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Han visited the Olympic shoes, hand made shoes
As "Shenzhen Satellite TV No." honorary captain of the Han landing Quanzhou Quanzhou, Quanzhou, ancient culture on the one hand, am very fresh, on the other hand, Han has already heard of the famous shoes of Quanzhou. Therefore, Han led the "Shenzhen Satellite TV number" crew finished filming Qingjing Mosque Quanzhou old, they went straight to the representative of Quanzhou shoe brand - Pick shoes. Han Han has not only visited the Olympic shoes the whole process of the production line, and personally took the production line, under the guidance of the Olympic master of his own success to produce a pair of Cheap Air Shoes . Han Han joined in Quanzhou "shoemaker by trade," the team was nicknamed among the people to join the "Writers." In fact, Han either in person, "making shoes," or join the "Writers" have described an age like ours is a more free time. Han Han in the commends the spirit of freedom, we must also lament that created the Han era, a relatively independent of the environment can be created Han. In other words, not today's era, Han Han Han Han may still rebellious, but by no means the sense of public figures Han Han, will not be the voice of the Han through public platform. We live in a time may indeed need a variety of "spiritual mentor", but will emerge from time to time Han Han such a "bad boy." This is a dual track of time, is a transition time, as someone said, this is a Han Han "playing dead" Writers "solution ghost" of age. But the reason to believe that the tide rolling forward toward the era of rule of law and civilization, continue to stride towards the liberation of thought more ahead. In the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, "Shenzhen Satellite TV number" is to record such a great age.

Puma launched sports high heels
Huang to compare both sides of it is her own evaluation, reflected in their dress, Huang's shoes changeable, almost no rules to follow, even not the same style. Looking at her shoes with style. 2009, to the famous Cheap Air Shoes sports shoes introduced a series of sporting high heels. Grafted onto the heels on shoes shoes produced retained the clean sports shoes, buckle design, high heels, which also highlights the characteristics of high heels. By Huang feet wearing shoes with high heels shoes grafting, if she is not wearing fake, then Puma is the exclusive high-heeled sports shoes. This pair of shoes to wear stars rare, Huang to be the first bar

Nike's global influence
Nike's campaign has kept their early production can not meet consumer demand, short supply for the production of Nike into the embarrassing situation, especially the new design is seriously out of line with the productive sectors, but provide no orders in hand the product of these operations are not smooth to the enormous loss of Nike are many economic, brand reputation have been involved in.. Nike quickly find out why: the design-oriented focus on quality, but there is no absolute advantage in production, when production can not be synchronized with the pace of business, the firm is facing stagnation! Cheap Air Shoes has always been coupled with the production do not intend to rely on more interest, new sports concept and content of advanced technology to create a boutique shoes, they are willing to present to the market is a gift. So, they began to seek production partners worldwide. Japan, Western Europe, Korea, Chinese Taipei, China, India and other areas where labor is cheap so Nike has entered the field of vision, eventually became his base, Nike has finally cast off by the virtual operating mode of production burden. Nike's success is to focus on doing what they do best, to not do good things to others. They choose to manufacturers standards: lower cost, delivery in time, quality must be guaranteed! As a result, Nike successfully avoid the risk of manufacturing, to concentrate on product research and development, rapid introduction of new models, greatly shortened product life cycle. In fact, no matter when and where each company's internal resources are not everything dragon, it must achieve a reasonable allocation, according to the requirements of the external application of existing resources to the "thrown a wrench into the office," that is created The key point of wealth and efforts to develop, use all possible external resources.

Nike invited China Basketball fans to interact with the main Zhu Fangyu
"Whole-hearted intention to play campaign," LeBron James National tour has landed in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Nike Basketball City. Yesterday afternoon, specially invited China Basketball
Cheap Air Shoes main Zhu Fangyu interact with the fans. "From the CBA new season opened there two weeks, this season the team has lineup changes, including new foreign aid to join, the most important thing is the team's running." When asked when preparing for CBA season, Zhu Fangyu said, "new large foreign aid Harrison with different characteristics than the original Jackson, but he is young, good strength, our team hoped he would become the backbone of the new defense, rebounding and blocked shots in a little more respect contribution. I hope he is still able to maintain a good competitive state in the new season to have good performance, helping the team to repeat as champions. "Chinese team after the team lost on Asian Championships, Zhu Fangyu that the next the World Championship stage, the team's most important task is to maintain confidence. "The competition there are winners and losers, the most important thing is they have to establish confidence in the world championships we will strive to regain the honor of the Chinese team." He said. National Tour 2009, LeBron James LeBron James signature shoe series is divided into review area, basketball career review area, Nike Air Max LeBron VII Product Experience District, most of the Guangzhou station tour will end on the 12th of this month.

2009 classic series NIKE jacket
30 years, are all one of the key trends outfit, regardless of gender, identity and role, and put on display exclusive self-HOODY Jieneng unique style, today, HOODY popularity even reached the status of a staff , the clothing brand have also related to a single product of accumulated Hoody. In these 32 years, the leading sports brand nike, particularly to provide for hOODY form and technological breakthroughs, autumn and winter 2009, nike also made to the highest standards of technology, so that both function and appearance Hoody become the trend be used.
Cheap Air Shoes AW77 series has the highest standard of traditional norms and, indeed the history of the classic heritage. Nike in 1977, the third member of staff Geoff Hollister founded the Athletics West Track Club, this club has nurtured many of the world's top track and field athletes, but also the birthplace for innovative thinking. Athletics West's high-quality environment for the athletes away from the troubles to training, the club's long distance runners in Oregon to be cold and wet, difficult to accept a full year training environment; they want a universal Hooded Jacket, Geoff Hollister will be created France towel fibers AW77, he changed the past half-full zipper cardigan cardigan-style jacket, increased warmth and degree of fit with the body, while adding additional pieces in the neck, it is today It is well known for Scuba hood, but also a classic symbol for the AW77.