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Nike Air Force 1 High Hyperfuse tide shoes
If you must pair of classic Air Force 1 High foot feeling too heavy,Air Shoes then we can give you a new option, that is, Air Force 1 High Hyperfuse.Nike Shox R4 This basketball shoe for the weight of the material is now also a successful cross-border areas to the trend of shoes, keep you comfortable and trendy, while the foot feeling better experience. Chaussures Sports To Air Force 1 shoes more functional characteristics of this series is Hyperfuse good mind to join.

Nike Sportswear autumn and winter 2011 release
Nike's hybrid technology can always be together, to create new ideas, regardless of the results of such an attempt is good or bad, at least we can see new things have been derived from the classic and modern show off. If the Air Shoes is a show off the air, it appeared in the Air Force 1 body; If, Foam material is always showing off, it has been combined, and Air Force 1; If boats were the Air Jordan logo, and the entire series has always been show off, then the series of features and boats were the logo can also be found in the Air Force 1; If the luxury of leather is a kind of wild animals to show off, then the Air Force 1 high with ornate wooden shoe trees lying on the cheap nike shox site on; if the name is kind of Hiroshi Fujiwara to show off, Many years ago, lightning has the blessing of the Air Force 1. This pair of shoes is the Sneaker's history, from its birth to the retro trend has been re-shaping, Air Force 1 has become a classic, and is part of the trend. Next, Nike and show off what? Basketball shoes from the areas of technology,Chaussures Sports we see Hyperfuse, this technology is almost in all the high-end single product. How can we forget to show off the technology so Air Force 1, so this time the Air Force 1 Hyperfuse birth, with bright colors and high to help the models, Hyperfuse somewhat plastic texture with the taste of science and technology, and more color rendering, let the full sense of the future. This retro futuristic and high to help with the Air Force 1 has highlighted the perfect shape, perfect to show off into an extension. Air Force 1's highlight color is bound to prove this season is no longer lonely.

Spring and summer of 2011 the new Nike Toki Deconstruct TZ
I do not know this season of Air Shoes Sportswear's new Loobook taken is also left the impression that all the new products are black and white photos to show, Vintage full breath. In the most watched series in which the shoes on to 22 years after the return of Air Flow TZ Tonal, the release has been widely acclaimed. However, there is another one pair of new shoes in the series, that is, Toki Deconstruct TZ. nike shoes inherited the tradition of previous designs, the overall use made of high-grade leather, and with a classic white vulcanized rubber sole with perforated Swoosh, embellishment and yet enhance its permeability, absolute to the force in the summer wearing. If you take Toki Deconstruct TZ andAir Jordan Chaussures Tonal compared to the next more recommended the former, because of its narrow body design is easier to match. The latter is slightly bloated in appearance, with the ability for you is definitely a test.

Nike 2011 Summer Lunar Flow LE New Post
Air Shoes launched a new topic for this summer Lunar Flow LE, which double as the launch of the hot summer months to meet the new shoes, Running Shoes combines Hyperfuse material and breathable mesh, breathable Ying has a great sense of light, addition of outside but also equipped with a full point Lunarlon comfort outsole, the functionality of its outstanding people to take eucalyptus is wow. The Lunar Flow LE Total black, gray and red color, has been gradually on theChaussures Sports shop shelves around the world sell, like shoes can get ten million fans to pay more attention.

Li Na, Sharapova, please step aside when the new favorite
Who is the hottest contemporary Chinese sports star? Only one answer: Li Na! Since the French Open after winning in one fell swoop, the influence of Li and business value quickly to grow exponentially. As a new image of Chinese sports spokesman, Li just T account was to predict her worth, worth at least two hundred million yuan. More than that, you look at this latest shooting Air Shoes signed global superstar posters, wearing a bikini like Li Na though not ye, but the location is absolutely central, and even advertising has always been the darling Maria Sharapova to be automatically step aside. French Open after winning only eight hours, the Nike flagship store in Shanghai, Nanjing East Road, the entrance hung a nearly three-story Li championship posters, and this huge window, had previously only exclusive Liu Xiang. What night is booming? Li had personal experience. Numerous phone calls and text messages to celebrate, let Na has gradually become tired from the excitement. After the Australian Open finals, but also because too many commercial activities, resulting in a slump for some time, the Li learned a lesson, simply hand authorities for three days, concentrated to prepare the upcoming Wimbledon. But Li's agent, Max may suffer all. Max Miami in the United States have worked day and night phone calls from all sides. Max to Li complained that he did not even sleep time. Of course, these people no peace in the phone, there are a lot of money to the initiative of. There is no doubt that even the world, Li is also a recent sports circle one of the hottest stars. As a contract company, pick up a cheap Nike considered. As early as in 2009, Nike took aim Li Na, Li, because when the visibility is also limited in tennis circles and the Chinese world, Li Na of course not get a single large contract. But now, everything has changed, although the new endorsement fee secret, but the world's largest consumer market in the birth of the first Grand Slam title, worth can be imagined. Currently, the most important international brand Li endorsement of Nike, Rolex, Haagen Dazs, a total of endorsement revenue of over RMB 50 million, but according to analysts, Li will be in the country several times in this business outlook numbers. For example, Li won, she a fan of the microblogging number has more than 230 million people, the current attention to "micro marketing" of the majority of businesses, this not is no better promotional opportunity? WTA main Chaussures Sports phenomenon in the analysis of Li said: "She is a sign of WTA, because her performance on the pitch and liked personality, attracted wide attention. The coming period will be Li Na WTA's darling. "Li's" darling "status was quickly confirmed. A few days ago, Nike invited to the world's most expensive female photographer, "Vanity Fair" magazine, Queen's big Leibowitz, took a group of global sports equipment actress bikini posters. Although many users evaluate Li pair of dress is not ye, but it is indisputable is that Li is like when the core of the natural body frame of a model, Sharapova also pushed to the lateral, which proves how much of Madonna hot now! Of course, Li violent red, it was to catch a ride. Famous during the French Open fans of Chinese domain names registered by the, Li after winning, the fans great sense of investment will be rewarded soon. Next month at the "2011 China's creative auction" on, the reserve price will be $ 100,000 starting bid. Whether I like it or not Li, whatever the outcome, which can be considered favorable to her fans for a little feedback.