handbags, accessories and coats Cole Haan company; UK-based global leader in football brand Umbro Ltd. (Umbro Ltd.); and design, marketing and distribution of sports and youth fashion style footwear, apparel and accessories and Hurley International LLC (Hurley International LLC).

Nike signed a rookie in 2009 which
To have a pair of his signature shoe that every basketball player should dream of one thing. Recently, the deep pockets of Nike announced, including the draft pick Griffin in 2009, including 19 rookie has signed Nike, Rockets rookie Charles Budinger honor angry. Nike Basketball Channel announced the signing of this message. In addition to the list of champion Blake Griffin also include the kings of Tai Ruike Evans (4th overall), Minnesota's Qiaonifulin (6th pick), Warriors Team Sidifenke years (7th pick), Charlotte's Gerald Henderson (11th overall), Indiana's Nike Shox R4 (12th overall) and so on several draft pick front of the rookie. Rockets rookie Charles Budinger was very lucky Nike selected. Charles Budinger at this year's draft, the General Assembly on the 14th in the second round by the Rockets selected, and completed the contract in the preseason. Budinger joined the Rockets a total of five preseason games, showing commendable. Among them the game against Orlando had scored 17 points. Nike said the signing of the rookie players this year in Nike's Twitter (American micro-blog) to meet with you. In the preseason and the season they will be wearing Nike shoes match