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Work for shoes away
Let go away to work in the office wearing light shoes Nike Air Shoes Let go away to work in the office wearing light shoes Nike Air Shoesand shoes can be difficult to fatigue, but if wearing shoes would be very worthwhile considering. Even if you are wearing civilian clothes, but in order to appear in the office, dressed in sportswear is not suitable, because the office is office space rather than the sports facilities and so it is more appropriate to wear formal shoes. Of course, that the wear pieces of sports jacket, then put on shoes look very coordinated. If you wear a pair of shoes with a little bit can also be paired with your coat, while with the identity. However, do not wear completely free with the shoes, because it is rather likely to cause fatigue.

Technological innovation and innovative marketing
The early 70s, due to the gradual rise of jogging movement, millions of people began to wear athletic shoes, sports shoes to wear only comfortable, but also a symbol of health and the young, sports shoes, Nike Air Shoes popular in the mass market. At that time, to Adidas, led by the "iron triangle" not sure about changing trends in this market, Nike has run into. 1974 Bierboman to create a new type of sole, soles are more flexible than others, this seemingly simple product innovation will be the cause of Knight pushed to a new milestone. In 1976, Nike's sales in 1975 of 8.3 million U.S. dollars soared to 14 million U.S. dollars. Company to develop new styles of shoes and spend huge sums of money, to the 70 end of the decade, Nike has nearly a hundred researchers, many of whom are biology, chemistry, experimental biology, engineering, engineering design studies and many other related degree. This strong research efforts to develop more than 140 different styles of products, many of which products are the market's most innovative and technology the most advanced. These styles are based on different foot type, weight, Pao Su, training programs, gender and different level of technology design. These styles, different prices and multi-purpose products, attracting tens of thousands of runners and make them feel Nike is to provide the most complete variety of running shoes manufacturers, millions of all kinds, all kinds of ability runners have had this concept, which is a rapidly growing industry, is a very attractive image. In 1979, Nike decided to market its athletic field and gymnasium expansion from the homes of ordinary people (especially teenagers), the creation of an updated, larger markets and development. In two completely different market operations, in order not to lose the tradition of informal sports market conditions, to maximize the attractiveness of Nike, its challenge is in adapting popular sporting achievements in awareness and advocacy on how to achieve balance and consistency. To this end, Nike decided to become an integral part of youth culture and status symbol, as a basis for beginning to rethink their advertising strategy and the introduction of a new marketing model. If a Nike promotional inflatable insole is advertising, in advertising the film is not used blindly Nike Nike Air Shoes promotional product technical performance and advantages of the usual approach, instead of using a new idea: a symbol of hippies from the representatives and the famous four-shell worm band playing the famous song "revolution" in the rebel plans a new rhythm, melody, a group of Americans who wear Nike products are intoxicated to carry out fitness training ... ... This is exactly the ad has just emerged to meet the changes in fitness The wind and the era fashion, gives a refreshing feeling. This strong promotion of ways to make Nike's market share reached 33%, and into the "iron triangle" to the 1981 Nike's market share reached 50%, ahead of Adidas. The ad so successful, as well as making it a part of Nike's corporate culture.

Is it cell phone or grenade ?
Model husband, "Tiger" Woods was repeatedly exposed to extra-marital affairs, except for that unfortunate accident, the SMS is also the "culprit." It is precisely because "mistress" in the hands pinch burning more than 300 text messages before I give Tiger Woods a fair hearing. In fact, the phone's fault much more than that, a number of sports stars is because the cell phones did not keep well, so that landed me in before the merry debt exposure.

In the history of the most famous "message scandal" of course, the British star "glamorous" Beckham's and women's assistant Rebecca's period of scandal. In 2004, Beckham's Spanish woman assistant Rebecca took the initiative to the media broke the news, and brazenly about her and Becks "can not tell the secret", followed by Becks is published in a flirtatious text messaging, the content makes shock Let David Beckham and his wife Victoria is extremely embarrassing. Fallen into such a scandal, a good husband David Beckham's image of the night were destroyed, while Rebecca is because of the availability, "Beckham woman" status, popular night.

Golf course, the Premiership giants Chelsea captain John Terry is the blue soul off the field, this Tiehan was also trapped in a "text message scandal." In 2005, the 17-year-old beauty Jennifer Barker took the initiative to the British media "The Sun" broke the news that she had with Terry passion play staged in the car. At that time, as a fan of Terry, Jennifer asked for a sign to the Teli Suo, while Chelsea captain was asked Janet asked for a phone number. Soon Terry will be sent explicit text messages. Charming face of the invitation idol, Jennifer ready to make trouble, and alone boarded Terry Bentley worth 10 million pounds, the back seat sports car ... ... while Terry followed by every means to deny, but the message content has evidence, let the playboy nowhere to hide.

NBA San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker is also a brilliant image of a man and his young wife, the U.S. drama "Desperate Housewives" actress Eva on many occasions declared that "Tony is the world's best husband." But two years ago, a French supermodel has come up with a few ambiguous messages, claiming that the relationship between himself and Parker unusual. Fortunately, a good man Parker consistently good performance on its own to win the trust of his wife, both still very affectionate.

England striker Darren Byfield can be described as the wife of your husband's virtue, with the British music scene R & B days, Jamelia married fame greatly increased. However, this does not seem to satisfy the British striker bit-star wife, he and a 20-year-old blond beauty who have been exposed the scandal, also because of the hot contents of the messages as evidence. And this affair led directly to his divorce with his wife after three years.

mobile phones has brought us convenience, it is also brought trouble.

Is it cellphone or grenade ?